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Outstanding Service Club Award TR Bietsch 2022-03-10 08:00:00Z 1
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Recent Rotary Meetings 

At Rotary meetings and other social events, our members share ideas, make plans, have fun, hear from the community, and catch up with friends during club programs that fuel the impact we make.  The following is a sampling of recent meetings. 
One of our featured speakers was fellow Rotarian Bob Mutchler. Bob is a polio survivor and has written a book entitled “From Iron Lung to Iron Butt”, Bob delighted us with his humor and quick wit as he told about his first-hand experience on just how life-altering polio can be. Bob contracted polio when he was only 9 months old and would spend much of his time in an iron lung over the next few years.  When diagnosed as an adult with Post-Polio Syndrome, Bob wasn’t content to just sit back and wait for further symptoms to develop. Bob went out and purchased a motorcycle and proceeded to put 7 thousand miles on it over the next few days! After discovering he had a passion for riding, he set a goal for himself to visit all U.S. capitals in the lower 48 states…all within one month! He turned his adventure into a ride to bring awareness and raise funds for Polio Plus, one of Rotary's major initiatives.
As he was giving the ‘two magic drops’ to a small girl in Ghana, her brother came and thanked Bob for giving his sister the chance to lead a polio-free life.  Crippled from polio, this 12-year-old boy maintained a positive attitude, despite his deformities and his difficult life. The memory of that interaction still inspires Bob Mutcher today, as he pursues his mission to help bring an end to polio, despite his circumstances.  For more pictures from the meeting, click here
At another meeting, we enjoyed hearing the story of Tim "Otter" Pinkney.  With both his mom and dad being pilots, it’s no wonder that he was behind the controls of an airplane on his 5th birthday…and he’s been flying ever since! Commander Pinkney, USN (ret.) told some amazing stories of being on the U.S.S. Enterprise, the evacuation in Saigon at the end of the Vietnam conflict, and more.
For more pictures, click here.
Although Pinkney retired in 1990 after serving as Commanding Officer of the Electronic Warfare Squadron Three Zero Nine (VAQ-309) known as the Axemen, he is still active in the aeronautics and space flight industry, currently serving as a Solar System Ambassador at the Aerospace Museum of California in Sacramento. He shared his excitement for the upcoming launch on Dec. 22, 2021 of the James Webb Space Telescope – the largest, most powerful, and complex space telescope that has ever launched into space!  
At one meeting, we featured inactive Rotarian Bob Weygandt, our county supervisor.   Bob updated club members on important initiatives and progress being made in Placer county.
At the same meeting, we presented the result of our members and friends donating to raise money for fire support in Rotary District 5190, the area to our east.  Art and Joanne laughed about having to write over an old fake check since someone had prepared the previous one with a permanent marker. Thank you to all that supported this fundraiser.  
See more pictures by clicking here
Each year, we always enjoy the visit from our Rotary District 5180 governor.  District Governor Desiree Wilson spoke and updated us on all the latest in Rotary, both locally and internationally.  She described how Rotary’s priorities are to increase our impact, expand our reach, enhance participant engagement, and increase our ability to adapt. Locally, in District 5180, goals include growing our membership and increasing member engagement, increasing our Foundation giving, and developing a leadership training program.

Desiree praised our club for our service to our community and our participation in several programs including Fire Relief, RYLA, Blood Drive, and ShelterBox.  Desiree announced Bill Cook as our Club’s very own Superhero for this efforts and service, especially related to community blood drives.

One of Desiree's passions it to end polio. We presented Desiree with a check for $2,000 to support her upcoming Bike Ride to End Polio at the Tour de Tucson..  
For more pictures from the meeting, click here.
Recent Rotary Meetings Art Deardorff 2021-12-16 08:00:00Z 0

Rockstar Music Academy Concerts

Rockstar Music Academy is producing wonderful concerts for our community for your December enjoyment. Proceeds from our sales will benefit our charitable projects. We can get the tickets to you for a donation of $15 per ticket as long as they are available. Call Kimberly McCue (916-747-1752).   smiley
Rockstar Music Academy Concerts Art Deardorff 2021-11-19 08:00:00Z 0

What is Lincoln Rotary?

Do you wonder what Rotary is all about?  Lincoln Rotary is part of a global network of 1.3 million neighbors, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.  Watch the short video below to especially find out about what Rotary isn't.   
Visit us at one of our Thursday noon meetings (lunch provided), or contact a Rotarian to find out more.
What is Lincoln Rotary? Art Deardorff 2021-08-27 07:00:00Z 0
Best of the Best Service TR Bietsch 2021-07-29 07:00:00Z 1

Live Lunches Starting

Rotary is having live meetings again each Thursday at the Woman's Club under the leadership of our new President Kristine Mollenkopf. At our meeting on July 1, we had Tom Indrieri, CEO of the Lincoln Chamber. as our speaker. And, three new members from the City of Lincoln were inducted, included Police Chief Matt Alves. 
On July 8, we had Matt Oliver tell us about his adventure of starting up Oliver's Brewhouse in the Beerman Building.  Check out their website to see what they offer and support them by sampling their great menu items. The 2nd=floor steak house is opening soon.
See more pictures at  July-6-Pictures
Live Lunches Starting Art Deardorff 2021-07-08 07:00:00Z 0

Annual Kickout Event

On June 24, we had our normal Kickout meeting at Turkey Creek, demoting Bryan Ludwig from his role as President and promoting Kristine Mollenkopf to the 2021-2022 President. It was great to take off the mask and have fun and fellowship with our club members.  
Congratulations to Bryan Ludwig for being our president for the last year.
For more pictures of the fun we had, click here.  LRC Kickout Pictures
Annual Kickout Event Art Deardorff 2021-06-30 07:00:00Z 0
Zoom Meeting Art Deardorff 2021-06-28 07:00:00Z 0

Lincoln Rotary - A Year of Impact

The 2020-2021 Rotary year was very unique. But, that did not stop our club from making a significant impact in our community.  Check it out in the short video that follows.
Lincoln Rotary - A Year of Impact Art Deardorff 2021-04-08 07:00:00Z 0

Online Auction Fundraiser

In the 2020-2021 Rotary year, Rotary was unable to hold our annual Nite at the Races, Taste of Italy and Tour de Lincoln, charitable events due to Covid restrictions.  In the past, we derived most of the money to support our charitable activities from these events.  So in 2021, we hosted an online auction event.   There were great items/gifts in the live and silent auctions.
We also accepted donations, either online during the event or checks made out to Lincoln Rotary Club Foundation.  Altogether, we generated more than $20,000 to fund our clubs charitable activities.  Thank you to all who participated. 
Online Auction Fundraiser Art Deardorff 2021-03-12 08:00:00Z 0

District 5180 Rotarian of the Year 2019-2020

Lincoln Rotary is very proud to announce that our member Joann Hilton was selected by Rotary District 5180 as the outstanding Rotarian for the Rotary year 2019-2020.  We are so delighted to have her in our club.  District 5180 includes about 1800 Rotarians in about 40 clubs from Oroville to Walnut Grove, Eldorado Hills to West Sacramento and in between. 
Some highlights of Joann's Rotary history and accomplishments include:
  • Rotarian since 2004 having joined in Oakland, joining our club in 2005
  • Club President 2011-2012
  • Involved in our club's activities in all areas, especially Youth and International
  • Also a club leader in areas of membership, public relations, blood drives, etc.
  • Active with District 5180 leadership currently Youth Services chair
  • Leader in the Lincoln community, especially supporting our downtown businesses
Click here to find out more about here Rotary accomplishments.
District 5180 Rotarian of the Year 2019-2020 Art Deardorff 2021-02-16 08:00:00Z 0

2019-2020 Rotary Year District Awards

Despite Covid's rude interruption, Rotary Club of Lincoln made good things happen in the 2019-2020 Rotary year.   A year we'll long remember.   For this year we had to cancel our luncheon meetings in mid-March 2020.     
In spite of Covid-19, our club received many District 5180 awards for our accomplishments. Some highlights were:
  • Our very own Joann Hilton was selected as Rotarian of the Year, an honor long overdue.  Her awesome work within the Club, the District and the Community are highlighted in the attached nomination paperwork. See separate announcement on the website. 
  • Our Club received the Governor's Citation as a top performing club in District 5180.
  • We were awarded runner-up in the district large club category (more than 50 members).
  • Six gold medals were received for our Youth Services, Community Service, International Service, Membership, Marketing, and Vocational Service activities.
  • Two silver medals were received for our Foundation and Administration efforts.
  • We received a Survivors Award for making it through the year in spite of Covid.  There were some district clubs that did not!
  • We were recognized by Rotary International for our contributions to the End Polio Now program.    
The first picture above shows President Darrell Scott receiving his awards from District Governor Ray Ward, being socially distanced and masked, as we were for the latter portion of the year. 
2019-2020 Rotary Year District Awards Art Deardorff 2021-02-15 08:00:00Z 0

President Darrell's Kickout

Continuing on our end-of-Rotary-year tradition, we had the Kickout (demotion) of President Darrell Scott and the Promotion of new President Bryan Ludwig.   But this year, it was held online due to Covid-19 limitations for assembly.  But, we got it done with the pinning of the presidential pin on Bryan!  smileysmiley
Click the following link to view the entire online meeting
President Darrell's Kickout Art Deardorff 2020-06-25 07:00:00Z 0

Our Interesting Meetings

Starting in March 2020, our club started having our meetings on Zoom due to the Covid-19 Shelter-in-Place recommendations to avoid group meetings.  
The normal practice in normal times is for Lincoln Rotary to have some awesome lunch meetings, Thursday at noon at the Woman's Club (Fifth and E Street).   Our speakers can be about what is going on with our charitable projects and activities, or about what is going on in our community.  Follow us on our facebook page  LincolnCaRotary or our website to find out what's going on.  But please join us if our meeting is about something of your interest.   The following is about some of our community interest speakers. 
Monthly, our club invites the Students of the Month from Lincoln High School to a meeting, honoring them with a certificate and giving them the experience of telling us about there plans.  The picture below shows those from our February 6th meeting.  At the meeting, we also had a an inspiring presentation about the Touch of Understanding Foundation by Meghan Adamski and Roxanne Snyder. More Pictures
On January 16th, we enjoyed the comic stylings of Lincoln Hills resident John Lees, a business consultant and author of more than 13 books. John is a native of the UK but lived most of his life in Australia with his wife and children.  John told lots of jokes that were largely well received. His advice: speak the language of the people you serve; make customers part of your team; and offer two options, what your client wants and what your client needs.
At our December 5th meeting, Councilman Dan Karleskint and County Transportation Executive Director Mike Luken discussed current transportation issues effecting Lincoln, stressing how important this will be to all of us and future generations. More Pictures. The top three priority projects were:
  • I-80 Highway 65 interchange improvements
  • Highway 65 widening
  • Addition of I-80 auxiliary lanes in Roseville
Our November 14th speaker was Sherri Conway, the Placer County Economic Development Department CEO.  Sherri shared a plethora of helpful information about workforce development in Placer County and told us about services offered by the Placer Business Resource Center.  (Click for pictures.)
On November 7th, our speaker was Tom Indieri, the new Executive Director of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce.  Tom is a former Colusa County Supervisor, entrepreneur, small business owner.  He described his fresh perspectives and new ideas for the Lincoln Chamber. (Click for pictures.)
On September 5th, we welcomed Dr. Eric Ellis who recently moved from Chico and opened the new Urgent Care Center in Lincoln (near Safeway).  He described when you should consider the services of an urgent care center, versus going to a hospital emergency room.  (Click for pictures.)
For our July 18th meeting, Aaron Johnson and James Corry from the Placer County Probation Dept described their activities to assist with homeless in Lincoln and Placer county. (Click for pictures.)   
Our Interesting Meetings Art Deardorff 2020-02-11 08:00:00Z 0

Raising Money for Polio Eradication

Eradication of polio is a part of Rotary's focus on disease prevention and control, where polio now exists in only a few parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan.   On World Polio Day October 24th, we had a special event at Dueling Dog Brewery to raise money for the Polio Plus initiative.   
As shown, we raised $1,773 at the event, exceeding our $1,200 goal.  This was matched by our Rotary District 5180, and then supplemented by a donation of two times the total amount by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, another major contributor to polio eradication.  The total result was over $10,000 for Polio Plus. 
Fun was had by all, with great fellowship, pizza and the awesome adult beverages available at Dueling Dogs.  (Click here for more pictures.)
Raising Money for Polio Eradication Art Deardorff 2019-11-20 08:00:00Z 0

Lincoln Community Blood Drives

Our Club has been sponsoring the Lincoln Community Blood Drives longer than we can find records of!!  Four to six times per year, we work with Vitalant (previously Blood Source) to staff the drives. We reserve the Veterans Hall at 541 Fifth Street for the drive. Our partner for the drive is the Placer-Nevada Cattlewomen club who provides delicious cookies, brownies and other goodies to the donors after giving a pint of life-giving blood.  We create a link to to the Eventbrite site so that people interested in donating can reserve a spot.  But, walk-ins are equally welcomed; the wait time might just be longer.     
Each year, we are the winner of a Rotary District 5180 Award for the success of our blood drives. 
Please help us to save lives with a donation at our next drive.   Find out more about drives at Lincoln Community Blood Drive Info 
(See the top myths of blood donation click here.)
Lincoln Community Blood Drives Art Deardorff 2019-11-01 07:00:00Z 0

Halloween Candy

We gathered at Beerman's Plaza to support the Chamber of Commerce Halloween Party.  Members donated candy to give away starting at our October 16th meeting.  We then set up and were ready to go at 3:00 in the afternoon.  What fun seeing the youngsters and their parents come to the park for "trick or treating" - but no tricks!   In reality it was handing out the treats and talking with the kidoo's that was so much fun.  heartheart smileysmiley
For more pictures, click here.
Halloween Candy Art Deardorff 2019-10-31 07:00:00Z 0
District Lip Sync Contest Kris Wyatt 2019-09-29 07:00:00Z 0

New Members June - August

New Members
  We are on a Roll!
In the three months since June, seven new members have joined our club.  
Jan Hutchinson (shown at the left with her sponsor Darrell Scott) transferred in from the Novato Sunrise Club after living in Lincoln Hills for the last year. She had 16 years of Rotary service with the Novato Sunrise club, and was an educator for 52 years.  
Annamaria Dugan is a new Rotary member (shown at the right between Mary Ann and Colleen) is in accounting and is working to become a CPA. She is also sponsored by our club for the Lincoln Leadership program.  She and her spouse, Terry, have been together for 20 years and live out 193 on the border of Lincoln and Newcastle with their three dogs and three cats. 
Natilou (Nat) Benipayo (left next to Art) is the owner of Travel2Unwind Dream Vacations and has been married to her husband, Rod, for 38 years, having two daughters and five grandchildren. She was an Air Force wife and a banker for over 30 years, including 21 years in Germany. She and her husband moved to Lincoln in 2015 and are both active in their travel business. 
Jerry Harner (right picture in blue) is our City Treasurer and has been a Rotarian in several clubs starting in 1993.   Most recently he was with the District 5180 Passport Club. He has been active in many Rotary projects in Haiti. 
Mary Brock (circled, left) and Barbara DeBaptiste (circled, right) were inducted at the same meeting.
  • Barbara is a seasoned Rotarian tranferring from the Rotary Club of Westtown Goshen (Pennsylvania) with a long list of Rotary leadership accomplishments.  She was accompanied by her daughter Lela, both having moved recently to Lincoln. 
  • Mary is a realtor with Frey and Associates.  She and her husband Paul have four children.  Mary was looking for a place to serve with her kids. 
Norm Lane (shown in the right picture between Clark and Caron), is set to retire soon after having worked for the FBI as an investigator for 24 years, and then as an insurance investigator for 27 more years. Norm has been married to his wife, Sandra, for 50 years and they have two sons and five grandchildren. 
With this rapid increase, our club now has 56 members.   This takes into account that long-time member Chris Clark resigned to move to Southern California to be closer to family. 
New Members June - August Art Deardorff 2019-08-30 07:00:00Z 0

July 25th Rotary Lunch Meeting Recap!

Posted by Shanti Landon on Jul 27, 2019
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Rotary takes over the Potters!

Last Sunday, we had our first joint Rotary social event at the Lincoln Potters game! President Darrell said, "Eighty-one people signed up with Roseville, Placer Valley Sunrise and Lincoln clubs showing up big time. The Potters entertained all with a big offensive show in 15-7 victory. Joann helped with the first pitch, Colleen sang the national anthem and was our event coordinator. Thanks for everyone's efforts and enthusiasm. Go Rotary!!

Rotary voted Best of the Best again!

A super busy day at Lincoln Rotary on Thursday!! We started off with Pres Darrell's announcement that Lincoln Rotary and Past President Caron Russell have won, once again, the honor of Best of Best Service Club in Lincoln. He also reminded us of our Vision Statement: A Strong and Vibrant Club, 2nd to none in Friendship & Service.  
July 25th Rotary Lunch Meeting Recap! Shanti Landon 2019-07-27 07:00:00Z 0

President Caron Kicked Out!

Posted by Shanti Landon on Jun 30, 2019
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June 30, 2019

President Caron's Kickout

President Caron's Kickout was a huge success, with a great turnout! Lots of fabulous conversation, fun memories shared, and good food enjoyed. See some of the highlights below, and click on the link after the pics to scroll through the rest of the photos!

The passing of the reigns!
The incredibly talented synchronized swimmers! 
President Caron Kicked Out! Shanti Landon 2019-06-30 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Roundup: June 20 Lunch Meeting

Posted by Shanti Landon on Jun 22, 2019
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New Inductees into Lincoln Rotary!

Two new members were inducted this week:
  • Linda Scott (wife of incoming President Darrell) – Classification Education
  • Jan Hutchinson – Classification Education and a PhD!
This brings our current member count to 54.
Welcome to Lincoln Rotary, Jan and Linda!

Checking out The Foundry

Barbara DeBabtiste (our PA transplant who is very interested in The Foundary and Rotaract) stopped by for a visit to The Foundry with Anglin!
Few more notes from the meeting:
  • Club Business: Club Members approved the formal adoption of the Standard Rotary Club Constitution and the updated Club Bylaws
  • Our speakers were Caron who summarized the accomplishments of her year as president, and Darrell who gave us a snapshot where the club is going during his upcoming year as president. 


