Citrus Heights Community Center
6300 Fountain Square Dr
Citrus Heights, CA  95621
United States of America


This unique 'One Day' experience is for YOU and to celebrate everything YOUR clubs have accomplished this year by bringing together, inspirational speakers, awards for clubs & individuals, a fun Carribean-themed party with rum tasting all wrapped up in a single day event happening right in the heart of our district! 

Come celebrate this unique year and let us give you an experience that will make you even prouder that you belong to such a great organization that makes lasting change in our communities.


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Please follow these instructions to complete your conference registration if you have pre-registered.. 

1.       Select this link to take you to the conference registration page:http://www.crsadmin.com/eventportal/registrations/publicfill/eventpublicfill.aspx?evtid=7ede9c46-6f7a-4141-ae70-853f9db59930

2.       Fill in your information (and your non-Rotarian spouse/guest) and click "Select Options" at the bottom right side of the page. 

3.       Select the Registration Package checkbox next to your name on "Registration Fee - Rotarian" (you cannot proceed without this). 

    a.       If you are adding a non-Rotarian guest, please select the checkbox next to their name on "Registration Non-Rotarian" as well. 

4.       Scroll down and select the meal / additional activities desired by writing in the number of meals / meal packages / activities you would like to purchase (ex: 1 for yourself next to Full Meal Package if you would like 1 full meal package for yourself only; 2 next to Full Meal Package if you would like a full meal package for yourself and for your guest)

   a.       If you are registering a non-Rotarian, don't forget you will need to purchase their meals/activities - only the registration fee for guests is free. 

5..       Review, and once satisfied, click "Answer Questions" at the bottom right of the page.

 6.       Answer the three questions presented and click "Continue to Payment Selection".

 7.       Complete the payment information and submit the form.