One Big Bin - with Stephanie Ulmer
Truman led off the meeting with the pledge of allegiance. This was followed up with a fun happy bucks exchange about excessive advertizing with Ed Page.  But then he happily won an auction for a box of strawberries hand-picked by Ed.   .
Stan was the winner of the drawing, but no Ace of Spades.  
In addition to our speaker, our guests for the day were Shawn Tillman, the new City Economic Director, and Wes Heathcock, the City Solid Waste Supervisor.
Some key upcoming events are outlined in the meeting slides, worthy of your review. 
  • Remember that we are having a social at GoatHouse Brewery on April 16th. Spouses, friends and potential members are invited.  If you want a meal box (benefiting Sober Grad Night), contact Kimberly - cutoff is April 8th. 
  • Lincoln Wine Fest is May 2nd.  If you available and not yet signed up to help, contact Joann or Karen.
  • May 16th is the District 5 in 1 (5 subjects available in one day 8-noon - attend 3 of your choosing).  No charge but you need to register on the District Website. A great opportunity to learn more about Rotary.
Stephanie Ulmer gave a great talk about what the Western Placer Waste Management Authority does with waste that we generate.  The One Big Bin that we use in Lincoln is dumped to the Material Recovery Facility sorting machinery.  Through a combination of magnets, electro-magnetic separation, screening and manual sorting, the waste is sorted with a lot of the waste being recycled (sold).  Our green waste is composted and sold.  They also collect hazardous and electronic wastes with the facility being open everyday.  They also collect pharmaceuticals and batteries, with local programs to collect these locally in Lincoln. 
Art presented Stephanie with an appropriate children's book " What Happens to our Trash" that she signed for distribution to our library.