Rotary Roundup: June 20 Lunch Meeting Shanti Landon 2019-06-22 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Roundup: June 13 Lunch Meeting

Posted by Shanti Landon on Jun 16, 2019
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The Foundry presented with $2,000 and more Paul Harris awardees!

Rotary was honored and privileged to present Anglin Baker of the Foundry with a $2,000 check to support their programs for youth.

Paul Harris awards given to:
  • Keith Bergavin PH
  • Vic Freeman PH+3
  • Kristine Mollenkopf PH+5
  • David Cesio PH+1

Eric Long from The Salt Mine shared his personal story

Eric Long described his humble beginnings as the child of an unmarried teenage mom and his journey to becoming a church pastor and advocate for others who are struggling. 

Deryl Wallace of the American Cancer Society shared her story as well

Deryl works with President Caron at the American Cancer Society (ACS).  She is a three-time cancer survivor and described the many opportunities available to volunteer with ACS.  Road to Recovery is one we could participate in and involves driving patients to their appointments.
Few more notes from the meeting:
  • We had the Lincoln Rotary Club Foundation meeting, electing Cheryl Nichols, John Quigley and Susan Elliott as new Trustees for a 3-year term.   
  • Colleen Knight has been selected to sing the national anthem at the Lincoln 4th of July festivities!


Rotary Roundup: June 13 Lunch Meeting Shanti Landon 2019-06-16 07:00:00Z 0

Honoring our very own hometown hero!

Posted by Shanti Landon on Jun 09, 2019
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Honoring our very own hometown hero

Lincoln Rotary is blessed with many amazing members, and we are so thankful for this one in particular! "Stix" was serving in our military in France on the day the United States liberated Paris from Nazi control.

Stix is a hero, and we are happy he is a part of our club, faithfully taking attendance week after week as we all file in for lunch on Thursdays!

Thank you Stix and all our military for keeping our freedom alive. Rotary is a better club because of you!

And this is why we call Tony Bellacera "Stix." He was in the Army Marching band and played on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées when France was liberated.


Honoring our very own hometown hero! Shanti Landon 2019-06-09 07:00:00Z 0

Lincoln Rotary Recognized!

Posted by Shanti Landon on May 25, 2019
Members of Lincoln Rotary attending the 2018-19 District Conference on May 18th and won the following...
Silver for: 
  • Membership
  • Service Projects
  • Fundraising
  • Administrative Award
Gold for:
  • Youth Services
  • Public Image
Platinum for:
  • Blood drive (most successful blood drive for a medium club, and most Rotarians involved in a blood drive)
Way to go, team! 
Lincoln Rotary Recognized! Shanti Landon 2019-05-25 07:00:00Z 0

2019 Tour de Lincoln

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The 2019 Tour de Lincoln attracted well over 400 riders this year to the benefit bike ride. The Tour offered a wonderful Spring day of riding the scenic back roads of Lincoln and South Placer County.  There were great new routes this year for the 1/4 Century (16mile), 1/2 Century (32 mile) and Metric Century (~100 kilometer/64 mile) rides The event included a continental breakfast, well stocked rest stops, SAG and mechanical support along the routes.  There was a great post-ride BBQ lunch with beer and wine available.  
The Tour de Lincoln is one more of our club's fundraisers that supports our community and worldwide projects. Thank you to the many Rotarians and other volunteers who made this event another success this year.  The 2020 Tour de LIncoln is scheduled for May 2; please put this date on your calendar.
More information on the sponsor and volunteer organizations can be found at the website TourdeLincoln.Org    Also see our facebook page.   
More awesome photos – Click on links below:

Klara Kleman Photos - At McBean Park:
Charlie Schuman Photos - On Course:
Charlie Schuman Photos – Hills:
Charlie Schuman Photos: – Rest Stop Bikes:
Charlie Schuman Photos – Rest Stop Food:
Charlie Schuman Photos – Rest Stop Gatherings:
Rotarian Photos:


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Tour de Lincoln and May 9 meeting Recap

Posted by Shanti Landon
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Vote for Lincoln Rotary in the "Best of the Best" contest! 

It's that time of year again--time to vote for Rotary as the "Best of the Best Service Club" for 2019! 
Vote here: 

Tour de Lincoln a Roaring Success!

It was a gorgeous day yesterday, and many bicycle riders were able to enjoy Lincoln's countryside! 
Along the route off Chili Hill Road
Claire, Caron and Melanie helped out with volunteer check-in!
Joann, her husband and Clark helped navigate same-day registrations and other logisitics
Truman and Kimberly busy in the kitchen! 
Tour de Lincoln and May 9 meeting Recap Shanti Landon 2019-05-12 07:00:00Z 0

Roseville Guests and ShelterBox

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We had a great meeting Thursday! The Woman's Club was filled to the brim, and we even had to pull out extra seats to fit our visitors from Roseville Rotary!  Larry Whitaker presented a $1,000 check to the Roseville Rotary Foundation in support of their Bangladesh water well project.
Chris Clark was awarded his Paul Harris +5 pin!  
Our speaker was Bill Tobin who shared about his amazing work with Shelter Box! Bill, who is with the Rotary Club of El Dorado Hills is now working full time to represent Shelter Box in the US. If you're interested in finding out more info, you can find more information at
Following the meeting, president Caron was Rotary's representative at the Lincoln High Senior Awards Night and had the honor of presenting Harry Rounds and Ashley Anderson the awards of "Outstanding Senior Boy and Outstanding Senior Girl!" The club also awarded several other scholarships. 
Roseville Guests and ShelterBox Art Deardorff 2019-05-09 07:00:00Z 0

Big Day of Giving to RI Foundation 

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We have a very fun party for Big Day of Giving. We gathered at the home of Melanie and Kieth Bergavin for finger food and our favorite beverages.  A great social event of friendship with fellow Rotarians on a beautiful evening.  But the main purpose was to collect donations for the Rotary International Foundation that does great things to support Rotary activities all over the world in the areas of 
  • Peace and conflict prevention/resolution
  • Disease prevention and treatment
  • Water and sanitation
  • Maternal and child health
  • Basic education and literacy
  • Economic and community development
To raise money, we had a blind wine auction, with David Bonillo as our auctioneer - and that is always so much fun.  In addition, Clark Osterhout and Kristine Mollenkopf each donated a fully catered dinner at their homes for auction.  The good news, generous Rotarians bid up the wine (including a bottle of $2 Chuck) and dinners to raise over $5,000, essentially doubling the club's donations for the year - now fare exceeding our goal.  What an evening.  smileysmiley
Big Day of Giving to RI Foundation Art Deardorff 2019-05-02 07:00:00Z 0
Sold out Wine Fest a Huge Success! Shanti Landon 2019-04-27 07:00:00Z 0

Meeting at Goat House Brewing

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We had an awesome meeting at GoatHouse Brewing. 
Our team that made the the recap of the Ajijic Mexico trip was fascinating, and the PowerPoint is available HERE.  The presentation covered the mission, the itinerary, the water projects, our future education focus, and more.  Trust me, you'll want to take a look!
It was Frank's birthday, and Janelle was inducted (and is excited to be a part of the fundraising committee)!
$2,000 check was presented to Veteran's Stand Down. We still have room in the vans to carpool to the Veteran’s Stand Down volunteer opportunity on the 15th of May (we are meeting at the Funeral Home at 10:30am on the 15th and heading over to the fairgrounds from there)
Lastly, Rotary presented a check to GoatHouse in thanks for hosting us, and they turned right around and gave the check back to "keep up the good work!" 
Meeting at Goat House Brewing Art Deardorff 2019-04-25 07:00:00Z 0

April 11, 2019 Meeting

Posted by Shanti Landon on Apr 13, 2019
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Reminder: No meeting on Thursday, April 18 as the Woman's Club roof will be worked on! 

Lincoln Wine Fest is coming April 27
Contact Richard Pearl to volunteer.

More details HERE.

Mitch wins the raffle - $220!
Truman Earns his Paul Harris Fellow
Congratulations to Truman, who earned his Paul Harris Fellow! 
*Note: The Big Day of Giving is coming up May 2nd, and it's the perfect time to give to the Rotary Foundation...they will match up to 100 points for your contribution!
Last week's speaker - Signe
Signe did a fabulous job sharing her thoughts on being a Rotary Youth Exchange student! 
She talked about preconceived notions she had about the US, and about how everything is bigger here. She also discussed the differences in education in her country versus ours. 
She has truly enjoyed her time here in the Rotary Club of Lincoln and has grown to be a very special part of our club! 
Coming up at our April 25 meeting (remember, no April 18 meeting) our own Rotarians will share about their Mexico trip! 
April 11, 2019 Meeting Shanti Landon 2019-04-13 07:00:00Z 0

3-14 and 3-21 Meetings

Posted by Shanti Landon on Apr 02, 2019
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Understanding Why We Do What We Do
March 14th brought us an amazing speaker in Kelly Enders-Tharp.  Kelly spoke with courage and conviction about the light she has found at the end of losing her son Sawyer.  She now works to educate and help others more effectively understand childhood cancer. 
For our club in particular Kelly spoke about what our blood drives do for children with pediatric cancer.  She put a face and a purpose behind doing what we do.  
Also in the meeting, Colleen Knight was presented with her "Be the Inspiration Pin" and Clark Osterhaut was presented with his "Paul Harris Fellowship + 5 Pin"
Getting to know our new members! 
At our March 21st meeting, four new Rotarians shared a bit about themselves. We were all able to get to know Shanti Landon, Anglin Baker, Larry Whitaker and Colleen Knight a bit better. They each shared a bit about their histories, as well as why they decided to get involved in Rotary.
Recognizing Students of the Month from Lincoln High School 
Rotary was able to catch up on recognizing Students of the Month from Lincoln High School for the months of December and January! For December: Morgan Collier, Hunter Jansen and Fernando Zepeta and for January: Taylor Yates, and Riley Hofer. 
It's been a great couple weeks at Rotary!  
See you on Thursday, April 4th when we hear from our very own Larry Whitaker about the experience he and his wife, Nancy, had in Russia overseeing a huge vaccination project!
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2019-03-4 Welcoming a New Member

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Another New Member for 2019
On Thursday, February 28th, Lincoln Rotary welcomed our newest member John Quigley!




John was inducted into the club by former president Karen Johnson, future club president Darrell Scott, and current club president Caron Russell.  His beautiful wife also came to support his induction!





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2019-03-13 Paying Tribute

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Paying Tribute
On behalf of the Wyatt family, THANK YOU for the outpouring of love and support. We appreciate it so much.
Larry’s Celebration of Life will be held at McBean Park stadium in Lincoln in Sunday, March 17th at 6:05 pm. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Friends of McBean Park (Larry’s dream of rebuilding and revitalizing the park he played in for many years during high school and with the Lincoln Tigers baseball as well as watching his grandson play there).
We thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!







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Lincoln Library and Food Distribution

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Lincoln Library
 Fun at Salt Mine
On Thursday, March 7th, our Lunch speakers were Kathryn Hunt from the Lincoln Library and Linda Desroiser from FOLL (Friends of Lincoln Library). Other exciting things to happen included Kris Wyatt being presented with her 4 time Paul Harris Pin!


 In addition to a fun filled meeting, Rotarians went out to help in the community this weekend.  Quite a few Lincoln Rotarians and friends and family of Lincoln Rotarians showed up to help at our quarterly Salt Mine Volunteer Opportunity.

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2019-03-11 Lincoln Library

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Lincoln Library and FOLL (Friends of Lincoln Library)
On Thursday, March 7th, our Lunch speakers were Kathryn Hunt from the Lincoln Library and Linda Desroiser from FOLL (Friends of Lincoln Library). 


Other Exciting things to happen that meeting included Kris Wyatt being presented with her 4 time Paul Harris Pin!


Our newest members were also presented with something special at this meeting, a "Be the Inspiration" pin from President Caron!
In addition to a fun filled meeting, Rotarians went out to help in the community this weekend.  Quite a few Lincoln Rotarians and friends and family of Lincoln Rotarians showed up to help at our quarterly Salt Mine Volunteer Opportunity.
*For more photos please click here*
And  . . . Just some food for thought after our last blood drive.  We were sent a story of how giving blood helps!  Something to keep in mind so we know why we do what we do!  And ultimately it's always to put service above self!



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2019-02_25 Phoenix High School and Our Annual Taste of Italy 

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Phoenix High School
We were lucky enough to hear a presentation, at our lunch meeting on February 21st, done by principal Chuck Whitecotton of Phoenix High School located in Lincoln.  Chuck brought along a new administrator (Adam Salinger) for a fun new Adventure Program, the ATLAS learning academy, and two students currently enrolled at Phoenix.
Joann Hilton was presented with her 7th Paul Harris Fellow Award!
Following a fun filled Thursday meeting, a long and exciting day began. Wild Bill was keeping busy helping Vitalant collect 34 donations of blood!!! And quite a few other Rotarians were keeping busy getting Taste of Italy all set up.
Then Friday night came time to join in on the fun ourselves!  Taste of Italy was definitely an event to remember.  
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2019 02_14  Three New Members

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Wow! Three New Members
The membership committee has been busy.  Today, led by past president Art Deardorff, we inducted three new members.  We welcome them all. 
Collen Knight comes to us from the Rotary Club of Cordelia with classification Community Relations and was sponsored by Darrell Scott.  She joined Rotary in 2004 with Rotary Club of Fairfield Suisun and was President of Rotary Club of Cordelia during the 2011-2012 year when they were awarded outstanding club in District 5160.  Colleen diligently looked at two local clubs before choosing us; we are so lucky. Colleen was accompanied by her guest Candy Pierce, a member of Cordelia Rotary and past District Governor in District 5160. 
Larry Whitaker returns to our club, being a past President 2006-2007 and active from from 2003-2011.  He was sponsored by Richard Pearl and has the classification Communications.   He originally joined Rotary in 1993 at Rotary Club of Cameron Park. Larry has been an Assistant Governor in District 5180 and was the original developer of the Club and District websites.  He also recently developed the City of Lincoln website and developed and maintains several website for Sun City Lincoln Hills. Larry was accompanied by his wife Nancy Whitaker who has a passion for raising horses.
Anglin Baker is Director of The Foundry youth center, originally called The Axiom that our club helped get started in 2014. Anglin was sponsored by Art Deardorff.  Anglin has served in the ministry for over 10 years and has a soft spot for young people and their development.  Anglin was accompanied by his wife Trista and by one of his young leaders from The Foundry Jose Castilllo.  As one of the youngest members in our club, Anglin has the classification Youth Center Director.  
Art stressed to all new members that it would be through their own actions that they would become true Rotarians (although Colleen and Larry have demonstrated this in the past). They were encouraged to continually learn all they can about Rotary as it exists today, and to strengthen their own leadership and communication skills by actively participating in the activities of the club, including attending our meetings, social events, and service projects.  Through these activities, they will encounter the network of business and professional leaders that have been attracted to our club. And, through the new friendships so developed, our existing club members will commit ourselves to making our new members feel welcome in our club.
Note from Darrell, Membership Chair and President-Elect for Rotary year 2019-2020, to all members:  Keep up the good work in bringing prospective new members to our club.  Like the newly inducted members above, they will be the lifeblood of our club in the future. Attracting and welcoming delightful new members into our Rotary Club is very important both to them and to our Club.  These new members come with great enthusiasm, new ideas, new skills and wonderful opportunities for new friendships.  
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2019 02_14 Meeting - Love is in the Air

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It's Valentines Day
Full house meeting, with lots of guests, especially since three new members were being inducted.  . 
  • Kristine announced that there were still 7 tables available for the February 22nd Taste of Italy and she encouraged members to turn in the money for tickets that they had taken.
  • Claire announced that she still needs "baskets" for the silent Taste of Italy 
  • Some key events coming up..- put them on your calendar
    • February 20th there is a grand opening for the Senior Center - 1pm - need Rotarians in attendance.
    • For the March 9 Food distribution at the salt mine, make sure we get 15 attendees. 
    • March 16th the World Community Service members head to Mexico
    • Put March 18th on calendars so we can help with the LHS Career day
    • District Training assembly is March 30th - especially important for our club leadership
    • District Conference (one-day event) is May 18th
    • And many more.smileysmiley  including upcoming Taste of Italy, Wine Fest and Tour de Lincoln
Lots of fun with the raffle and happy bucks.. 
We had a delightful induction of three new members - but that is another story (below).
Our club poet Alan Lowe stunned the audience with his presentation of his story "Love is in the air... or is it?"  It ended with a lovely Valentines day poem.   
Click for Alan's Poem
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Students of the Month and Potter Up!

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Students of the Month &
  Potter Up!
February 7th was a fun filled lunch meeting.  Misty Alarcon joined us to help Kris Wyatt announce our past four months worth of Student of the Months.  Mary Elias, Izaak Licata, Michael Carpineta and Dylan Silva were all brought in to accept awards and share with us their plans for the future.
Following the presentation of Student of the Month Awards, Ana Roa was awarded a very prestigious honor herself.  Ana Roa is the newest recipient of the Paul Harris Foundation pin! Congratulations Ana!!!
After all of the awards were presented the club went on to the usual hilarity of our Happy Bucks and raffle (that lucky card is still up for the taking though!) and then onto our speaker of the day. Matt Lundgren came in to speak with the club about our upcoming Potter baseball season.  He shared with us the excitement for a new league and the changes happening at the park. 
After an already fun meeting, Lincoln Rotarians were spotted all over town this past week.  From the Business Excellence Awards  . . .
(Kristine even taking the time to present ON HER BIRTHDAY!)
 . . . To the Foundry's 3rd Annual Gala
 . . . . And an impressive E*Blast sent out to all Lincoln Area Chamber of Commerce Members recognizing one of Rotary's own as well!!
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5th Thursday Mardi Gras

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5th Thursday Party
  Celebration of Mardi Gras
For each month with a 5th Thursday, we cancel the normal lunch meeting and have a social event.  This month, Jerry and Karen Johnson invited us to their house to have a Mardi Gras party.  Quite a few members and spouses and a few guests attended. We had a great time, sharing theme food, having fun and friendship and having hurricanes (thank you Jerry and Karen) and other beverages.  
Again, thank you Jerry and Karen, and to all who brought that great food. 
Click for More Pictures
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2019-01-29 What a Great Way to Start Our Year

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Welcoming A New Member

Our 4th Thursday Meetings are scheduled for committee meeting times.  It gives the club members a chance to explore possible committee volunteering or chairing that they hadn't previously considered. Thursday, the 24th of January, happened to be a bit more special than just that though.  Lincoln Rotary Club was honored to induct our newest Rotarian, Shanti Landon.  It was mentioned by Darrell Scott, our membership chair, that receiving an invitation to join rotary is no small thing and an honor in itself. In the case of our newest Rotarian, Shanti had informed the club that she had looked and done her research before committing to a service club and knew that Lincoln Rotary was the club for her.  More so, however, it is just as much our clubs honor to welcome her!  Shanti is a vision of what a Rotarian should be, a person who truly embodies service above self.  Welcome to the Club Shanti!



