Rotary Club of Lincoln California has installed 10 Park Signs over the past ten years and continues today
The Lincoln Rotary Club has provided these signs to encourage a sense of community that can develop from a shared history and a common feeling of place. Rotary members, with assistance from the Lincoln Area Archives Museum, have researched the biographical stories behind the early community leaders for whom our parks have been named. 
Rotary pays for the construction of the signs at a cost of  $1,500 per sign. The signs are installed in the parks with the assistance of Park Maintenance Supervisor Scott Boynton and his park workers. The Lincoln City Council has authorized and encouraged the Rotary of Lincoln to install these signs so that residents can learn more about the history of their community. 
In the new year, Rotary is installing signs in Atkinson and Machado Parks recognizing the community contributions made by these early farming and ranching families.