Carol Van Bruggen on Zambia Activities


Art opened the meeting with a thought for the day about Memorial Day – big error that he paid a fine for since Tuesday was actually Veterans Day! He also showed members our facebook post from last week with our members “going bananas.”  TBT showed a small boy showing how much he could stick his stomach out – so that members could “guess who” during Happy Bucks.

ImageLong-absent member Jerry Johnson gave the Rotary Welcome and discussed briefly the proud history and international service of Rotary.  He also discussed completed projects by the club such as planting trees, signage in city parks, clean-up of the Auburn Ravine, maternal care in Mexico and other projects. Karen and Jerry also briefly described where they has been; Spain and SoCal and place(s) in between. 

The next “Bikes for Books” award session is at Twelve Bridges Elementary Friday Nov. 21 at 8:15 a.m. Art urged Rotarians to participate, especially the men in the club since so many young students primarily see women teachers.  Your presence could affect someone’s life.  Karen will be providing dates/times for other schools.

Rose Ruiz reported that all volunteer slots for the Turkey Drive food collection, in associates with Lincoln Firefighters, are filled for November 20, from 12-6. Thank you.  But all members are urged to donate since all food will go to the Salt Mine.

Dan and Sharon Johnson will have a Christmas party at their home on December 11 at 6:00pm with no meeting that day.  There will also be a "Toys for Tots" collection of new unwrapped toys at the party.  Sign-ups will be next week on who will be attending and what to bring to the potluck.

ImageDavid Cessio made a special pin presentation to Clark Osterhout for his successes in bringing three new members to our club. Congratulations Clark. It was also reported that there are a total of five new member applications associated with the evening meeting group.

Clark gave a brief report at last Saturday's fundraiser "Nite at the Races."   One-hundred sixty-one dinners were sold, as well as $2,100 in betting script.  It was a fun night and while the finally tally of net profits is in the process of being identified, thus far it appears the Club made a net profit of ~$5,000. Big applause to event Chair Osterhout was given by the membership.

There were many "happy bucks" given by the membership – the banter with Dave Bonillo is always fun.  Thank you one and all who donated.  Nobody guessed that the TBT kid was Art. Stix handled the raffle and thus far no one has selected the Ace of Spades.  Thanks Stix for taking care of this. We are up to almost $500 in the pot next week.  Buy a few extra tickets for your change to win some extra Xmas money!

ImageArt reported that he will be cleaning out our storage locker – anyone interested please contact him.

Paul Radcliffe introduced Carol Van Bruggen of the Point West Rotary Club.  Carol gave a presentation Zambia, including the problems with poaching of elephants and other animals in Africa. She continued with the changes Rotarians make in helping fund teachers, build bathrooms and build schools in Zambia.  As a special bonus and surprise to Sharon Johnson, a You-Tube was shown of Carol meeting Chakumanda, a 13-year old Zambian girl, supported by our own Rotarians Sharon and Dan Johnson.  It was very heartwarming to see the video of the dear girl they have been helping.  Carol thanked our club for our participation in the Zambian School RI Grant Program.

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