Click for more pictures
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2019-01-23 Lincoln High School Career Fair

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Lincoln High School Career Fair

We started our weekly meeting with a great home-cooked meal provided by our server Becky.



It was quite a day for visitors.   Kristine brought her husband Jeff.  Tina Miller, a Rotarian from Cedar Rapids, IA visited us again because 1) to escape the weather in Iowa, 2) her daughter lives in Lincoln, and 3) she likes us.    We had three visitors who turned in their membership applications: past member and president of our club Larry Whitaker, past Rotarian and president of Rotary Club of Cornelia, CA Colleen Knight and Anglin Baker, Director at the Foundry Youth Center


Wildbill reported that member Stix (Tony Bellacera) was recovering well from his bout in the hospital (later emailing that he will be spending about two weeks recovering at Eskaton in Carmichael).  GET WELL SOON.  





Kris reported that our Club is moving our support of school kids from the shared Key/Interact club at LHS (where we have been sharing the club with the Kiwanis) to GEMS.  This will start at the beginning of the next school year.


Claire reminded us that Taste of Italy is February 22nd.  She is asking for all members to donate “baskets” for the silent auction.   Tickets will be available next week so start asking your friends so you can fill your table. It will be the usual fun event with David Cesio, Dave Bonillo, and Kimberly McCue, and others) in the kitchen.  Wildbill reported that the next Community Blood Drive is on the same day!  So get ready to give blood and then fill up on pasta in February!




Caron reminded us that there will be no speaker next week and that we will gather the club committees in the normally allocated time. Please attend.   Then, the following week, there is no lunch meeting, gathering instead at the Jerry and Karen Johnson home for a Mardi Gras Gala.




As January is Rotary Vocational Month, our program for the day was given by Vocational Chair Truman Rich supported by Kimberly McCue, Kris Wyatt, and David Bonillo.   Truman made a presentation describing workplace changes that are underway, highlighting the differences between the jobs most of our club members were involved in, the jobs of the future, and the expectations for jobs by young people today.  


Truman and Kris announced that we are assisting Lincoln High School with their Career Fair on Monday March 18th 8am - 2pm.   They expect to have about 15-20 tables with employers, colleges, and other career opportunities to assist students in choosing a careen path, or at least providing them new ideas for jobs of the future.   Since so many students are guided toward a college career track, they want to make sure that the jobs available for those not choosing college are highlighted.  Volunteers are request for an hour or two (e.g help with setup or cleanup, or even assisting shaking hands at the door) or all day.   Contact Kris or Truman if you can help.  We want this to be an all hands vocations service event.
Click for More Pictures
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2019 01-10 Meeting

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Women Veterans Alliance
Our president Caron Russell brought the meeting to order with our customary Pledge of Allegiance, and 4-Way followed by a poem read by the Club Poet Alan Lowe.   Kathy Cort from the American Association of University Women announced that they would be awarding Rotarian Kris Wyatt this years Chapter Achievement Award, presented to an individual whose record of achievement spans 20 or more years, (Kris is shown with her guest - soon to be a member - Shanti Landon.) Our lunch followed. 
At the end of our lunch, we celebrated Tony (Stix) Bellacera's 99th birthday.  Happy Birthday Stix.
Caron recognized and presented an award to Mary Ann Barker who had been our Club and Foundation Treasurer for more than 7 years. Thanks to Mary Ann for her service.  She was so good, that her position has had to be taken over by two of our members; Susan Elliott and bryan Ludwig!. Thank you Mary Ann for your service to our Club. 
Our speaker was Melissa Washington who is a Navy Veteran and Founder/President of Women Veterans Alliance  The Women Veterans Alliance was created four years ago to create a community to Equip, Empower & Encourage each other with knowledge, resources, mentorship and career opportunities for women who have served our country to discover & fulfill their greatest potential.  WVA is headquartered in Lincoln and Melissa is a Lincoln resident. See pictures for contact info.
Click for More Pictures
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2019-01-09 Happy New Year

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Happy New Year! First Meeting of 2019!
The first lunch meeting of the year was filled with fun and information. Hilarity ensued when an the raffle was announced and an upside down ticket caused a bit of confusion.  Our speaker of the day was Rose Ruiz who spoke to us on behalf of Institute for Children's Aid.  She explained to us the benefits of fostering children in need and asked for everyone to keep them in mind should they know of someone who would have the heart to foster a child.  The website to contact for the Institute for Children's Aid is
Senior Center Visit
After our lunch meeting on January 3rd a small group of Rotarians were lucky enough to get to take a tour of the new Senior Center located downtown on H Street. An associate from Seniors First came and gave the tour and answered questions.
For more photos  please click
Salt Mine Volunteer Time!
On Saturday, January 5th, we had 35 people show up to volunteer at the Salt Mine to hand out food to those in need!!!  Between members, friends and families of members and prospective members we were able to put many hands to use!  As the saying goes, many hands make little work.
For more photos please click
A Fabulous Ending to a Busy Week!

A Surprise Birthday Party for 99 year old Styx!!  The event was held at Spaghetti Factory in Roseville by his family, and Tony was in rare form moving to every table to say hello.  Rotarians from Lincoln, Roseville and Citrus Heights were in attendance.  Happy Birthday Styx!

For more photos please click
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2018-12-20  Last Meeting of 2018

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Last Meeting of 2018
  Brian Alexander - Sutter CEO
Wow.  President Caron has completed the first half of her year as the leader of our club.  Lots of great things are happening. And, to celebrate the holiday season, Dave Bonillo showed up as a living Christmas Tree!
We were pleased to have several guests.  Caron Russell's Cancer Society co-worker Treasa McPherson came to listen to our speaker. Carron's daughter Izzy, home from Oregon State U., accompanied her. Karen Johnson brought her granddaughter Sara. Past President of our club Larry Whitaker showed up.  And, Past President Colleen Knight of the Cordelia Rotary Club (near Fairfield) was a guest of Darrell Scott checking our our club for possible membership.   
Wildbill Cook announced that the Community Blood Drive last week exceeded our expectations with 50 sign-ins and 40 qualified to donate.. Not bad for December when our donors have so many other things going on. 
David Cesio reminded us that January 5th is our service event to distribute food at the Salt Mine.  Put it on your schedule.  Karen Johnson reported that if we can get 15 multi-generational attendees we can earn 5 tickets to Disneyland that can be auctioned off at Taste of Italy - coming soon. 
It was also announced that Harriet Garland will be hosting a tour of the new Senior Center just following our January 3rd meeting.
Karen also announced that she and Jerry will be hosting a Mardi Gras themed social for our 5th meeting in January.  Put it on your schedule.  
Art Deardorff announced (on behalf of Darryl Scott who is away enjoying a cruise on the Mexican Riviera) that the membership committee is actively seeking out local business people for membership.  In addition, Darrell has a membership committee meeting planned for January 3rd.    Art also encouraged members to donate to the Paradise Fire Relief fund that will be given directly to the Paradise Rotary Club Foundation. 
The weekly raffle finally produced results.  Joann won the drawing and was very excited after winning the big prize by drawing the Ace of Spades!
Our speaker was Brian Alexander, the Chief Executive Office of Sutter Roseville.  His presentation brought up some very interesting facts about Sutter Health.  
  • The activities of the hospital were started in 1943 as a place to treat those injured in World War II.
  • The first actual hospital was completed in 1952..
  • In 2018, there will be about 18,000 inpatient discharges.. 
  • There is a new emergency center being completed in the center of the facility.  They currently have both both an Emergency and Urgent Care facility.
  • The Trauma Center is one of the foremost facilities in California. The helicopter pad can land a Blackhawk!.  They get a lot of patients due to the proximity to the Tahoe ski area.  The facility is staffed by 6 doctors all of who are veterans with wartime trauma experience.
  • Rotarian Stan Nader is on the Sutter Health Foundation Board of Directors.
  • Jerry Johnson said that the Sutter Health Founation is one of the major sponsors for Tour de Lincoln. 
For more pictures, click link.
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2018-12-13 Annual Christmas Party 

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Merry Christmas to All
We wish you and your families and friends a Merry Christmas.  
As per our annual tradition, we had our Christmas party, inviting all members and their guests to a Christmas Party.  This year, we chose Turkey Creek Golf Club as our venue, have a great meal created and served by Jeff Adelman and his merry band of helpers.  Toys were collect for Toys for Tots.  Alan Lowe read his Christmas Poem.  Penny Pearl lead us in singing carols  Great time by all attendees. 
For more picture, click this link.
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2018-12-11 Looking for Rotarians

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Looking for Rotarians
At our December 6th lunch meeting we heard from our membership committee regarding new membership.  Darrell Scott spoke to our club about our current membership and what we should be looking for in new members.  With our Club being as wonderful as it is, we need to make sure we aren't keeping that a secret!  Darrell showed us a very in depth list of everything Lincoln Rotary does to help the community and world as a whole along with another list of all the wonderful qualities of our fellow Rotarians.  By adding to our membership we will be able to extend our reach of what we accomplish and do so much MORE!
Showcasing how wonderful and diverse our current members are, we were lucky to hear Allen Lowe recite one of his poems.
All of that being said in Darrell's talk paired perfectly with two pinnings done to honor some of our members for exemplary work in our community.  Kris Wyatt received a pin for organizing a Thanksgiving meal to help those affected by the fires in Paradise, while Bill Cook and Paul Radcliffe received pins for heading out on December 1st to help organize immense amounts of donations that have been received to help the families from the Paradise fires.
Also, tying in with the many great works being done, on December 13th Rotary will be hosting the Blood drive at the Veterans Memorial Hall in Lincoln.
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2018-12-03 Rotary Social Event and Club Around Town

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Rotary Social Event and Club Around Town


5th Thursday Social


Whenever a month has 5 Thursdays, we forego our normal lunch meeting at the Woman’s Club and gather for fun and friendship with members and guests.  Tonight was one of the best, when we gathered in the back room at Buonarroti Restaurante in downtown Lincoln. In spite of the rain, we attracted 28 Rotarians and about as many guests.  In addition to adult beverages, we had an excellent selection of pizza, raviolis and bruschetta for hors d'oeuvre.





President Caron thanked us all for attending and announced that our club will donate $1,000 to the Rotary Club of Paradise Foundation to help their Rotary Club provide assistance as needed.  She urged our members to add to that amount; checks to Lincoln Rotary Club Foundation designating a donation to Paradise Rotary.   Allternately, designate District 5180 and funds will be provided to Gridley and Oroville Clubs for their support efforts. Bring payment to our next meeting or mail to the Club at Box 663 in Lincoln.   (If you are inclined to want to donate online, Click Here to use PayPal, and fill in the note with your designated recipient.) 



Art delivered the few leftover hors d’oeveres to the Foundry Youth Center a few doors away.


Click for more pictures


Club About Town


In addition to a fun Rotary Social Event, many of our club members were seen helping out around town this week as well.  Bill Cook, aka Wild Bill, sent out an e-mail mentioning that he would be heading to Gridley to help sort clothing for those that have been affected by the fires up in Paradise.  Paul  Radcliffe promptly returned the e-mail and the two headed out to put their hands to use!  After rushing home on Saturday from Gridley, Wild Bill also answered a request for help with our home town parade. Kimberly McCue and Wild Bill both helped with the hometown Holiday Parade, helping entrants stay on their marks and keep pace together.  Rotarian Stan Nader also had a busy week, starting by helping with the local food closet in town and then enjoying himself with other Rotarians at his Mayoral retirement party "fit for a farmer" good ol'  John Deere Style!


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2018 December Paradise Fire Recovery

At this time of tragedy for the Paradise community, we offer you an invitation to join the Rotary Club of Lincoln and the Lincoln community in our dedicated efforts to aid the victims of the horrific fire   We are working with the Rotary Club of Paradise in their dedicated very focused efforts to rebuild their lives and their community.  We are a small part in their huge efforts. 
A meaningful way to provide a small bit of Christmas happiness to the Paradise community is to make donations that will go to the Paradise Rotary Foundation and will be used 100 percent for victim relief and community recovery.   Donations are being accepted by the Lincoln Rotary Club Foundation with those funds to be bundled and sent 100% to the Paradise Rotary Foundation.  They will be identified as coming from our Lincoln community to their community and are tax deductible (Tax ID # 71-0999576).     
To donate: 
  • Provide a check payable to the Lincoln Rotary Club Foundation marked “Paradise relief” and mail it to the Rotary Club of Lincoln,  P.O. Box 663, Lincoln, CA 95648.  Or bring them to a Club meeting.  We are meeting December 20th and January 3rd and most following Thursdays at the Woman’s Club, 499 E Street, Lincoln.  We gather at 11:45 and would love to meet you. 
  • Make a donation with your credit card via Paypal using link   We will send 100 percent of your donation to the Paradise Rotary Foundation.   
Thank you. smileysmiley
2018 December Paradise Fire Recovery Art Deardorff 2018-12-01 08:00:00Z 0

2018 11_15 Meeting with Leadership Lincoln

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Leadership Lincoln, and the
    Conscious/Non-Conscious Mind
We hosted the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce Leadership Lincoln class, showing them what THE service club of Lincoln is all about.  After our lunch, they all introduced themselves and participated in the fun and project/ service announcements of our meeting. 
Several key announcements were made:
  • Pete Walker reported that we raised $3,700 to support Polio Plus as a result of donations and participation in the Dueling Dogs event on World Polio Day October 24th.   Rotary District 5180 matched this followed by a 2 for 1 match by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • Dan Johnson announced that Nite at the Races was very successful, raising about $16,000.  Best ever.
  • Harriet Garland announced that the Senior Center would be opening soon and that there would be further opportunities to support this endeavor initiated by our Club.
  • David Cesio announced the upcoming Salt Mine food distribution events.  
Past president and 30-year Rotarian Carol Smith received her Blue Badge.  Welcome back Carol.
Our speaker was Gary Yeatts, Gary has his own business that coaches businesses by inspiring excellence in leadership and by showing how ones thoughts, words, beliefs and intentions create or repel business. (See his website.) It was a very interesting presentation that centered on how our mind works. About 90% of what we do is controlled by our non-conscious mind. 
Following the meeting, Dan Johnson and David Cesio delivered the 23 turkeys funded by our members' donations to the annual Firefighters Thanksgiving Turkey Drive. 
For more pictures, click here.
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2018 11_09 Nite at the Races

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   Nite at the Races
     Horse Racing for Charity
We had the largest attendance ever, great prizes, and lots of fun!   We raised about 25% more for our community and world service than in past NATR events. Thank you Rotarians, attendees and sponsors for supporting this event. 
For more picture, click here.
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2018 06_26 Dan's Kickout

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President Dan's Kickout
Every year at this time we gather to celebrate the transfer of power in our club.  This was another great demotion of our existing president Dan Johnson and promotion of new president Caron Russell, held at Turkey Creek Golf Club.  Awesome program put together under the leadership of Darrell Scott, assisted by Joann Hilton, Kris Wyatt, Paul Radcliffe, WildBill Cook and others.   
The main program was a roast of President Dan, where we were bound by the 4 way test.  But the committee elected to go lightly on the first 4 and focus on the 5th - Have Fun.  A skit was presented by Joann Hilton, David Cesio and the Sicilian brother David Bonillo and WildBill Cook.  The fun started out as:
"As all of us have experienced, President Dano is a conscientious, careful, organized leader.  Tonight, we are going to pull back the curtain and reveal the forces that go on beneath this calm surface.  Because, we have found that Dan actually has to find a balance between his two egos.   The first one is represented here tonight by Squeaky Clean Dandy Dan – give him a round of applause, please. 
The second force inside of Dano Johnsonio is the dark one, the one he CONTINUOUSLY is battling.  His Alter ego --- GUIDO !!  Now, Guido is an internal voice, so he can’t speak directly to us, so speaking for Guido tonight are the Mafia Boys --- Vito and the one, the only, Don Corleone !!  Please, for your own sakes, give them a big round of applause.
Now, to examine more closely this battle inside Dan, we have some questions to ask each side of his ego."  And the fun went on from there.  You had to be there!
Our poet laureate Alan Lowe presented  the customary poem for the our outgoing president entitled "Dan, Dan He's Our Man, If He Can't Do It, No One Can." Click here to read it.  
And, we had our musician Tony Bellacera, playing the drums!
Linda Scott prepared an excellent 15-minute video of Dan's history, accomplishments and fun during his year as president. It was enjoyed by all. 
Past President Father Bill Rontani orchestrated the presentation of gifts and new pins for Dan and incoming president Carron Russell. 
Thank you Dan Johnson for all you have done for our Club this year. 
Click here for more pictures. 
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2018 06_21 Club Meeting Foundation Presentation

