Rotary Moto: Service Above Self
Welcome to the Rotary Club of Lincoln
Meeting Thursday at Noon
Women's Club, 499 E Street, Lincoln
Next Speaker Officer Bryce Rogers 10-26-23
Officer Rogers will speak to us about technology, crimes and scams when he visits as guest speaker next week.
Minutes of Meeting 10-19-23

Bryan opened the meeting, as Richard was delayed, with 29 members and guests present. The Flag salute was  led by Kerry and the Four-Way Test led by Julie B.

Guests present: Bob and Chris Deering, Rotarians from E.Sacramento Club, Charlie Simpson (Judith Ratley), Tim Haros Rotarian from E. Sacramento Club, and always special visitor-Penny Pearl.

Alan Lowe

     Alan Lowe- Poet Laureate 
 Alan's poems and stories are always special to hear. Alan provided food for thought today about how childhood incidents carry over into adulthood.
He later talked about the 19th Annual Voices of Lincoln Poetry Contest.
Alan provided the following Contest information that you may find interesting:
The 19th Annual Voices of Lincoln Poetry Contest, with the theme—“The Five Ws Of Life: Who?  What?  Where?  When?  and Why? . . . Discover The Answers Through Poetry,” was quite successful. ” 

Bryan gave his final (for 2023) call out for all hands-on deck that can do so for the Tour de Lincoln. He said that registered participants have increased to 254 with an expected sign-up Saturday of about 25 more, making for a very successful fundraiser.

 Speaker Bob Deering 10-19-23
Bob's topic is Human Trafficking: His talk demonstrated his abhorrence for this horrendous activity. He began by saying that initially he did not realize the scope of this problem until attending a seminar about 12 years ago.  As he learned more about the fact that Human Trafficking is very prevalent in the USA, he began to feel that he needed to do something to help educate people about what is happening, and that it is happening locally, just not everywhere else. It became obvious to Bob that education was needed to bring the issue not only to peoples' attention, but also to protect local children.
The Four-Way Test
           The Four-Way Test
  Of the things we think, say or do:
   1.Is it the truth?
   2. Is it fair to all concerned?
   3. Will it build goodwill and
         better friendships?
   4. Will it be beneficial
        to all concerned?
     5. HAVE FUN !!
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10/26 Officer Bryce Rogers LPD
Technology, Crimes & Scams
11/2 Clark Osterhout
Rotary Foundation
11/9 Dave Zot
Safeway Manager
11/16 Dr Mark LeMay
Chiropractor and Wellness 
11/23 Happy Thanksgiving to all
No Meeting
11/30 Social Evening
Meeting 10/26
Lunch- Salad Works
Julie Westerling
Sign In
Take Down
Paul & Dick F
Meeting 11/2
Lunch - Mr. Pickles
David B & Truman
Sign In
Take Down
Paul & Bill Cook
Coming Events
October 24
World Polio Day
Brothers Taphouse
November 18
Foundation Dinner
Citrus Heights Community Center
November 30
5th Week Social Evening
December 15:
Blood Drive 10:45-3:00 PM
May 17, 18,19 2024
Triple District Conferences
Grand Sierra Resort

Club Executives 2023-2024

Richard Pearl
President -elect:
Greg Kevin
PE Nominee:
Kerry Callahan
Kim McCue
John Quigley
Andrea Tracy-Flamenco
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       Night at the Races
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