Visit from District Governor Fred Teichert


Our special guests for the meeting were District Governor Fred Teichert and Assistant (District) Governor Brent Hastey. The meeting opened with Art forgetting the Rotary Welcome sad and paying a fine accordingly!  We sang Happy Birthday to Janet Osterhout.  Alan Lowe reported celebrating his 15th wedding anniversary and did not read a poem! No big winner in the Raffle that is getting up to about $400.

Several club events were announced:

  • Next Tuesday (Oct. 14 5-6:30pm) we have the Fun Club Gathering at the Lincoln Area Archive Museum.   If you have not signed up, let Dan know you are coming - watch for an updated announcement from him soon.
  • October 18th we are supporting the Lincoln Airport Open House - contact Richard Pearl if you can help and are not signed up.
  • October 20th we are invited to a Salt Mine Appreciation Lunch at Noon - Lincoln Hills Community Church
  • October 25th is the Auburn Ravine cleanup that we will support.  Signup at the next meeting.
  • Nite at the Races is proceeding - $55 per ticket.   Need to know choice of "beef filet" or "stuffed chicken breast" for each ticket.  Reserve your table since this is a great event with your friends.                   

ImageSee Meeting Agenda and Pictures for more information. 

We were very pleased to present Rose with her Blue Badge.  Congratulations Rose.

Our speaker was DG Fred, introduced by AG Brent (from South Yuba Sunrise Rotary and who is our Area AG). We greated Fred with the Happy Clap. Fred related some of his history in Rotary. Fred was instrumental in establishing the Boys and Girls Club of Sacramento, receiving a lot of support from his Sacramento Rotary Club. His District Theme is BUILD Rotary, where the B-U-I-L-D stands for:

  • B - Sense of BelongingImage
  • U - Usefulness - what we do must be useful
  • I - Influence - Rotarians are leaders
  • L - Laughter
  • D - Do it now. 

As part of his presentation, he presented Dan with his Paul Harris Plus 1 pin, also bringing Sharon up front, stressing that giving to the RI Foundation is a family matter. 

ImageWe presented Fred with a few gifts: 1) A picture of our Build Rotary theme rendition, 2) A mallet, since if you are going to build something you need a hammer, 3) A children's book related to construction to be donated to the Lincoln Library, 4)A red Lincoln Rotary shirt since he was so impressed with the "red" presence at our meeting, and 5) A $100 check to the Gridley Ebola Project in his name. 

And most of all, it was a very fun meeting. 

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