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Rotary Foundation
This was President Dan' last official meeting. He reminded us that Harvey's family had requested that in lieu of flowers, donations to the Lincoln Rotary Club Foundation would be welcomed.  Melanie gave a check in memory of Harvey with her regrets that she missed his Celebration of Life and also to commemorate her 27th wedding anniversary.  Coincidentally, Ken Campbell was celebrating his 27th Anniversary as well and matched Melanie's donation.  We had three birthdays: Ana Roa, Kim Fricke and Dave Bonillo.  Happy Birthday to all!!
Karen Johnson (Fund Raising Committee co-chair) reported that ourfund raisers had generated $73,000 this year !!  Caron Russell reminded members to please complete the online survey about fund raisers if you have not. 
Claire reiterated that Dan's Kickout will be on Thursday, June 28th (no meeting on Thursday at noon).  Kickout is at Turkey Creek at 5:30PM.  Cost is $30 each payable in advance. Call Claire at 916-253-3711.  
Jennifer Willis, our club Foundation Chair, was our speaker to bring us up to date on Foundation items, including both the local Lincoln Rotary Club Foundation and Rotary International Foundation.  Her committee had an approved budget of $9,000 and due to requests received additional funding of $3,000 to support RI and international projects.  Jennifer noted that donations to the Rotary International Foundation result in over 90% going to projects which has gained Rotary International the highest rating in Charity Navigator.  She stated that the incidence of Polio has been reduced by 99.9% since Rotary became involved and we are incredibly close to eradication.  The Gates Foundation matching has been extremely effective.  Jennifer had flyer/sign-up sheets for Rotary Direct which provides for anyone to be able to make an automatic donation monthly to RI.  Please consider doing so.  Anyone can give $10 per month, the minimum (and you will never notice it!).  She also discussed Paul Harris Fellows and Paul Harris Society.  If you donate $1,000 in total, you are eligible for a Paul Harris Fellow award.  If you pledge to donate $1,000 per year, you can become a member of Paul Harris Society.  
Jennifer then acknowledged and awarded a Paul Harris Fellow +5 award to her own sponsor Pete Walker, acknowledging his total $6,000 contributed.  Thank you Pete.  Jennifer then announced that this was her last "official" meeting at Lincoln and that she would be transferring to a Club nearer to her home in the Elk Grove area.  She will be missed here in Lincoln.
On Friday, we had the Lincoln Community Blood Drive, championed by WildBill Cook.  The setup crew is shown.  There were 40 pints of lifesaving blood collected.  Congratulations Kimberly McCue for becoming a first-time donor. 
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2018 06_14 Dan's Club Assembly

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Dan's Next-to-Last Meeting
     Club Assembly
Dan kicked off the meeting reminding us that it was flag day, hence his wearing of a tee with a US Flag.  We followed with the pledge of allegiance and the 4-way test and lunch provided by Mr. Pickles.    
We followed lunch with announcements and Happy Bucks;  Joann collected $1 from all meeting attendees that did not have their flag up today.  Key announcements:
  • Make sure and sign up for Dan's Kickout and pinning of our new president Caron.
  • Harveys Memorial will be Saturday at 2pm at LHCC followed by a 5pm toast to Harvey's life as invited by Karen Ulijohn and family.
Dan reported that the Interact Club raised $500 for ShelterBox and the club donated a like amount so that a whole box could be purchased. We were also recognized for our $750 donation to the CofC Leadership Project for the Lincoln Bark Park.
We presented a Blue Badge to Susan Elliott; she challenged those who joined the club before her to complete the requirements.
Jennifer Willis, our Foundation president, called a short Annual Meeting of the Foundation to order. Three Trustees were elected for 3-year terms: Jeff Culbertson, Art Deardorff and Bryan Ludwig.   Officers for the 2018-19 year were announced as Jeffrey McCoy (President), Mitchell Satz (VP), Art Deardorff (Secretary) and Bryan Ludwig (Treasurer).  The meeting was adjourned.  
Paul Ratcliffe was presented with the Rotarian of the Month Award, for all he does for the club. Jennifer Willis was awarded her Paul Harris Award for accumulating $1000 in donations to the Rotary Foundation.
Dan presented some special recognition for service to the club with certifications for Brunch at La Provence (provided by Cheryl Nichols and Victor:
  • For Frank Neves who always assures that the meeting room is arranged.
  • For Art Deardorff who runs the Website and facebook.
  • For Vic Freeman who runs the weekly drawing.
Awards were also given to others including those nominated for District Awards:
  • For Tony Bellacera - Club Hall of Fame
  • For Kris Wyatt - Club Rotarian of the Year
  • For Kimberly McCue - Club Rookie of the Year
  • For Mary Ann Barker - Club Retiree of the Year, inrecognition of her long service as Club and Foundation Treasurer. 
Dan provided a presentation on our 11-month performance - see link below. 
Click for: 
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2018 06_07 Meeting

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Welcome Chief Doug Lee
We welcomed visiting El Dorado Hills Rotarians, Phyllis Baughman (again) and Carl Daniel, who are new members jumping in with both feet and visiting every Club in the District!  Ken Campbell was outed and had to admit to his birthday having been found out through Facebook.  The winner of the raffle generated loud boos as it was our esteemed Finemaster, Dave Bonillo, but he couldn't produce the winning Ace.  
President Dan asked that those giving Happy Bucks include a remembrance of our dear Harvey who passed away last week.  Some of those remembrances included:
  • Receiving his hugs, several mentioned his insistence on wearing the Rotary pin which has resulted in many wearing their pins much more often, it was agreed.  
  • "I didn't get to know him very long, but long enough for him to get me into a Cancer Survivor group--- and I have never had Cancer !!".  Pres
  • Pres. Elect Caron noted that her daughter and Harvey shared a birthday. 
  • It was agreed that Harvey was a driver of this Club and one that always strived to make it better.  That was later amended to, "he drove us, but we liked it." 
  • Mary Ann recounted how Harvey would take her many times to the Kaiser Opthalmologist in Roseville, until she found out that Kaiser had that service in Lincoln.  He said he would do anything for her.
To view Harvey's Obituary and to sign the online condolence book click on:
Harvey's Celebration of Life will be on Saturday, June 16th at 2PM at the Lincoln Hills Community Church on Joiner followed by a time to toast him at their home, 1190 Tarapin Lane, Lincoln from 5PM.  
Wild Bill noted how much he appreciated attending ALL 7 of the Bikes for Books awards at our Elementary schools in the past 10 days.  It's rewarding to see the kids so excited. Click here for more pictures.
Many praised the fantastic Luau evening held at Dan and Sharon's beautiful home.  Thank you to the Johnson's !!  Click here for pictures.
Bryan Ludwig's turn to give his 3 minute speech on his life began with, "I was born, I grew up, and here I am!".  He filled in a lot of the gaps in a very amusing manner and gave us a good insight into his life prior to Rotary.
Our speaker was our Police Chief, Doug Lee who has been in office for 18 months. 
He started off by saying how very welcoming the Community has been and how much he enjoys his job here in Lincoln.  He is happy to have a low crime rate, great staff to work with and great folks. 
He told us of the Pink Badge Program that is designed to raise funds for combating cancer.  Lincoln Rotary has donated $300 toward the $800 cost and they hope to raise $6,000 from selling the patches.  Most likely ACS will receive the donation which made Caron Russell smile.  He has also signed up his Team Lincoln to participate in the Pull for the Cure, which involves pulling a fire engine.  The team will be both police and fire. 
Lincoln Police Department update: 
  • They have 3 vacancies they are trying hard to fill.  It is very difficult to recruit new officers for a variety of reasons. Many candidates don't make the grade and there is a lot of competition in surrounding areas for candidates.  Hoping to fill soon.  He was asked, even if filled, are we still short on staff, and the answer is YES.  We have about .5 officers per thousand residents and the state average is 1.5 officers per resident.  Sales tax dollars are insufficient to provide enough police officers and firemen, so shop in Lincoln!!
  • Lincoln continues to be a safe place to live. 
  • One of Doug's objectives was to be open and transparent and use Social Media to inform and connect with residents.  It came back to bite him a bit as he was posting all arrests with photos and people thought we were suddenly in a crime wave-- though it was not an increase, just a lot more visibility.  He has stopped posting every arrest now. 
  • There have been 2 homicides which is unusual but neither was committed by a stranger, there was history between the two, one domestic abuse and one drug related.
  • One of the biggest issues is that our residents tend to leave valuables in cars and even leave them unlocked.  This is inviting theft.  Take valuables out of parked cars and always lock them, this will prevent a large amount of the thefts.  Lincoln Hills is extremely safe, most occurrences are scams and leaving things in cars. 
  • The Social Host Ordinance was passed and provides the Police with the ability to charge adults in whose homes alcohol or drugs are being used by minors with a fine of $1,000.  This is a valuable deterrent.  
The Chief did a fine job of answering all questions and we are fortunate to have a police chief who is as involved in the Community and clearly cares about it.
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2018 05_24 Youth Services

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Youth Services
Another fun meeting with lots of our activities symbolizing our support for the Community. We had two visitors both looking us over with the possibility of joining.
Pete Walker returned from a 3 week visit to the UK, Spain and Portugal.  He had a birthday while abroad. Welcome back Pete.
Kris introduced Misty Alarcon who introduced our 4 Students of the Month for the past two months.  They are Lindsey Ridgway, Emily Bartlett, Cierra Lee and Tyler Nielsen.  Great young folks.
David Cesio announsed that we had a good turnout for the Salt Mine Food Distribution.  Click for Salt Mine Pictures. He is exploring how we might plant trees for every member in accordance with the RI President Ian Riseley's plea to do so.  
Dan auctioned off a PINK T-shirt publicizing the recent District Conference.  There was some initial reluctance until our own Stan Nader opined that "Real Men Wear Pink"  and won the bidding !!  Way to go, Stan.
Claire announced that we should all take note that Dan's Kickout will be on Thursday, June 28th at Turkey Creek. All members and spouses/significant others are invited, $30 each, sign up to come.
Dan reminded all that next week is the 5th Thursday, so we will be DARK at noon and the evening Social will be that evening, 5:30PM,  at Dan and Sharon's house and will be a Hawaiian Luau.  Let Dan and Sharon know if you have not signed up so they can plan.
Our speaker was Kris Wyatt providing an overview of Youth Services for our Club. We have so many busy activities related to youth in our community that Kris was barely able to cover half of the activities. 
  • Our Interact/Key Club at Lincoln HS was established in 1994 and is the 2nd largest in the District at 130. They have booked over 900 hours of Community Service, fund raised to buy half a Shelter Box and the Club will fund the other half.  (it was noted that Shelter Box has been nominated for a Noble Peace Prize.)
  • RYLA is Rotary Youth Leadership Awakening, the camp for High School Juniors about to be Seniors. It is a tremendous learning experience for the students with experiential exercises that challenge kids to overcome whatever holds them back.  Most every RYLA student says it was "life altering".
  • Book Buddies is our Literacy program where we bond with 3rd graders who are struggling with reading.  Studies indicate that those who can't read well going into the 4th grade get left behind in higher grades.  This program is designed to help those with reading difficulties and has resulted in much progress for the kids and a side benefit of giving kids the gratification of having an adult who cares over the entire school year.  Creekside Oaks, our school, achieved the highest scores overall in the District, a great honor.
  • Books for Bikes is another Literacy program to encourage Elementary students all of whom have reading goals.  If they achieve those goals, they are entered into a drawing for a bike or a scooter.  The award assemblies are wonderful times where the kids get so excited to hear the winner.  
  • We award several Scholarships to both High School grads and on-going College students. One of the Scholarships was established by deceased member Alan Bradford as an Endowment managed by our Foundation.  He created this fund to encourage students to pursue careers in Engineering or Construction Management. One of the awardees, Cutter Morebeck, was our guest, and gave a short talk about his travels to Latin and South America prior to returning to his studies. He is ready to do great work in his profession and as Kris said, he's ready to help save the world and we are helping make that happen.
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2018 05_17 Awards/Rotary Future

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Rotary of the Future
   + Awards
President Dan opened the meeting welcoming all guests and reporting that Joann and he had attended the District 5180 conference. Our club again won #1 for the large club Blood Drive award; Dan thanked Bill Cook, who was not there, and presented the award to Community service chair David Cesio.  We received a third place award for social media; Dan presented the award to Art Deardorff. 
We celebrated Cheryl's birthday and Susan's 32 years of wedded bliss.  Jerry Johnson thanked all for participation in the Tour de Lincoln event on May 12th, saying it was a huge success for the club, bringing in more than $30,000 including sponsorships and rider fees.  Dan thanked Jerry for his leadership in taking this event over and making it happen.
David Cesio reported that that Rotary donated $300 to the Lincoln Police Department for their Pink Patch Project.  (Click for facebook info.)
May is Rotary Youth Service month.  Kris is our speaker next week!  Alan read a poem about Youth Wervice Week and what we do to support the youth in our sommunity (Click for Poem).
Jennifer presented Paul Harris awards to three of our members:  Darrell Scott PH+8, Melanie Bergavin PH+3 and Dan Johnson PH+3.  The number indicated the thousands of $'s donated to the Rotary Foundation above the basic $1,000 above the basic Paul Harris award level.  Members are encourage to donate to the good work of Rotary through Rotary Direct or by becoming members of the Paul Harris Society. See link Donate to Rotary.  
President Dan was the speaker for the day.  He showed a video about Rotary of the Future featuring Jennifer Jones, a past Rotary International Director, that was from the 2017 International Conference.  Well worth the watch.  Click to watch.
Dan encouraged all to participate in the LNM Best of the Best voting for Lincoln to give our club a boost in the voting.  Don't let the trend of the past break, since we are clearly "Best of the Best" service clubs in our community. 
Click for More pictures
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2018 05_12 Tour de Lincoln

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Tour de Lincoln
The 17th annual Tour de Lincoln charity bike ride on May 12th was a resounding success, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, our volunteers and the riders.  Special thanks too our Title Sponsor Rogers Coffee Company, our Platinum Sponsor and others (Click to see list).  This was the first year that it was sponsored by Rotary.
Friday night, a pre-ride pasta dinner was offered for riders registered for the event.  On Saturday morning, volunteers gathered to set up the event and the ride rest stops.  Riders completed registration and enjoyed a continental breakfast before departing for the ride of their choice; 10mile, 20mile, 40mile or 100K in the beautiful roads surrounding Lincoln. This was followed by lunch after riders returned. There were about 450 riders this year.
Volunteers from Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, Soroptimists and Lighthouse Family Counseling staffed the rest stops. Western Placer Amateur Radio Club provided SAG support.  Lincoln Hills Cyclist Club set up the course. Bike shops (Folsom Bikes, Victory Velo – Auburn and Roseville Cyclery) provided support to riders with mechanical problems. Simple Pleasures provided the lunch with service help from the LHS Key/Interact Club members and others. Overall, there were over 130 volunteers.
Again, thank you to all who participated in this fun family event.  Put May 11th on your calendar for next year’s Tour de Lincoln.
Click here:  Tour de Lincoln website
                     More pictures
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2018 05_10 Meeting - Team Giving

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Team Giving:
 Inspiring Volunteers
   to Benefit Non-Profits
Another awesome meeting; especially our guests.   Darrell introduced his guests Wiruch and Noi Nitteranont, husband and wife, both past presidents of the Rotary Club of Ang Thong that is about 106 km north of Bangkok. Their District 3350 encompasses Bangkok, Thailand and surrounding clubs, 7 Cambodian clubs, 1 Myanmar club, 1 provisional Myanmar club and one provisional Laos club. Wiruch is also an incoming Assistant District Governor in District 3350. Wiruch and Noi were accompanied by a Buddhist abbot whose name is Phrakhruphibunphatthanaphimon but he goes by P-boon for short. smiley
Jerry Johnson encouraged full participation in the Tour de Lincoln coming up this weekend, and showed the donated New Belgium Brewing bike that will be raffled off at the event.
Dan noted that the last meeting of May will be a 5th Thursday, at this house. (More to follow.).  He also noted that the voting for the 2018 LNM Best of the Best is available and encouraged all to vote.
David Cesio announced that next service event is to distribute food at the Salt Mine on May 19th.  Show up at 11-11:30.  It is also noted that we have a blood drive coming up on Friday June 22nd. 
Susan Elliott, one of our new members. but a long-time member from the Cresent City area, gave here ice-breaker speech. She recently moved to SCLH.  She has hosted 4 RYE students. She is a 4-time cancer survivor, but you would never know it!  We are so so so lucky to have her as a member of our club since in addition to being a past president, she has held essentially every committee position.   Susan, thank you for joining our club.  
Our speaker was Trudy Harris, a founder of Team Giving and a Rotary Passport Club member. The purpose of Team Giving is to:
  Connect         Empower            Strengthen
  Volunteers  +  Non-Profits   =  Community Support 
She works with many corporations, helping them provide volunteers to local non-profits.  Maybe there is a connection with the good things that we do in Lincoln.  Thank you Trudy for this inspiring presentation. 
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2018 05_03 Mtg - Women in Rotary

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Women in Rotary
To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Women in Rotary, President Dan asked President Elect Caron to run the meeting.  She introduced 3 Past Women Presidents in attendance and named the others.
The pastor from Summit Church, Chris and his wife, Lisa were at the meeting to receive our check for $1,000 toward the Every Room project at every Western Placer Unified School.  This will insure that every classroom door has an impenetrable lock that is easy to put in place in case of an emergency.  They need about $43,000 to finish the job and are about half way there.
President Dan announced the selection of the Rotarian of the month of May and it was our own Stix (Tony) Bellacera who took the prize home for a month.  A great example of someone who lives by the Four Way test.  Congrats to Tony !!
Dan also announced our District level award nominees. These honorees have bee submitted to District for consideration and will be announced at the District Conference May 11-13.
  • Rookie of the year:  Kimberly McHugh
  • Rotarian of the year:  Kris Wyatt
  • Hall of Fame:  Tony Bellacera
Kris announced that Book Buddies follows the meeting today; only one more session after this. She also announced that the Bikes for Books awards will be starting up soon and she will send out an email with the dates and times for each school.  If you haven't been to one of these, try to make it, it's such fun to see the kids.
Our Speaker was Caron Russell on the topic of Women in Rotary.  It was a good perspective and a timely one since on  May 4, 1987, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Rotary clubs may not exclude women from membership on the basis of gender. Caron looked back on how women were finally allowed to join Rotary and was very surprised to learn that it took the Supreme Court judgment to make it happen.  She went through a lot of the history of that time and the brave clubs who made it happen.  Several of our members provided their own memories of the time and how it impacted them and their clubs.  It was noted that we have 20 women members or 38% of our Club membership. 
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2018 04_26 Lincoln Wine Fest

