Rotary Moto: Service Above Self
Welcome to the Rotary Club of Lincoln
Meetings Thursday at Noon
Women's Club, 499 E Street , Lincoln
Speaker for September 14, Gia McNutt
Gia is a board director and Operations Manager for the Art League of Lincoln and she is committed to reaching and serving the greater Lincoln community and continuing to extend the League offerings to include other art forms such as music and poetry.
Gia is the guest of Julie Westerling.
Meeting Minutes of Sept. 7,  2023
President Richard brought the meeting of about 32 members and guests to order with the
Flag SaluteMember picture lead by Joe and the Four Way Test lead by Jan.
He quickly retired the meeting for lunch.                     
Guests present included Joan Watkins, Penny Pearl
and Linda Mann. Linda is the guest of Jan Hutchinson.

Alan Lowe

     Alan Lowe- Poet Laureate 
 Alan's poems and stories are always special to hear. Today reflecting on returning to the rhythms of Fall.
Here is the quote of the day:
"A poem is the very image of life expressed in it's eternal truth" Percy Shelby
Announcements 8-17-23

Claire reported that the social 8/31 was enjoyed by about 40 members and guests. Kris urgently reminded members that more tickets need to be sold and to remember that fundraising events are “All Hands on Deck”. Fundraising needs the participation and timely volunteering so that the Chairperson can better plan. Joann amplified that basically members need to remember that everyone has an obligation to support fundraising events by buying tickets even if you have an attendance conflict for the event.

Lincoln Signs
Jerry announced that Lincoln signs were installed
  and Karen announced that both parks Atkinson and Foskett were named for community women!
Guest Speaker Linda Mann
Linda shared her extensive and varied 42 year career in nursing. She began her nursing career more or less by accident when she saw an opportunity to work at the California State Hospital geriatric ward. She then trained for psychiatric tech at CSH and ultimately was encouraged to further her nursing education. She pursued her BS and MA at the University of California in San Francisco. Along the way she served at the Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach. Linda was privileged to take care of John Wayne and several other famous people and she shared her stories about this experience. Linda  also spent many years in leadership at UCSF, and Queen of the Valley Hospital in Napa, Linda ended her career after 17 years with Kaiser in various leadership positions. 
District Conference 2024
                      The 2024 District Conference
               Held at the Grand Sierra Resort Reno
                        May 17, 18, 19, 2024
The Four-Way Test
           The Four-Way Test
  Of the things we think, say or do:
   1.Is it the truth?
   2. Is it fair to all concerned?
   3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
   4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
           5. HAVE FUN !!
Gia McNutt     9/14
Topic: Art League of Lincoln
Lisa Ternero 9/21
Ternero Olive Oil
RYLA Students  9/28
Kris Wyatt


Meeting  9/14


Judy & Paul

Brock & Dakota

Sign in

Jan H. & Ria

Take Down

Dick & Phil
Meeting 9/21
Branden & Paul
Dakota &
Sign In
Dianne &
Take down
Paul & Brandon



Coming Events

September 23:
Auburn Ravine Clean up
September 24:
Health for Kids
September 29:
Night at the Races
October 21:
Tour de Lincoln
December 15:
Blood Drive 10:45-3:00 PM
May 17, 18,19 2024
Triple District Conferences
Grand Sierra Resort

Club Executives 2023-2024

Richard Pearl
President -elect:
Greg Kevin
PE Nominee:
Kerry Callahan
Kim McCue
John Quigley
Andrea Tracy-Flamenco
     Link to photos for 9/7/2023
Thank you Bill  for your Photo diligence.
 Nothing is more important to our Rotary year than promoting and staffing the 2023
Lincoln Community Children's
        Free Health Fair.
   The Fair is a super important event for children in our Lincoln/Sheridan community.   
It is especially important to those children and families that have limited or no access to Vision or Dental exams and
other Health Information.  
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                                      Celebrations to September 14, 2023
Birthdays: Gary McDonald September 2, Bill Cook September 4
Spouse Birthday: Elizabeth Carrillo (Edgardo) September 4, Carol Koenig (Phil) September 1,
Rod Benipayo (Nat)September 7
Wedding Anniversary: Joe and Frima Stewart, September 11- 47 years!!
Rotary Join Date: Edgardo Carrillo Sept 8,1988 35 yrs, John Quigley Sept 1,1990 33 years,
John Fett Sept. 9, 2021 2yrs, Gary McDonald Sept 9, 2021 2 yrs, Julie Baird Sept 9, 2021 2 yrs,
Mark and Holly Andreatta Sept 10, 2021 2 yrs, Alyssa Mello Sept 10, 2021 2 yrs, Eric Wheeler Sept 10, 2021 2 yrs,
Sara Swarts Sept 9,2022 1 yr.