President Bryan Ludwig
It was a difficult year due to the Covid-19 shutdown.  Meetings were held online using Zoom, until about May when we could resume our meetings at the Woman,s Club.  Covid also limited some of the normal local service projects and interaction with the students at Lincoln High School. 
Our major fundraiser during Covid was a virtual live auction. We also hosted a Mini Lincoln Wine Fest where we partnered with local wineries, breweries and restaurants to provide a tasting experience and bring visitors to our local businesses.
We advocated for and helped fund Project Cornerstone, an elementary school program that includes and focuses on literacy, champions asset building, mentoring, self-confidence and a bi­lingual program.  We successfully participated in a Global Grant to provide potable water to a small village in Chapala, Mexico.  Our Club and individual members donated to a program for scholarships for elementary, middle and high school students in public schools in Chapala.  

Several members worked tirelessly to establish a 501(c)2 LRC Properties, Inc. organization to hold title to the properties being given to us by the Robert Dart Trust established by former Rotarian Robert Dart (~1952-2002).  We also started receiving rent from the houses in the Trust, awaiting final transfer of the property early in the next year.   A club committee was established to determine what we do in the future with the properties.
Officers/Committee Chairs
  • Treasurer - Susan Elliott/Graziella Locher
  • Community Service Chair – Kimberly McCue
  • World Community Service Chair - Richard Pearl
  • Youth Service Chair - Kris Wyatt
  • Fundraising Chair - Karen Johnson
  • Membership Chair - Clark Osterhout
  • Public Relations Chair - Shanti Landon
  • Foundation/Properties President – John Quigley
  • Foundation/Properties Secretary - Art Deardorff
  • Foundation/Properties Treasurer - Graziella Locher
Rotary Club of Lincoln 2020-2021 Accomplishments
Fundraisers - $18,973 net
  • Virtual Online Auction
  • Tour de Lincoln (event delayed-some expenses)
Other Income - $21,623
  • District Grants – 10,925
  • Grant for Cornerstone Project - $2,000
  • Sponsorships - $5,850        
  • Donations - $2,848                                  
Covid-19 Community Support - $8,100
  • Salt Mine Food Closet - $8,000
  • The Foundry Youth Center
Community Service - $6,127
  • Senior Center $5,260
  • Community Blood Drives
  • Salt Mine Food Distribution
  • Community Garden
  • Lincoln Area Archives Museum
 Youth Service - $13,129
  • Cornerstone Literacy Project
  • Friends of Lincoln Library
  • Bradford Scholarships
  • Other Scholarships
  • LHS Baseball Banner
  • Sober Grad Night
  • Santa Letters
International Service - $10,575
  • Chapala (MX) Women’s Toilet Facility
  • Safe Passage (Guatemala)
  • Haiti Educational Development
  • Uganda USAID Grant
  • Polio Plus
District Awards: We were awarded 5 Gold medals and 3 Silver ones for all of our Accomplishments.  Added to that was the Governor’s Certificate of Accomplishment which is much coveted.