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Lincoln Wine Fest
  A Huge Success
About six hundred enthusiastic wine and beer lovers jammed into Downtown Lincoln on Saturday April 28th for the &th annual Lincoln Wine Fest. Our club was assisted by Downtown Lincoln Associates to conduct this community service fundraiser event.   We had 75 volunteers from our community and other Rotary clubs helping to run the event.  We had people coming from all over: Lincoln, Auburn, Rocklin, Roseville, Marysville, Sacramento, ... even the Bay Area.
Seventeen Placer County wineries and four local craft beer companies (new this year) poured their libations with appetizers being provided at 18 shops and restaurants.  With the very pleasant temperatures, it was another great day for the city of Lincoln. Rotarian Joann Hilton, chairman of the event, said “The Lincoln Wine Fest is truly a city-wide team effort.  The Downtown Business owners step up to host the wineries and breweries.  Lincoln food suppliers donate time and food, Placer County wineries devote wine and staff time. Visitors were hugely positive about the day and the friendliness they encountered. ”  For more info on the participating wineries, local shops and food suppliers see our website
Music was provided throughout the event in Beermann Plaza.
At the end of the day, there was dancing, purchase of wine by the glass in the plaza or by the bottle at the "Bottle Shop" and a raffle of wine.  Fun was had by all. 
For more pictures, click here.
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2018 04_26 Meeting - The Dam that Never Was

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Story of the Auburn Dam
Another great meeting run by President Dan, who proudly announced his 59 years of wedded bliss to his Rotarian wife Sharon.  
Dan reported that there was a good turnout for Ed Page's memorial last weekend.  He opened the envelop containing Ed's last fine (happy bucks) for an unusual joke told on his behalf at the memorial.  The envelop contained a check for $1,000 to Lincoln Rotary.  Alan Lowe read a poem about Ed that was read at the memorial. Click here to read poem. Thank you Ed for all all that you did for Rotary and for your friendship with our members. 
Wildbill reported that the Lincoln Community Blood Drive last Friday was a near record - 50 pints of life-giving blood plus some double reds.  Truman reported that Camp Clay was a huge success with about 150 kids participating. Click for pictures.  Thank you Rotarians for supporting these service events. 
Joann Hilton reported that we are ready for the Lincoln WineFest, and thanked Richard Pearl for his military precision setup of volunteers for the event.  Thank you Joann and Richard and others who helped organize the event.  (It was a huge success - more to be reported next week - or if you are on facebook, check it out.)
Student of the Month awards were presented for the months of February and March.   Truman reported a special connection with one student as they have the same first name!
Bill Laube gave his 3-minute new member ice breaker talk.  Interesting guy who has done a lot of interesting things in many locations. Originally from NY, attended Cornell. He has been a Rotarian since 1985, moving to Lincoln SCLH last Novemeber. Talk to him about it!  No better way to get acquainted with a new member. 
Our speaker was Steve Hubbard. Steve Hubbard is a writer and filmmaker who specializes in environmentally related topics. His film, “Saving Auburn Ravine,” was an important factor in the struggle over the Hemphill dam on Auburn Ravine Creek. He is the author of two books, “Power to the People,” the history of hydroelectric power in the Sierra Nevada, and “The Legend of Roswell,” an intriguing novel about the early days of the CIA.  His current project, that he covered in our featured speech today was about the Auburn Dam, a project approved by the US Government more than 50 years ago, but has been hung up do to flooding, economic, seismic and other issues.  The dam would have been higher than the Hoover Dam and twice as wide.  But if it would have ever failed it would have resulted in complete flooding of Sacramento. 
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2018 04_19 Meeting - Community Service

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Community Service
On the occasion of Paul Harris' 150th Birthday, President Dan remembered him and spoke of the worldwide impact of his gathering a group of business friends in Chicago, who would have foreseen that?  We went on to the raffle and Christine was the first to try to claim Paul Harris' free three tickets for his birthday.
Truman made a plea to have everyone either volunteer or stop by the Camp Clay this Saturday from 8:30 to 2PM.  Kris Wyatt announced that we will host a young lady from Denmark next school year and she already has all three host families lined up, Hooray!! Jerry is requesting more volunteers for Tour de Lincoln on May 11 and 12. 
Claire announced that she has been married to the same man for 49 years.  Congrats to Claire and Vern.  Wild Bill reminded us to come to the Quarterly Blood Drive this Friday from 1 to 5:30PM.  Alan Lowe is coordinating for the 10th year the Lincoln Poetry Contest which attracts entrants internationally. 
Darryl reminded us of the work shirt order that is closing.  He also mentioned a possible Rotary trip to Thailand next year and a visit coming up in May of his Rotary Thai friends, we are looking for someone to offer a bedroom for a visiting Buddhist Abbot-- anybody got a spare room?  No meals needed.  Darryl then discussed the importance of using official suppliers of Rotary clothes and supplies and he passed out catalogs from two of them.
Our speakers were David Cesio and Paul Radcliffe who gave us a recap of what has happened so far with the Community Service Committee and it's quite a lot for which we should be proud !!  Just some Highlights are:  Senior Center, Fourth of July, Every room (safety locks for all classroom doors at all Lincoln Schools), Salt Mine and many more.  Paul then gave a history of our, and his, involvement with the Tree project in Lincoln.  If the City can get a Grant, we could attain Paul's dream of having trees lining Lincoln Blvd from the rodeo to McBean Parkway.  If you have seen and appreciated the trees across the street from the Post Office, just imagine how attractive they would look lining our main thoroughfare !!  
All in all, it's clear that Lincoln Rotary's Community Service commitment makes a huge difference in Lincoln.  David had big thanks and kudos to Sandy Brumley, Harriet Garland, Sharon Johnson and Kim Fricke for all their help and support.
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2018 04_21 Camp Clay

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Camp Clay
  Pottery for Kids
Camp Clay was a rousing success. As part of Lincoln Clay Day Rotary set up several tables, providing clay and tools for the wanabe artists of Lincoln to practice their skills in making clay art. We had over 150 kids participate. There were a lot of smiles and thank yous from kids and parents.  Shown below are two participants before (clean hands) and after (artisan hands!).
We want to thank all of the Rotarian that helped make this day "one of the best" !! It was a strong turnout with over a dozen members. Lot's of "newer members" as well as the core that always come thru. Looking forward to next year.
2018 04_21 Camp Clay Art Deardorff 2018-04-21 07:00:00Z 0

2018 04_12 Meeting - AirMedCare

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AirMedCare Network
     CalStar Reach and
       AMCN Fly-U-Home
Our members enjoyed friendship and another great lunch.  The sandwiches and salad were very good. 
This being Rotary Maternal and Child Health Month, Joann Hilton reported on the maternal health projects that we support in Mexico.  Here, we joined with local Rotary clubs near Lake Chapala to develop care for mothers who were highly susceptible to cervical cancer.  We have also assisted in providing clean water and providing scholarships to students who would never get the chance of education otherwise. 
We were also given the opportunity to hear two (not just one) poems from our poet poet laureate Alan Lowe; The Unexpected and History.  Alan can be funny when you least expect it!!!
Our speaker for the day was Sonja Conklin.  She is with AirMedCare Network.  She described the services that the company supplies to provide air medical evacuation and air transport to bring you back to your local hospital if you are hospitalized while traveling.  The cost is not prohibitive and the service is available in most states.   She provided a brochure.  Something for consideration for those who travel a lot.  She also said that Ken Campbell should consider it since he goes on some pretty remote horse rides!
For all of the meeting pictures, Click Here
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2018 04_05 Meeting - Blue Star Moms

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Blue Star Moms
Another great lunch.  We were please to have a few members that we haven't seen much of namely Ana Roa and Paul Parks - great to have you back.  Truman announced that it was his 49th anniversary; way to go big guy. 
Lots going on - see the list of events.   
The Rotarian of the Month Award was handed over from Wildbill Cook to Kris Wyatt.  For this honor, she will get to display our Chamber of Commerce Best Service Club Award in a conspicuous place (in her home) for the next month.  We are all thankful to have Kris as a member since she does so much for the youth in our community as well as other community services. 
Our speaker was Jennifer Harris who spoke about Blue Star Moms.  She became involved when her son was deployed to Afganistan,  She found that other mothers felt the same fears about family members serving our country.   The Sacramento Blue Star Moms is a non-political, non-sectarian, non-racial, non-profit Military/Veteran support organization.  Members are proud mothers, stepmothers, foster mothers and female legal guardians living in South Placer county and Sacramento county who have children serving in the military, guard or reserves, or children who are veterans.  They support Veterans, Service Members from all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces  (regardless of their hometown), and honor our Gold Star Families who have lost a relative and remember their children.  They share their pride in our Armed Forces and our country by participating in patriotic events, community awareness, supporting our Veterans and deployed Service Members and their families left behind.  Thank you Jennifer for all you and other Blue Star Moms do.
Click here for More Pictures
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2018 03_30 eBulletin

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Activities for the Week: 
No "official" meeting at the Woman's Club for the week, but lots of other activities.
The Thursday meeting was a social event at the home of Vern and Claire Luke. Vern did a great job of demonstrating his model trains.   Thank you Gail Radcliffe for the pictures.  Click for Pictures
Wildbill, Darrell, Art and Paul showed up to help with Isaiah's project at Ride to Walk. Not quite done yet but it about did the Rotarians who helped in! Click for Pictures
The final sign for our Lincoln Park Sign Project was installed at Chief Robert Jimenez Park.  The family, including Jeff Culbertson Chief Jimenez's nephew, was there.  Click for Pictures
Shown are Family and Friends: Phil Steele (Caroline's husband), Debbie Prescott (niece), Todd Culbertson (nephew), Jenifer Culbertson (Jeff's wife), Caroline Steele (niece), Jeff Culbertson (nephew), Dana Jimenez Harder (daughter), Conrad Harder (grandson), Eddy Ojeda (friend) and Billy Silva (friend).
And, our hard-working Rotarians, thanks for showing up to help. 
And, to refresh your memory about the park project signs that we have been working on for many year, see pictures of all the signs. Click for Pictures  Thank you Jerry Johnson for your persistence in getting the project done.
2018 03_30 eBulletin Art Deardorff 2018-04-02 07:00:00Z 0

2018 03_29 Jimenez Park Sign Installation

story thumbnail
Chief Robert Jimenez Park Sign
On March 29th, we met at Jimenez Park (Ferrari Ranch Road and Groveland) to install the final park sign of the project we started in 2013.  Family and friends of Chief Jimenez attended the ceremony. 
Family and Friends shown in the right picture: Phil Steele (Caroline's husband), Debbie Prescott (niece), Todd Culbertson (nephew), Jenifer Culbertson (Jeff's wife), Caroline Steele (niece), Jeff Culbertson (nephew), Dana Jimenez Harder (daughter), Conrad Harder (grandson), Eddy Ojeda (friend) and Billy Silva (friend).  More pictures may be seen by clicking Jimenez Park Signs
This park honors Chief Robert Jimenez who was LIncoln's police chief from 1947, finally retiring in 1979. Chief  Jimenez served the community with an eye for helping others, according to residents and family members. At the time of his retirement, the city of Lincoln recognized Jimenez's service with a proclamation for his "giving generously of his time and efforts, unselfishly in all deliberation."  Find out more history by clicking Chief Jimenez Obit.
For pictures of our complete Park Sign Project started in 2013, click Park Sign Project Pictures.
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2018 03_26 Isaiah del Castillo Sensory Path Project

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Isaiah's Sensory Path
As part of a requested grant, our club funded Isaiah del Castillo to the tune of $1,000 to assist in his Eagle Scout Project, building of a sensory path at Ride to Walk in Lincoln.   Rotarians Art Deardorff, Bill Cook, Darrel Scott and Paul Ratcliffe also provided some boots on the ground site preparation work.  (They discovered that this picking and shoveling was not kind to their old bodies!)
The sensory path is one where participants walk the length of the path and identify with their feet what they are walking on  This helps those with walking/lower body disabilities, such as those who attend therapy at Ride to Walk. 
For more pictures, click Sensory Path Pictures
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2018 03_22 Meeting

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Sierra College SWI
  Check for Bark Park
Great meeting, great pizza for lunch.  Dan Johnson bought the extra Pizza for $20 for delivery to The Foundary (new name for The Axiom) kids center. 
We were pleased to have two Rotarian guests; Paula Gross from Rotary San Ramon but living in Lincoln and Gary MacDonald Executive Director of the Lighthouse + member of Lincoln Leadership class of CofC + member of Rotary eClub One. 
We presented a Check of $750 to the Lincoln Leadership Dog Bark Park being built near the BB courts at McBean Park. Gary MacD. gave a brief presentation about the project being sponsored by Friends of McBean Park and the CofC Lincoln Leadership Class.   For you facebookers,  see . Gary also presented a Rotary eClub One banner to us. 
Announcements - whew we are too busy!!!:
  • Book Buddies follow the meeting.
  • Isaiah del Castillo's Ride to Walk project is Mon-Wed next week.  WB is sending out announcement.
  • Social next Thursday at Claire's house - make sure she knows you are coming.  It is 4:30-6:30; bring a desert or appetizer.
  • Also next Thursday March 29th at 2pm, we are installing the last Rotary-provided sign at Chief Jiminez Park 
  • District Assembly is April 7th - awesome opportunity to meet more Rotarians and find out about what is happening.  Dan is sending out schedule and will arrange car-pooling. See
  • RYE International Culinary Event - food provided by District Youth Exchange Students is April 7.  See
  • There is a Chili Cook-off (against other Service Clubs) as a fundraiser for the Lincoln High Farm; at the Farm.  Can use some more people to hand out samples - Dan said he is making some Killer Chili!!!
  • Blood Drive is April 20th - invite your friends.
  • Camp Clay is our Rotary At Work Day project - April 21.   Support Ken Campbell's favorite project. 
  • Wine Fest is April 29th - need all hands on board.  More to follow.
  • Tour de Lincoln is May 12th - another need for all hands on board,
  • Dan Johnson will be going to District Conference in Incline right after TDL - anyone interested in going with him??
Our speaker was Lynn Medeiros from Sierra College talking about their Strong Workforce Initiative, a program to develop innovative courses to meet student needs for livable wage jobs. Great stuff.
Before the meeting, Art held an advance facebook training session.  Not much attendance but for those who could not, see handout link below. 
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2018 03_15 Meeting

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Spring is Around the Corner
    Our Fundraising
       Every 15 Minutes
This week's meeting on March 15th, President Dan thanked every single member for their support and work on the very successful Taste of Italy.  Not only were the financial returns exceptional, everyone had a roaring good time.  The numbers are not yet finalized but when they are we will be pleased.  Great job !!
Darrell Scott returned from his extensive trip to Asia. Visited Rotary Clubs that he used to work with, exchanging banners.  Welcome back, Darrell !! Click for more of Darrell's Pictures.
President-Elect Caron spent a moment thanking the Club for the trust we are putting in her for being President starting July 1.  She also thanked us for sending her to PETS which was a wonderful experience that inspired.  She has sent out an online survey and asks that everybody please answer it.  
Claire announced the Social on the 29th of March at her house, signups are in process and you are asked to bring either an appetizer or a dessert.  Our Poet Laureate, Allan Lowe, read an excellent poem regarding Rotary's efforts in the area of water and sanitation.  A thoughtful piece with good imagery.  (Click to Read).
Our Speakers were Karen and Jerry Johnson who co-chair the Fundraising Committee, this new Committee oversees all fundraisers for the Club.  They gave us an update on Tour de Lincoln, our new project that Jerry has been spending about 35 hours per week on since January.  He went over a detailed account of the budget which shows potential net profits of $30,000 and his spreadsheet of the project plan.   They do need volunteers so please let Jerry or Karen know if you can help on the day before (May 11th) or the day of the event (May 12th). More information is on the website www.TourDeLincoln.Org.
Joann also gave a short update on the Lincoln Wine Fest, our next event.  She mentioned that it is not a fundraiser, but is a Community Service event and as such, it is under the Club not the Foundation.  We need all hands on deck volunteers for this as well and please let Richard Pearl know if you can do a 2 hour shift or help setup, etc.  The venues are set downtown, wineries and most of the food suppliers.  Advertising will start before long and tickets are available now through  
Lots of good opportunities to support our Club !!
Update from previous week's meeting that had been blacked out!
At the last meeting, March 8th, were not allowed to report on our speaker as it was on the Every 15 Minutes program at  Lincoln High School as they were preparing for the event on Thursday and Friday and they insist on keeping it under wraps.
Our speakers were Mary MacQueen, Lincoln HS teacher and Chuck Whitecotton, Principal of Phoenix HS, our alternative HS in Lincoln.  They spoke passionately about the Every 15 Minute program which has been continuously presented in Lincoln since about 1992.  Credit to our own Kris Wyatt who has been a major force for this and still is.  It starts with the Grim Reaper walking to different classrooms to claim the lives of various students by leaving a black rose.  Then they enact a very realisitic scene using Lincoln HS students who have been drinking and have a serious automobile accident. This includes all sorts of emergency services and first responders, police, even a helicopter ambulance at the school.  The kids are visibly shaken as are their parents who visit them in hospital and are filmed hearing the worst news possible.  They keep the "dead" kids over night and there is a mock funeral.  The Community participates wholeheartedly to make this a success.  
It was a very moving description that was further emphasized by the video they showed of the scenes.  This is such a deeply emotional program and it has been shared and copied all over the state.  It's a tribute to our High School and all the people who put this together to save teenage lives.  Our Rotary Club presented them with a check for $1,000 to help with the costs of the program and we are delighted to support it.
A video of the event is being prepared and will be provided when available.
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2018 03_08 Meeting

