Rotary Moto: Service Above Self
Welcome to the Rotary Club of Lincoln
Meetings Thursday at Noon
Women's Club, 499 E Street , Lincoln
Speaker for September 21, Lisa Ternero
Ternero Olive Oil is a family owned business. Lisa will discuss the important health benefits of olive oil as well as the agricultural part of growing and harvesting olives.
Meeting Minutes of September 14, 2023
Kim stepped up to lead the club today in Richard's absence to Nepal and other far way places. Good thing Kim has had some practice.
About 22 members were present as Claire led the flag salute and Edgardo led the Four-Way Test in a surprising way.
Guest speaker, Gia McNutt, was the only guest.
Announcements 8-14-23

Brian remined members that the Tour de Lincoln is in 5 weeks. The sign up so far has been slower than usual so he asked the everyone spread the word.  Kerry said that fewer people than usual have bought tickets to Night at the Races and that the most important part of the event will be to focus on having a great time. There will be the dessert auction as several people have signed up to provide desserts. 

An editorial reminder that the Health for Kids event is Sunday 9/24. The Auburn Ravine Clean-up is Saturday 9/23 but hopefully members will consider doing both events. 

Guest Speaker Gia McNutt
Gia gave a very spirited introduction to the purpose, activities and goals for the Art League of Lincoln. Gia leads the Art League as board President and Operations Manager and is an artist member of the Auburn Old Town Gallery. She said the vision of the Art League is to thrive as a cultural center for the Greater Lincoln Area by providing innovative events and partnering with other local groups. She outlined how the Art League contributes to the community via scholarships for youth classes and a Youth Exhibit, Murals, and a special Kids Camp over the January school break. there are several Events free to the public such as the Lincoln Art walk that coincides with the Rotary Wine Fest on April 27, 2023. Another annual event that Rotary supports is the Clay Day in Beerman Plaza each May.
Rotarian in the Spotlight

In a past meeting Kerry Callaghan Happy Buck shared that she had started a WPUSD Student Senate Program. This intrigued me and so this week her program is in the Bulletin Spotlight.

Superintendent Kerry Callaghan invited selected students to be a part of this new venture. She personally reached out to the students and parents saying that she believes in the power of student voices and their role in decision making. Also saying that this is a unique opportunity for students to actively participate in shaping the future of the district and schools.

The Student Senate will be a platform where students can share their thoughts, ideas and concerns about various aspects of their schools. From academics to extracurricular activities, from facilities to policies - the Student Senate input will directly influence the choices that are made.



District Conference 2024
The 2024 District Conference             
Held at the Grand Sierra Resort Reno
May 17, 18, 19, 2024
The Four-Way Test
           The Four-Way Test
  Of the things we think, say or do:
   1.Is it the truth?
   2. Is it fair to all concerned?
   3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
   4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
           5. HAVE FUN !!
Lisa Ternero 9/21
Ternero Olive Oil
RYLA Students  9/28
Kris Wyatt


Meeting 9/21
Branden & Paul
Dakota &
Sign In
Dianne &
Take down
Paul & Brandon
Coming Events  
September 23:
Auburn Ravine Clean up
September 24:
Health for Kids
September 29:
Night at the Races
October 21:
Tour de Lincoln
November 30:
5th Week Social Evening
December 15:
Blood Drive 10:45-3:00 PM
May 17, 18,19 2024
Triple District Conferences
Grand Sierra Resort

Club Executives 2023-2024

Richard Pearl
President -elect:
Greg Kevin
PE Nominee:
Kerry Callahan
Kim McCue
John Quigley
Andrea Tracy-Flamenco
     Link to photos for 9/7/2023
 Nothing is more important to our Rotary year than promoting and staffing the 2023
Lincoln Community Children's
        Free Health Fair.
   The Fair is a super important event for children in our Lincoln/Sheridan community.   
It is especially important to those children and families that have limited or no access to Vision or Dental exams and
other Health Information.  
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                                      Celebrations September 8 to September 21, 2023
Birthdays: None this week
Spouse Birthday: Greg Swarts (Sara)
Wedding Anniversary: Kerry and Gary Callahan
Rotary Join Date: None this week