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Lincoln Rotary Meeting
Another full house at Rotary lunch on Thursday !!  President Dan started the meeting off by auctioning off a gift from the Lincoln High School Zebra Baseball team for our successful support of their Baseball Fundraiser Dinner last Friday night.  We had about 16 in attendance and had a reserved table. The Baseball T-shirt and other prize auctioned were won by a Zebra Alum, Jeff Culbertson.  Wear it with pride, Jeff.   Click here for LHS Baseball Fundraiser Pictures.
The Thought for the Day was in regard to Rotary's Designation for the Month of March as Water and Sanitation month. Rotary Int'l has tons of projects to bring both water and good sanitation measures to developing countries.  The key point that Pres Dan made is that it does no good to simply dig a well and bring water.  Sanitation has to be taught or there is no gain and illness and death still occurs.  One is 3 people in the world do not have adequate sanitation facilities.  Rotary incorporates both in our projects under our mandate to make all projects sustainable.  
To further underscore this issue, when we have traveled to Ajijic Mexico, we have had many discussions on water for the barrio.  The leaders there tell us that two large companies, Coca Cola and Nestle own most of the water that is sold in large jugs called garafons which hold about 5 gallons of water.  They charge 21 pesos for a garafon, with the water purification system we provided them which is solar powered, they are able to set up their water station, employ a local person who washes and fills the garafons and sell them for 5 pesos.  Everyone wins. 
Visiting Rotarian Gary McDonald who is Executive Director of the Lighthouse was in attendance.  He thanked the Club for donating to the Leadership of Lincoln class for their project to build a new dog park at McBean Park called Bark Park.  It will not only provide a great facility for local dogs, but also designed to reduce the intrusion of Homeless and other potentially unwelcome visitors.
During the lively Happy Bucks collection by the Hawaiian shirted Fine Master, Paul Radcliffe reported on his THREE week trip to Hawaii.  He and wife, Gail, visited the Honolulu Rotary Club and found that they are hosting the Rotary International Convention in 2020.  Paul suggested that would be a great International Convention to attend and urged Club members to plan on going.  He will look into all of us staying at his time-share per the Fine Master's urging.  (How long since you exchanged a banner?)
Chris Clark asked how many had noticed anything different at the Woman's Club when they came in.  Many had not noticed anything, however, before fines could be arranged, Wild Bill yelled out that the big tree was gone.  The Palm tree was removed.  This prompted Dan to remind us that the RI President challenged every Club to plant at least one tree this Rotary year.  We should make that happen.
Kris Wyatt announced that the Interact/Key Club members will be serving us at Taste of Italy on Friday night.  "Where were you on a Friday night when you were in High School?" she asked.  Not serving food at a Rotary fund raiser, most likely.  The message was to tip your servers well, it will be going to a good cause.  Claire asked of all the members at lunch, who is NOT coming to Taste of Italy.  It was both astonishing and gratifying to see that no hands were raised, everyone present was coming.
There is no report or photos on the speaker as there is a blackout of info until next week.  Check back then to find out who and what it was about. 
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2018 03_01 Meeting

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Students of Month
   New Member
      Dan's 7-Month Report
Great lunch of spagetti, minestrone soup, salad and bread, with accompanying cookies and cake for desert provided by Country Harvest.  Prior to that Art led the Four Way Test with the banner turned around - our members have got it down!
Joann reported that she had collected on one of our fundraiser dinners with a Dinner for Eight at Dan and Sharon Johnson's home. Great meal and service, with Sandy Brumley helping. Bidding to win one of these at our fundraisers is well worth it. 
Wild Bill and Truman hosted a booth at the Sun City Lincoln Hills "It's the Lifestyle! Expo!" on February 27.  Lots of discussion and nobody noted that they conducted a "Raffel" (sp!!).  But, nobody showed up as a guest today. But, everyone needs to continue to invite potential new members.   Good job Membership Committee.
Joann announced that tickets are available online for the Lincoln Wine Fest.  The advertizing is ramping up via a new website and facebook #LincolnWineFest  .
Claire and Harvey encouraged all to participate in the Taste of Italy by buying a ticket or a table and donating a silent auction or raffle prize.  Harvey noted that participation has significantly increased since last week and that his "whining, crying and begging" really works. 
Kris reminded us that the LHS Baseball fundraiser is this Friday (6:30pm) at McBean Pavillion. Dan encouraged Red Shirts by all. 
Kris Wyatt and LHS Counselor Misty Alarcon (herself a Lincoln High grad) presented the February LHS Student of the Month Awards to Arriana Brooks and Alliya Smith-Brown. 
Harriett presented the Rotarian of the Month (with the right to display the Chamber of Commerce best service club award) to Bill Cook, for his leadership of the blood drives, participation in the membership committee and overall encouragement for all about the friendship of our club.  Congratulations Wild Bill.  
New member Susan Elliott, accompanied to the meeting by her husband Calvin, was inducted.  Susan comes to us from Crescent City Rotary, recently moving to Sun City, where she had been club president, secretary and treasurer.  She was District 5130 Rotary Youth Exchange Chair and has hosted 4 exchange students. Welcome to the Lincoln Rotary Susan. 
President Dan was the Assembly speaker, giving us a status for the first 7-8 months of his tenure.  One key announcement is that he is adding two new board members at large for the rest of his term - if you are interested, please contact Dan.  See the links to his presentation below.
Click below for: 
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2018 02_22 Meeting 

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We had quite a few visitors at the meeting today. Lunch was provided by Old Town Pizza. Frank Neves provided us with a special dessert of Krispy Kreme powdered donuts - Really fun and funny!
Isaiah del Castillo made a short presentation on his Eagle Scout project for Ride to Walk. We are sponsoring his project with a donation of $1,000.  And, he has invited us to help him during his Spring break March 26-April 2.  He was accompanied to the meeting by his parents. 
Danielle Lawlor from Ride to Walk was also at the meeting and made a short presentation on a June 2 fundraiser "1st Annual Beer and Wine Tasting Festival."  Ride to walk is dedicated to enhancing the lives of children and young adults with neurological disabilities by providing innovative therapeutic horseback riding activities.  See event flyer with pictures.
We were especially pleased to have visiting Rotarians Kathy and Dave Clemens from the Roseville Club. Kathy is the District 5180 Paul Harris Society chairman. 
  • Taste of Italy is March 9.  Claire is still looking for live and silent auction items. 
  • Book Buddies followed the meeting.
  • There is a LHS Baseball dinner on March 2.
  • There will be a special day for Rotary at the June 10 Potters game with a VIP tent.
  • District Leadership Conference is April 7 - Sign up 
Our program was by Kathy Clemens talking about how donations can be made to the Rotary Foundation, arranged by our club Foundation Chair Jennifer Willis. 
The Rotary Foundation is rated 4-Stars by Charity Navigator for 10 years in a row.   The money goes to support Rotary projects worldwide. The fund was created by Past Rotary President Arch Klumpf with an amount of $26.50 left over from the 1917 Rotary Convention.  Today, the Foundation assets exceed $1 Billion.  Ways to give include:
  • Give when you want.  Typically we donate for our birthdays.  Donations accumulate toward a Paul Harris Fellow award for each $1,000 donated.      
  • Commit to $1,000 per year to be in the Paul Harris Society.   You can committee online through Rotary Direct.  
  • Become a Benefactor or Bequest Society members by including a donation in your will or trust.  
Donated can be given to Annual Fund Share (50% returned to our District in 3 years - and we apply to use the money with grants). Polio Plus is another donation approach where 100% goes to polio eradication. 
If you are interesting in work on District Foundation activities, contact PDG Glenn Fong (Roseville Rotary). 
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2018 02_15 Meeting

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Senior Living
It was full and busy meeting today while we took time to acknowledge and thank some of our Sponsors.  First was Don and Pauline Jacobs of E.K. Riley Investments who have sponsored NATR for the past four years, since its inception.  We also thanked Mark Luster, a former member of Lincoln Rotary, represented Sierra Pacific Industries who has been a consistent sponsor of Lincoln Rotary.  We thank Don, Pauline (E. K. Riley) and Mark (Sierra Pacific Industries) for their valuable support to our club.   
Allan Lowe reported that the play that he wrote and directed was a big hit and played to full houses on the weekend at Kilaga Presenation Theater.  He noted that one of the stars of the show was Estelle, Carol Feineman's 92 year old mother.
Dick Fowler won the raffle but no Ace.  Harriett gave an update on the Senior Center project which has had some setbacks but is now back on track with enthusiasm from other Service Clubs adding to the momentum.  

President Dan reminded us of the District Assembly on April 7th which is a great way to learn more about the different programs within our District and in depth areas of our Club.  Join us for a Saturday morning, networking with other Clubs is a great way to learn new ideas and share experiences.
The LHS Zebra Baseball Dinner will be on Friday, March 2nd and we always have a heavy showing of members attend to support our excellent baseball team.  Come out and have Tri-tip dinner for $20 and support our Fighting Zebras.
We will be having a Rotary Social at the Potters Game on June 10th.  Details to be announced, but we will take over the Corporate picnic area where hot dogs and tri-tip sandwiches will be available.  
We received a very nice Thank you note from UCSF for our $250 donation to the Scholarship fund in honor of Ed Page and his wife, Adele.  The fund supports women who are training to be doctors at UCSF.  If anyone wants to send a donation in memory of Ed, contact Joann.  President Dan said that a memorial service is being planned in April for Ed.
Our speaker was Ember Nordhaus, Marketing Manager of Summerset Senior Living right here in Lincoln.  Ember gave a very personalized presentation of her direct experience with her Aunt who insisted on staying in her home with health care attendants.  The experience was not a good one and she was exploited by both her financial planner as well as the health workers.  She bloomed when moved to an Assisted Living facility.  Ember gave great reasons for us to consider the option of moving to a licensed home that has standards that are enforced as well as offering many options, activities and companionship of others. 
Taste of Italy is coming up fast. We need to have baskets donated for Silent Auction and please get out and sell tickets.  We need a full house for TOI, our biggest fund raiser.  We also need Live Auction items, so if you have a condo or vacation home or ??? to donate, please do so and notify Claire.
The Tour de Lincoln is working to get sponsors with some success, getting staffing for Rest Stops and other volunteers.  The date is May 12th so put it on your calendar.
Lincoln Wine Fest is April 28th and we will need all hands on deck to volunteer that day.  Marketing is ramping up and tickets will be on sale shortly.
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2018 02_08 Meeting with District Governor

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District 5180 Governor
  and Club Awards
A full meeting Thursday. We were honored to host Rotary District 5180 Governor (DG) Sandi Sava at our meeting. During her term of office in which she visits all district clubs, she saved the best for last.   Thank you Sandi. 
Our club poet Alan led off the meeting with a poem about Rotary's role in Peace and Conflct Resolution. Click here for the Poem.
During this meeting, we inducted two new members to our club, shown below with Membership Chair Jeffrey McCoy and the new member sponsors: 
  • Transferring member Bill Laube who now lives in Sun City Lincoln Hills, coming from Roseville Rotary , having been a Rotarian in Melbourne FL and Pleasanton CA since 1985.  Welcome Bill.
  • Transferring member Kristine Mollenkopf.  Kristine just recently came to LIncoln accepting the position as City Attorney and is a 20-year Rotarian from Santa Maria CA having been president at Santa Maria Breakfast and Montecito Rotary clubs. Welcome Kristine.
While here, DG Sandi presented Paul Harris Fellow awards to Lincoln members Claire Luke (PH+3) and Pete Walker (PH+5).
She also presented a Major Donor award to our member and Sandi's District Webmaster Art Deardorff, shown with his wife Dianne and Foundation Chair Jennifer Willis. Our club is thankful to the donations made by all three members to support the activities of the Rotary Foundation. 
Our District Governor Sandi was also our speaker, quoting Paul Harris, Rotary's founder in 1905, "If Rotary is to realize it’s proper destiny, it must be evolutionary at all times, revolutionary on occasions.” The revolutions included "International Growth of Rotary' - after 30 years, "Women in Rotary" 30 years ago, and the latest revolution now "Membership fFexibility". In addition, Sandi presented some interesting history of our club:
  • Chartered in November 1925
  • First woman member LInda Stackpoole
  • First woman president Kris Wyatt in 1993
  • Our members joining long ago San Nader and Dick Fowler 1973
    • Dick noted that both his father and grandfather were Rotarians in Lincoln.
Harvey encouraged all to get tickets for Taste of Italy March 9th and to get involved in the fundraiser activities - attend the meeting Thursday evening 2/8 at Claire's home.
Dan encouraged all to sign up online for the District Assembly April 7th.  For new members working toward Blue badges, attendance can be considered the same as another club meeting. Great presentations on all aspects of what District 5180 clubs, including ours, do to support our goal of "Service Above Self." 
 Click for More Pictures
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2018 02_01 Meeting

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   Rotary Membership
Another vibrant meeting!  We have three new membership applications in the works. Joann won the raffle drawing but the Ace of Spaced eluded her. Our members supported the club with lots of Happy Bucks.  President Dan proudly displayed a new projector for the club and the slide quality is awesome. 
Past past Harvey (with a few more pasts thrown in for previous presidencies) announced that tickets for Taste of Italy are available at $35 each - same as last year.  The tables will be for 8 but one or two more can be squeezed in.  There will be a meeting on Feb. 8th 7pm at Claire's home - all welcome - to discuss the event, planned for March 9th 6pm at the McBean Park Pavillion. 
Ken Campbell announced that Camp Clay will be April 21st.  he then proceeded to tell the story about how it started 15-20 years ago.  David Bonillo remembers that in the beginning the Club used to provide a barbecue along with the camp.  
Alan Lowe cordially invited us to come to his event  titled “The Nighttime Traveler Or . . . My Wife Thinks I Need To See A Shrink”  on Saturday, February 10 at 7 pm or Sunday, February 11 at 3 pm at Kilaga Springs - it is free.  This production is very special to him as he is both its writer and director.  See link to flyer below. (Come early as it fills up fast!)
Art announce that there will be a "Facebook for Beginners" workshop starting right after next week's meeting - plan ~ 30-45 minutes. This will be followed up later with an advanced session. 
New member Mason "Beez" Beasley gave his 3-minute ice-breaker speech.  Interesting that he has a twin sister Carli (sp?).  He is now outreach director at Lincoln Sommerset Senior Living.  
Dan had several announcements:
  • Next week, District Governor Sandi Sava will be our guest. There will be a special social time to meet her starting at 11:30.  
  • Dan wants to know if we should schedule a bus for the April 7th District Assembly.  it is a great opportunity to learn many things about Rotary, what we do and how to do it.  Register at Assembly Link.
  • He also announced that we were chosen by the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce as the 2017 Outstanding Service Club for Lincoln, an award that we have been given for many past years. 
  • For the 5th Thursday of March, there will be a potluck social at Claire Luke's home. 
Our speaker was Membership Chairman Jeffrey McCoy with a presentation about what our club does and what Rotary is all about. 
Remember, lots of Red Shirts next week for DG Sandi!
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2018 01_25 Meeting

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Caron Russell
  Cancer & HPV Vaccination
Full house at our weekly meeting - had to set up an extra table.   We had several returning Rotarian guests including Steve Certa, a District Governor from Weymouth MA who we have worked with in the past on an International project in Guatemala. Plus, we had several LHS students and their family members.  Rotarian Dave Bonillo was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for his donation to Nite at the Races.  
We presented the LHS student-of-the-month awards and Orangevale Rotary member Ann Hively announced that our Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) student Olivia Gonzales will be going to Spain later this year.  Exciting for Olivia as she did not know where!  See the YouTube Video
New member Kimberly McCue gave here exciting "ice-breaker" speech, telling how she came to Lincoln, how she is committed to Service Above Self and how she became the director for the Lincoln Funeral Home.  She said "Stop in and see me sometime.  I serve a great cuppa coffee."
Our speaker for the day was our own incoming 2018-2019 club President Caron Russell.  Caron works with the American Cancer Society and spoke mainly about what can be done to prevent cervical cancer.  Vaccination of your youth (males and females) between the ages of 9 to 14 is the key to prevention.  Interesting that Rotary International may become active in this issue as part of our Maternal Health area of focus (like we did with Polio). Click here for ACS Website to learn more.  Also see picture link for her slides.
Caron also announced that the ACS Relay for Life will be regional this year with the relay being held at the Auburn Fairgrounds on August 17th.   There will be a local assembly of survivors at the Lincoln Woman's Club on April 21st. 
Click for Pictures
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2018 01_18 Meeting

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Lincoln Rotary Membership
  2 New Members
Full house at our meeting today with many guests in attendance.  Notably, we had two guests who had recently moved to Lincoln who were both 20+ year Rotarians in their previous communities.  Kristine Mollenkopf just moved from Santa Maria and was a two-time past president at the Monticito and Santa Maria clubs.  She was introduced by Stan Nader as the new Lincoln City Attorney.  Susan Elliott just moved here from Cresent City where she was past of the Cresent City club and was a charter member of the Del Norte Sunrise club.  She is visiting local Rotary Clubs to find a fit; let's hope she choses Lincoln Rotary.   A big welcome to them both.
The highlight of the meeting was the induction of two new members. Membership chair Jeffrey McCoy performed the induction ceremonies for the latest two members in Rotary (at that time).
The first was Mason Beazley who is the Outreach Coordinator for Sommerset Senior Living.  He is shown below with his mom Randi Beasley and sponsor Art Deardorff.
The second new member was Jeff Culbertson.   Jeff is a long-time Lincoln resident who is now an Associate Broker with Coldwell Banker Real Estate.  He is shown with his wife Jenifer and sponsor (and 4th cousin) Kris Wyatt.  Jeff commented that in looking a the list of Rotary Presidents in the 1980's that he had probably "mowed the lawns for most of them."  
Dan reported that the last three members have  an average age of 39, bringing the average age of our club down considerable!!!  He also noted that Darrell Scott will not be available for purchasing apparel etc. for some time and provided some guidelines (Click here to review them). 
Bill Cook noted that Tony "Stix" Bellacera had been in the hospital with pneumonia but was supposedly headed home today.  Bill also encouraged all to wash their hands frequently and keep your hands away from your face - very good advice to all with flu rampant
Kris Wyatt announced some upcoming Bikes for Books elementary school assemblies where we will present a bike or a scooter to the winner of the drawing for all students who achieve their accelerated reading goals.  We do this at all seven grade schools in Western Placer Unified School District.   Click here for more pictures.
Dan noted that it was Vocational Service Month and was the speaker for the day, talking about what new members become a part of when joining our club.  Click here for his PowerPoint presentation.
Click here for More Meeting Pictures.
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2018 01_11 Meeting

Rotary House
President Dan started off the meeting in the usual way and then he asked Truman Rich to come up and make a short speech about his Rotary passion.  Truman was both humorous and serious about the way he values the friendships at Rotary and the connections that we all make together and he pointed out how important those are. He also highlighted how the great amount of service Lincoln Rotary has performed for our Community.  Great job, Truman !!
We had two guests, Veronica Griffiths from Wildlife Heritage and Marie Saler from the Community Garden.
Kris announced with mixed feelings that our RYE student Mateo from Argentina made the decision to return to his home.  Despite a lot of effort from Lincoln Rotary, especially Kris, Melanie and Keith, he simply did not adjust to life in Lincoln.   Kris also reminded us that Book Buddies was on after the meeting.
Club Poet Alan Lowe read a poem about Rotary Pins (Click Here for Poem). Dan gave out Rotary pins to all who did not have their pins on today.  Warning, those without pins may have to pay next time.  Dan announced a Texas Holdem fundraiser will be held by Placer Valley Sunrise club on Jan 27th.  Check with Dan for details. 
Our speaker was the very accomplished Lynette Andersen, a family law attorney and Rotarian, who spoke about a topic that is not well known but very impressive-- Oak Park Rotary House.  This lovely small home was built by our own 5180 Rotarians and is maintained by 7 Clubs.  The purpose is to provide long-term housing for families whose children are going through long term treatments at UC Davis Children's Hospital.  It is a unique and very moving gift to the families who stay there rent-free.  Lynette has been involved from Day One including construction.  The 7 clubs rotate a weekend of maintenance each month and they clean the house when families move out.  Lynetee showed many photos of the families and their children.  Some of the kids have not made it, others, happily, have returned home much improved.  It's a wonderful story and one not publicized as it could be.  Lynette did ask for a small donation from our Club to help defray expenses and to share the burden from the 7 Clubs.  Our Club's Board will be considering do just that.  Thank you, Lynette for a heartfelt presentation.  Isn't it wonderful the way Rotary does such terrific things for people?
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2018 01_04 Meeting

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International Projects
Well attended, fun meeting today at Rotary !!  Two delightful guests, Jeff Culbertson a longtime resident of Lincoln who has submitted his application for membership and Nancy Neville, who is looking for Service Club to give back.  Mason was introduced as a guest, but not for long.  Birthdays in December for Claire and Joann and Anniversaries for Paul and Gail Radcliffe and Wild Bill and Sandy.
President Dan spoke a bit to memorialize Ed Page who passed away last week. He then announced that our Happy Bucks would be in honor of Ed with remembrances. 
There were many remembrances; here are a few:
  • The Cuba Trip presentation that he gave, was remembered by many. 
  • Father Bill said, what an adventurer, as soon as it opened up to tourists, he was there!!  Father Bill also said that the thing that scared him most about being President was Ed as he had picked on Harvey so frequently.  But he exclaimed that Ed never did pick on Father Bill. 
  • Truman reminisced  about the pen that Ed gave him with a light on it that was going to make ALL the difference in Truman's marketing-- that gave way to their shining it at each other every meeting. 
  • Richard said that Ed was unique in that he was the only one who could get Dave Bonillo's wallet to open.
  • Wild Bill said Ed was responsible for making him spend more money on a cigar than he ever had or will. 
  • Joann reminded us that the Club had donated $500 to a UCSF Scholarship fund that Ed set up when his beloved wife passed away as she had been a doctor there.   
  • Ed was truly a fun guy and a good Rotarian, Major Donor and simply a delight to be around.  As Dick said, it would be heavier and not so light around the table without him.
   Click here for more
        Pictures in Remembrance of Ed
  • Good turnout of volunteers at the Salt Mine Food giveaway on Saturday.  Click to see Pictures
  • Kris Wyatt reminded us of Matteo's Birthday Celebration at Melanie and Ketih's on Sunday at 6PM.  Come for dinner and RSVP, or stop by.  He would enjoy a gift that is California related.
  • Book Buddies next Thursday.  Bikes for Books schedule has been emailed to all, come and join the fun of seeing the kids.  First Street is at 1:15PM on Monday.  Jan 17th is the next Board Meeting.
Father Bill announced the nomination selection of Caron Russell for President-Elect which was met with a standing ovation and a approval vote.
Stan paid some additional happy bucks to note that David Bonillo was looking very interesting with his new Trump-like hairdo.  After the whistles and catcalls died down, David said he has a new barber. 
Our speaker was Jennifer Willis, Director of our International Foundation and World Community Service committee.  Her Committee includes:  Paul Radcliffe, Pete Walker, and Darrell Scott.  Jennifer provided lots of information on the activities of her Committee and a detailed handout of all the wonderful things we have all supported and even included a list of numerous past accomplishments.   The Budget this year is $9,000 for International and most has been allocated.  A high level list includes:
  • Chapala Rotary-- Scholarships for several students to attend public schools
  • Ajijic Rotary -- Maternal Health Clinic and Mobile clinic
  • Romania -- Vocational Training
  • Thailand --- Eye glasses for seniors
  • Polio Plus --- $2,000 plus $778 from Pints for Polio
  • Ghana -- Solar Lanterns
  • Hurricane Relief for both Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands
Congratulations to the Committee on supporting a number of worthy projects.

Click here for pictures from the December Christmas Party
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2017 Christmas Party

Merry Christmas to our members and friends.  Have a happy holiday.  Click the picture below to see our Christmas Party Pictures.  
Thank you Ana Roa and Gail Radcliffe for the pictures. smiley
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2017 12_14 Meeting

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Club Assembly
Our last meeting of 2017 was a Club Assembly, chaired by President Dan.  We had two visiting Rotarians; Phil Laube from Roseville Club, now living in Sun City Lincoln Hills and considering joining our club, and Craig Stevenson from the South Sac Club.  
Kris recognized and made a presentation to the LHS November Students of the month Amy Ponciano and Evan Dingie.  They were accompanied by their counselor Misty Alarcon.   
By way of announcements, Jerry and Karen Johnson are celebrating their 50th anniversary. Wow!!!  Jennifer announced her birthday. Customary donations were made to the Rotary Foundation. Vic won the raffle for the second week in a row and thereafter drew the Ace of Spades to take home the BIG pot of $250!   He was probably on his way to the Thunder Valley Casino with all this luck!!! smiley
Dan awarded a few attaboys (or attagirl in one case): To Art and Wildbill for filling the reservations for the Friday Blood Drive, and to Caron Russell for quickly responding to provide a Christmas Tree to a Lincoln couple suffering with cancer.
Dan reflected on the Survey Monkey survey conducted over the last few weeks, where he has received responses from about 2/3 of membership, about the same as similar manual survey conducted at the beginning of the current year.  David Cesio and Kris Wyatt provided short presentations about our community service and youth service activities. 
Darrel Scott made a special invitation to visit Thailand from the International (World) Service committee.  The sincere invitation to visit comes from the Sawankhalok Rotary Club in Sukothai, Thailand.  Our Club is partnering with the Sawankhalok Club and the Dhonburi Club of Bangkok to provide eye glasses for needy elderly people in rural northern Thailand.   Visiting with the Sawankhalok Club would be on two days in early February.  Of special interest is an event that will be on February 3rd -- a mini-Loy Krathong which is a miniature version of the huge Loy Krathong held in November of each year.  This beautiful festival is held among ancient ruins of the first capital city of Siam -- city dating back to 1238 A.D.   Any member interested in more information should contact Darrell at 916-253-9893 or email him at  If you are curious on travel costs, use google flights with destination of BKK (Bangkok)..  And for less hectic long range planning, the committee has hopes of organizing a visit to our "sister" Club in Chapala, Mexico.  Tentative thoughts have that trip being in May 2018.   Club members that have traveled to Chapala give working with the Chapala Club a resounding Five Star Rotary rating.    
Our Community Blood Drive was Friday.    Even though all reservations were taken, due to no-shows and donors not qualified and we had 17 walk-ins, we collected 46 units of blood - a near record.   Thanks to all that helped.
Click for More Pictures
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2017 12_07 Meeting

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Wellness Within
President Dan called on Alan Lowe our Club Poet to read a poem called " The Collector".  If it reminded one of the anxiety our Finemaster inflicts, that is purely coincidental.  A fine portrayal that was roundly applauded. (See link below.)
Leadership opportunity:  our Nominating Committee is searching for candidates for President for next year.  Please talk to any former Pres for info.
Jeffrey inducted new member, Kimberley McCue who manages Lincoln Funeral Home.  She is a hometown Lincoln Zebra and very enthusiastic about joining us.  Welcome Kimberly !!
Our speaker was Patti Brown of Wellness Within.  They offer support services for cancer patients, survivors,caretakers and families.  Their services are for mental, physical and emotional needs.  The majority of cancer patients suffer from depression, but only 10% seek treatment for it.  Their statistics clearly showed how partcipants improved after a 6 week course. Their services and classes are free.  Funding is through donations, sponsors and a few grants.  Anyone is welcome to check them out and use their library at their Roseville office.  Click on
Click for 
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2017 12_07 Meeting

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Wellness Within
President Dan called on Alan Lowe our Club Poet to read a poem called " The Collector".  If it reminded one of the anxiety our Finemaster inflicts, that is purely coincidental.  A fine portrayal that was roundly applauded. (For poem, click  Alan's Poem.)
Kris gave us info on a family in need who have suffered abuse.  She has an autistic son a nd a young daughter.  Contact Kris if you wish to donate.
Leadership opportunity:  our Nominating Committee is searching for candidates for President for next year.  Please talk to any former Pres for info.
Dave Cesio announced our Food Handout is set for Saturday, December 30 from 11:30 to 1:30.  Come and give back.
Of all people, Vic won the raffle, but he couldn't pick the Ace.
Wild Bill reminded us of the Blood Drive on Dec 15th.  He needs one or two helpers.  Please contact him.
Kris is prepping for another round of Bikes for Books where we give a blue or scooter to a lucky student who achieved their reading goal.  Sheridan Elem. Is first up on Dec 15 at 8am.  Also you are invited to join them at noon or so for pizza lunch that they chose instead of a bike.
Dan asked every member to please complete the online survey on our Club.
Jeffrey inducted new member, Kimberley ______ who manages Lincoln Funeral Home.  She is a hometown Lincoln Zebra and very enthusiastic about joining us.  Welcome Kim !!
Our speaker was Patti Brown of Wellness Within.  They offer support services for cancer patients, survivors,caretakers and families.  Their services are for mental, physical and emotional needs.  
The majority of cancer patients suffer from depression, but only 10% seek treatment for it.  Their statistics clearly showed how partcipants improved after a 6 week course.
Their services and classes are free.  Funding is through donations, sponsors and a small amount of grants.  Anyone is welcome to check them out and use their library at their Roseville office.
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2017 11_16 Meeting

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RYLA Students
   Chamber Leadership Class
Very full house at our meeting today: 5 LHS Students who were sponsored at Rotary Youth Leadership Awareness (RYLA) at Camp Grizzly, Mateo the Rotary Youth Exchange student we sponsor from Argentina, 3 invited guests (John and Tina Cecil and Mason Beasley), 17 members of the Chamber of Commerce Leadership Class, and 29 club members (55 total).  But we managed to have a great meeting.  Lunch provided by Country Harvest was excellent. 
Wildbill Cook made a short presentation on Membership in Lincoln Rotary. To him, the comradery and friendship offered by the club is what draws him to be a member.  This especially applies to the friendship developed while performing service with his favorite being our Book Buddies program, reading with the 3rd graders at Creekside Oaks elementary.
When asked about what does Rotary really support, the one Bill thinks stands out is eradication of Polio, where Rotary and their partners are very close; only 13 cases world wide so far this year.   It was added that the Rotary areas of focus are as depicted at the right. 
There were several announcements:
  • The Cow Chip Bingo event will be this Saturday in Paul Park's field aided by Paul's cow - 10am at 170 Twin Ponds Lane in Lincoln (east past Sierra College Blvd. on 193 then right).  
  • Jerry Johnson was selling olive oil to benefit Sun City Lincoln Hills Foundation - $17 per bottle.  Contact Jerry if you want some.
  • There will be no lunch meeting next week.  Instead, there will be a 5th Thursday social meeting hosted by Harriet Garland - 5:30 pm.  More info to follow.  If you haven't signed up contact Harriet or Claire.
  • The holiday party will be evening of December 21st at Turkey Creek Golf Course. 
  • Joann announced that Rotary International had approved the District 5180 Sex Trafficking project global grant.  This is a rare reverse global grant where worldwide clubs are supporting a US project.  There will be about $190,000 spent on education of about 80,000 students, teachers and counselors in schools within District 5180 (greater Sacramento area).  About $40,000 will be spent on advertising about the problems with children being taken as sex slaves and prostitution.  Thank you Joann for your efforts.   
Our program was put on by the LHS students who had been sponsored to attend the RYLA program.  All are now seniors at LHS.   The program was great; it clearly demonstrated how our funding for these students (~$700 each) has helped to better understand themselves and their interactions with others, and has changed their lives.  They were so enthusiastic during their presentation shared by all five RYLA attendees. 
Thank you to the members who brought frozen turkeys today.   We provided 17 that were delivered to the Joiner Fire station as part of the Lincoln Firefighters Annual Turkey Drive to help provide Thanksgiving to the needy in our community.  And kudos to the firefighters and friends for collection a total of 878 turkeys.  Awesome. 
Click for more Pictures
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2017 11_09 Meeting

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    Lighting for Literacy
The meeting started out with a poem by our Rotarian Poet Alan Lowe with his thoughts on the 4-Way Test.  Thanks Alan.  (Click on Alan Lowe Poem to view).  This was followed by a great lunch.  
As with most meetings, we announced birthdays (Paul Ratcliffe) and anniversaries (Jeffery McCoy).  Both gave customary donations to the Rotary Foundation as well as to our Club Foundation.  Thanks to both. 
Ken Campbell reminded us that 28 years ago that the Berlin wall came down.  Apparently having been there, he showed us his piece of the wall. 
Kimberly announced that we would be accepting turkeys (for the Fireman's Turkey Drive) at our meeting on Thursday 11/16 and that we would help to deliver those collected at local stores to the Joiner Fire Station.  Members may also donate directly at the fire station. 
Dan announced that there would be no meetings on November 23rd (Thanksgiving) and November 30th (5th Thursday) but we would having a social party on the evening of November 30th for members, spouses or significant others, and invited guests. Please let Harriet or Claire know if you have not signed up at a meeting.  Also, December 21st will be our holiday party at Turkey Creek; need a few volunteers to help with setup. 
We inducted new member Carol Feineman back into the club, sponsored by Joann Hilton.  (She had been a member for a short time in 2008 but found then she did not have the time.) Carol is the Editor at the Lincoln News Messenger.  Welcome back Carol. 
Our speaker for the day was Jim Quinney, accompanied by our Lincoln Treasurer Jerry Harner, both members of the District 5180 Rotary Passport Club.  Jerry has been working on various projects in Haiti for 20+ years.  Jim started working at the St. Luc elementary school several year ago, helping to provide clean water with Sawyer Point water purification buckets and later water wells. In 2017 his group (associated with St. Augustine of Canterbury Episcopal Church in Rocklin) started a project to provide school lunches, to train and pay teachers, and to provide school uniforms to the students.  He is working on establishing a non-profit that can provide more funding for schools in Haiti.  They are attempting to build a hygiene facility and latrine at the school by 2020. 
Jim also spoke about his support of a Lighting for Literacy program, developed by two Rotarians from Los Gatos.  It works like this:
  • Search out an find a local school who is interested in a STEM-related program to build small solar powered lighting systems that can be installed in schools. Work with the students for build a number of the solar lighting systems.
  • Find a location (e.g. like St. Luc school) that needs better lighting for students both during the day and in the early evening.
  • Deliver the systems to the local school, where the student there help install the lighting. 
Locally, he is working with two schools (Granite Oaks Middle School (sponsored by South Placer Rotary) and Adelante High School (sponsored by Roseville Rotary) to build a number of lighting systems.  Locally in Lincoln, Glen Edwards Middle School has approved a project but has no sponsor.  The plan is to distribute the systems in Haiti and Uganda.   Is this an opportunity for Lincoln Rotary to get involved?  See following for more about Lighting for Literacy: and
Click for More Pictures
           Alan Lowe Poem
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2017 11_02 Meeting

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Public Relation Committee
 Our Website and Facebook
President Dan is back, announcing that his cancer is in complete remission.  Wonderful!!!  We introduced Art's guest Mason Beasley, who recently joined Sommerset Senior Living and is interested in Rotary membership. Richard and Stan announced their birthdays and we sang Happy Birthday to them. 
Dan announced that the 5th Tuesday will be a social event.  More information and a signup sheet will be available next week. The Annual Christmas party will be on the 3rd Thursday of December at Turkey Creek. Kris announced that the Interact Conference is November 11th, for Interacters and Interact leaders.  Kimberly volunteered to help Kris with the driving. 
Kimberly and David announced that we would be helping with the Annual  Lincoln Firefighters Turkey Drive on November 16th.  They will provide more information later. 
Kris and her team encouraged all to sell tickets for the upcoming November 18th Cow Chip Bingo, saying "ya gotta have a sense of humor, it's an act of nature." 
Art Deardorff was the speaker, introducing the PR committee members as himself, Joann, Ana, Bryan and Marc.  Bryan has started the meeting by handing out new Rotary Brand magnetic pins to all members.  Wear them with pride. 
Art started by providing the PR statement from our 2014 Vision document: "The club maintains actively updated website and social media presence combined with periodic publication of club activities in printed media. All club activities include consideration of public relations with an action plan for public outreach to keep our community aware of the good things we do and to attract new members." He encouraged all who have events to make sure that we tell our community what we are doing.   
To support PR for the club, we are:
  • Maintaining an active website + have websites for the Winefest and Tour De Lincoln
  • Hosting an active facebook page + one for Blood Drives and Wine Fest and will have one for Tour De Lincoln soon
  • Have had several articles published in the Lincoln News Messenger
  • Distributed the Rotary Brand Pins
  • Working with other service clubs to determine what to do with Service Club signs for Lincoln (including what to do with the old one on 193). 
  • Providing appreciation certificates to those in Lincoln who are a major supporters for fundraisers.
Are quickly went through our Website and Facebook pages.  He encouraged all to take pictures and provide them to him for use in our web presence. The presentation he made is included in the link at the end of this eBulletin.  
Art agreed to give further training on Facebook - to be announced.  This will probably be done during the hour before some of our normal club meetings; Art and Dan will work on it.
Kris, Kimberly, Art and Claire (and some spouses) attended the the Axiom Benefit Dinner on Friday night. Recall that Rotary was one of the initial donors to get the Axiom going in 2015.   Carlos Campiz who is the main person dealing with the kids gave a great presentation about how they are affecting a core group of about 20-30 kids in Lincoln, preparing them for being productive adults.  See their website at  Consider making a donation.    
Click for Meeting Pictures 
Click for Axiom Pictures
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2017 10_28 District 5180 Foundation Dinner

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Foundation Dinner
The annual Foundation dinner was attended by about 300 Rotarians from throughout the district.   The keynote speaker was Paul Netzel, chairman of the Rotary Foundation.  We had one table of attendees. 

Although our club was not recognized for any of the 2016-2017 Club awards, our members who generously donate to the Rotary Foundation at the higher levels were recognized in the program:

  • Paul Harris Society ($1,000 per year donors): Art Deardorff, Dan Johnson, Clark Osterhout, Ed Page, Pete Walker and Jim Zentner
  • Major Donors (more than $10,000 lifetime): Ed Page, Jim Zentner
  • Bequest Society (at least $10,000 upon passing): Art Deardorff, Gerry Johnson, Karen Johnson, Clark Osterhout, Janet Osterhout, and Paul Radcliffe
Thank you to all other members who have given to the Foundation and Polio Plus in the current year.  Talk to Jennifer about setting up monthly donations (it is hardly noticed) or setting up Rotary as a beneficiary in your legacy plans. Your contributions help so much to do good in the world. 
Click for More Pictures
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2017 10_26 Club Assembly

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Club Assembly
 Students of Month
   Pints for Polio
Kimberly tried to run the meeting today, but it was difficult with David trying to take over!  She finally got control only after David told a joke. 
Kris introduced the Lincoln High Students of the Month, Izzy Russell and Miguel Cija, accompanied by Lincoln Counselor Misty Alarcon.  Miguel is headed to Massachusetts Institute of Technology having already attended a session of summer school there. Izzy, daughter of our own Rotary member Caron Russell, may head north to Oregon State.  Kris also urged members to pick up and sell Cow Chip Bingo Tickets for the November 18th fundraiser. 
Chris announced his 6th anniversary and always gives his donation to Polio Plus since his mother was stricken with polio. Joann announced that with this donation and that from the Tuesday Night Pints for Polio that our donation to Polio Plus will be over $700.   Jennifer recognized Darrell, Paul, Pete and Art for their work in making Pints for Polio, held on Tuesday Oct World Polio Day, a very fun event to raise funds for and recognition of polio eradication.  
Kris announced that she needs drivers to take kids to the Interact Conference Saturday November 11th at Cal State Sacramento. Let her know if you can assist.
Harriet reported on recent board activities:
  • The board is looking at membership options, e.g. Corporate ....
  • There will be a Fifth Thursday Social meeting on the evening of November 30th - more info to follow.
  • She announced that Sharron Snyder had resigned from the Club.  Ana and Mitch have been granted leaves of absence to the end of this Rotary year.
  • She reminded all that Board meetings are open to anyone that wishes to attend. 
Jennifer, discussed the Club Foundation budget prepared by the Club Board.  The current budget does not include Cow Chip Bingo since it is a pass-through to a McBean Park project, and Tour de Lincoln since it was just recently taken over by the Club. The budget was passed out to those in attendance. 
   Click for Meeting Pictures
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2017 10_19 Meeting

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Theodore Roosevelt
 The First Modern President
President Dan was back in good form to run today’s meeting, starting with a list of New Years resolutions that reflect the true Rotary spirit.
Claire Luke had the lucky raffle ticket but could not find the Ace of Spades.  Dan recognized the able-bodied help provided by Paul Parks, Darrell Scott, and Frank Neves in helping him transfer our locker contents to the new location on Joiner.  Some important announcements:
  • Paul Parks announced plans are underway for Cow Chip Bingo to be held Nov 18th on his ranch.  Tickets go for $10 each with proceeds going to Friends of McBean Park.
  • Pete announced the running of next year’s Tour de Lincoln bike race has been awarded to the Rotary Club.  Western Placer Radio Club, of which he is a member, will provide communication equipment as well as SAG vehicles for monitoring and accident handling. 
  • Frank noted the Toys for Tots kickoff at the Woman’s Club next Wednesday at 10am, then a Semper Fi fundraiser at Granite Springs Church on Oct 28th.  Members are encouraged to refer any children in need of Toys for Tots by advising their parents to notify their school administration.
  • Darrell encouraged members to join in celebrating World Polio Day at the Infusion Tap Room next Tuesday, the 24th from 5 to 6:30pm, “Pints for Polio.”  
  • Jennifer said we have a full table for the District Foundation Dinner on Oct 28th. 
  • Preliminary NATR financials show net proceeds of $10,800…. another very successful fundraiser. 
  • Dan announced the upcoming LHS Farm dedication.  For details and registration, go online. 
  • Kris noted Book Buddies today. 
  • Dan advised next week’s meeting will be a club assembly with the foundation budget to be discussed.
Our speakers today were Dave and Susan Radar, bringing little-known facts about Theodore Roosevelt, our 26th president known for his character and courage.  David Radar teaches academia, business, government and military, served in the United States Air Force and has worked in the securities, real estate, high tech and defense industries.
Theodore Roosevelt has often been referred to as the "modern president' who more than any other national leader or individual American is responsible for America's rise to a world leadership status. President Theodore Roosevelt was a conservationist, a soldier, statesman, Nobel Prize winner and a Medal of Honor recipient given posthumously by President Bill Clinton after generations of attempts by others. To this day, he remains one of America's "best models" of presidential, visionary, global and executive leader, crisis manager and charismatic communicator. He was by all accounts a strategic thinker, negotiator and decision maker and the most distinguished leader of his age.
President Theodore Roosevelt loved his job as President! TR was the first president to own an automobile, fly on a plane, ride in a submarine, and win a Nobel prize. TR ascended to the office of President upon the assassination of President William McKinley. He was the first President to invite Booker T. Washington to the White House for dinner.
Several items of note: The Philippines was the best example of victory into a foreign country. Biggest regret was telling the press that he was going to leave office after his second term in 1909. As a result he groomed William Howard Taft to replace him as President. He became very unhappy with Taft's term of office and launched the Bull Moose party. Both Woodrow Wilson and TR ran against Taft. This was the first Republican to have a challenger. During the campaign, TR was shot in the side by John Shrank who had been tracking him through eight states in an attempt to assassinate him. TR refused to go to the hospital, instead he went to the auditorium to deliver his speech. He showed the audience his wound because as he said, he was a Bull Moose. He lost the race to Woodrow Wilson through the Electoral College.
Just a couple of more facts about President Theodore Roosevelt. TR was also known as the Trust Buster and was a larger than life president. He served from September 14, 1901 to March 3, 1909.  He read one to five books every day, had a photographic memory and wrote 35 books. 
Click for more Pictures
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2017 10_13 Nite at the Races

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  Nite at the Races
    A Huge Success
A big thank you for all who participated in the 2017 Nite at the Races Fundraiser. We had a great social hour followed by an awesome meal then bet on the ponies followed by drawings for some great prizes for those who had tickets from their winning races.  What fun!!  There were about 170 attendees and it appears that we raised over $10,000 to support the charitable activities of our club. 
We especially want to thank our major sponsors:
  • Farmers Insurance - Ed and Wanda Mertens for being a Major Table Sponsor (and for being a fifth year sponsor)
  • Lincoln Gun Exchange - Randy Johnson for being a Wine-Level Sponsor, also being a fifth year sponsor
  • Sierra Pacific Industries - for sponsoring a table for our volunteers
  • Edward Jones - Rotarian Melanie Bergavin for being a Wine-Level table Sponsor
  • E. K. Riley Investments - Don Jacobs for being a Major Table Sponsor
  • San Francisco Bay Gormet Coffee - For being a Wine-Level Sponsor
  • Cornerstone Associates Insurance Services - David Bonillo for being a Major Table Sponsor
  • Rotarian Ed Page for donating $1,000 to the Lincoln Rotary Club Foundation for the event
And, thank you to those who donated raffle prizes. Special thanks to Dan and Sharon Johnson for providing a Gourmet Paella Party for 8, and to Clark and Janet Osterhout for providing an Authentic Texas BBQ for 8 at Chateau O. Also thanks to Phil and Carolyn Soto for offering 4 days/3 nights at their condo in Graeagle.   
A special thanks to Paul Parks and Keith Bergevin who built our new betting booth. Thank you to the volunteers who helped run the ticket booth. Thanks you David Bonillo for the awesome job you did announcing the event. Thank you Clark Osterhout for all you did to organize the event for the fifth time.  Thank you to those who sold tickets for a table (or more).  And thank you for all other who helped this fundraiser be a success. 
2017 10_13 Nite at the Races Art Deardorff 2017-10-13 07:00:00Z 0

2017 10_12 Meeting

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On Estate Planning


Father Bill stepped in to run the meeting, noting that President Dan Johnson was having his final chemo treatment this week.  We are all sending positive thoughts Dan’s way, praying for a positive result from the chemo and his return to the helm.  Father Bill then led the membership in a moment of prayer for the victims of the ongoing wildfires plaguing Northern California.

Alan Lowe read a poem about supporting The Rotary Foundation, titled, “Solicitations, Positive Alternatives, where TRF through “wide-ranging” and “prolific” projects is “ridding the world of deplorable conditions.”  Richard Pearl held a winning raffle ticket, but his shot at the big pot was not so lucky.  Jennifer Willis announced we had one table filled for the upcoming Foundation Dinner to be held in Citrus Heights.

Darrell Scott announced the club’s “Pint for Polio” at Infusion Tap Room gathering on World Polio Day, Oct 24th from 5pm to 6:30pm.  Kris Wyatt will be taking donations of supplies for the victims of the wildfires to the Yuba/Sutter Fairgrounds this weekend. Clark said NATR is ready to go tomorrow (Friday) night at the OC Ballroom.  We will have access to the room at 2pm to do setup of the ticket windows beautifully built by Paul Parks and Keith Bergevin; table setup at 3pm.

Ed Page honored his own birthday with a generous $1,000 donation to the Lincoln Rotary Club Foundation in recognition of the good work LRCF does.Thank you Ed.  That gave him the pleasure of ringing the Rotary Bell 10 times.  Even though he turned 94, he was able to make all ten rings!   Alan got to ring the bell once for his $100 donation in honor of his anniversary.

Our speaker, Mark Brueng, gave us much good advice on Estate Planning.  Mark became a lawyer in Estate Planning/Administration after seeing the problems arise within his own family when his father developed Alzheimers and they needed to protect family assets. He decided to help other families and set up office across fifth street in an original Gladding McBean building two years ago.  Only financial assets less than $50k, and real estate less than $150k are exempt from Medical take-back.  And, it may take 6 to 9 months after a death to get access to any assets.  Probate is a deliberately slow process and can cost up to 8% of the gross estate value (4% of that goes to the probate attorney).  An Estate Plan should include a Trust, Pourover Will, Power of Attorney, and a Health Care Directive.  A basic plan costs ~$1,800.

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2017 10_05 Meeting

story thumbnail
 Placer County Office of Education
   Rotary Vocational Service
Everyone enjoyed the great lunch from Country Harvest-- they cater and make terrific desserts and soups.  Thank you Melanie for bringing your guest Zak Gratiani, recently with the Marine Corp but just starting with Edward Jones. 
We started the meeting singing Happy Birthday to the newest 50 year old in our Club, Jeffrey McCoy.  Enjoy your birthday.  Kris Wyatt won the raffle, but no Ace.  Joann was made to pay a fine for bringing home-made chocolate cookies, but not enough for everyone.  Vic paid his bet sadly as the Giants had a worse record than the A's, the proceeds going to Polio Plus. Joann paid another fine (with a contribution from Art) for misspelling Darrell's name in last weeks eBulletin!
Truman announced that his son was one of the Las Vegas policemen that were doing their job last Sunday.  He personally got a handshake from President Trump and first lady Melania. 
Dan applauded those who helped at the Auburn Ravine Cleanup. Stan reported that over 100 people turned out for the Creek Cleanup event. Dan also  stated that the team at the Salt Mine food distribution did a great job. Kim announced future Salt Mine dates as 10/28, 12/30, 1/27, 2/24, and 3/24.  Plenty of opportunities to help.  Wildbill announced that there will be a Platelet Drive Friday and asked for backup donors in case those scheduled can not make it. Book Buddies at Creekside followed the meeting. Service above Self. 
Nite At the Races; still have tickets available, so buy some and invite your friends to have great FUN.  The Foundation Dinner is October 28th; let Jennifer Willis know to sign up if you are interested - this is always and interesting dinner/presentation and the opportunity to talk with members from other clubs.
Cow Chip Bingo is being run again and will be promoted after Nite at the Races.  It will be held at Paul Park's pasture on November 18th and is being conducted to support the McBean Stadium Improvement project. Dan also announced that we will be running the Tour de Lincoln two weeks after the Lincoln Wine Fest.   Lots of fundraising work to do!
Our speaker was Terri Griffin from Placer County Education, Career Technical Education.  She informed us of all the technical career courses available and asked for volunteers to help as interns, job shadowing and review of curriculum.  For example, the Bio-Medical course involves a year long investigation into the causes of death of one person.  They have a veterinary technician program, diesel engineering, welding, construction and many others program oriented to the technical not-college career track.  About 30% of students attend these technical courses.  For 40 years, Placer County Office of Education has offered technical courses and Lincoln High School is one of the highest rated schools that participates.  See the picture album for a form to send in if you are interested.
Click for Picture Album
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2017 09_30 Bulletin

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Weekly Meeting and
 Other Activities
Another lively meeting of Rotary Club of Lincoln. smiley
Jerry Johnson announced that Lincoln Rotary has been awarded the rights to sponsor and run the Tour de Lincoln.  Five non-profits were in the running, but our proposal was accepted.  Jerry will chair the event which will take place on May 12th in 2018, two weeks after the Lincoln Wine Fest.  The event typically features 700 -900 riders. Sponsorship of this event will substantially increase our abiltiy to give back to the Community. 
It was noted that our Club donated a check for $2150 to the Rotary Hurricane Relief fund.  The Club donation was $1,000 with our members stepping up to donate the remainder.  Very generous. Thank you.
Darryl has returned from his road trip and returned with two Rotary banners, one from Lincoln, Nebraska. Darryl encouraged others to consider attending remote club meetings - lots of fun.  We have banners at the Woman's Club.  
Stan noted the Friends of Lincoln Library Dinner is on October 20th and invited us to join him.This celebrates 10 years at 12 Bridges and over 220,000 visitors.
Kris requested and got over 50 Interact volunteers for various events; they have really stepped up.  A memorable Thank you note was read from our Scholarship winner, Wyatt Dornbush.  We are making differences in lives.
Nite at the Races is the terrific FUN event on October 13th.  More tickets need to be sold, so ask your neighbors and friends to join you and ask them TODAY.  Harvey will send a separate communication.  
Our speaker was Camille Robowsky from St. Vincent de Paul Society in Lincoln.  St Vincent de Paul has about 950,000 members and has been in Lincoln since 2005 with 75 local members doing good things for the needy.  They perform home visits for those in need and help with things like paying PG&E bills or rent to keep people in their homes.  They try to help with getting those in need out of the situation, not with just a band-aid.  They have partners like Lighthouse and Salt Mine.   She noted one of the big problems here in Lincoln is the lack of affordable housing and the steady increase of rent which adversely affects the low income segment.  She offered for anyone who finds someone in need to call St Vincent de Paul for help.
Saturday was a busy day.  We had members showing up for the Auburn Ravine Cleanup 9-11am, and then at the Salt Mine to distribute food for the needy at noon.   Volunteer attendance was light - please step up to participate in the fun and friendship of our local service events. 
Click here for more pictures.  
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2017 09_21 Announcements

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Other Announcements

September 30th - Lincoln Creekfest Creek Cleanup

    Per David Cesio, some Goat House beer to Rotarians after we finish!

Click on picture for WHF Creekfest Website

October 13th - Night at the Races
Click on Picture for On-Line Ticket Purchase
    See Website for Sponsor Packages <Click for Website>
Click on Picture for Tickets
October 28th - Foundation Dinner 
   Jennifer will be taking reservations at September 28th meeting, or  Contact her if interested.  
        We have two tables reserved.
To download the flyer Click Here


November 3rd - The Axiom Benefit Dinner

   Contact Kris Wyatt if you want one or more tickets at a Rotary table(s). 
    You can purchase your own online at


Help Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Relief Through Rotary

      RI President Ian Risely Letter:


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2017 09_21 Meeting

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    Who are the Sikhs?
President Nominee (2019-20) Kimberly Fricke ran the the meeting.  Limited attendance but excellent friendship and meal followed pledge and reciting of the 4-Way Test.  The first Book Buddies of the year followed the meeting  at Creekside Oaks Elementary. 
Lucky Stan Nader won the drawing but the Ace of Spades eluded him. Lots of Happy Bucks collected by Richard Pearl.
Announcements included:
  • Foundation Dinner Oct 28th - signup for tickets next week or contact Jennifer Willis.
  • Auburn Ravine Cleanup is September 30th - David Cecio will bring a Growler of Goat Head Brewery beer for afterwards!
  • Harvey encouraged all to sell their tickets for Nite at the Races - October 13th
  • November 3rd is a Benefit Dinner for the Axiom.   Let Kris know if you want one or more tickets.  
Our speaker was Dr. Harbans Singh Sraon.  He told about Sikhism that was founded in about 1500AD. It is the 5th largest religion in the world (~26 million members in the world; ~1 million in America). Most of the US population in on the west coast. A Sikh man is easily identified by his turban and the woman by her long scarf.   The Sikh spiritual values are truth, love, humility, contentment, forgiveness, righteousness, wisdom and courage. The three golden rules are 1) earning livelyhood with honesty,dignity and honor, 2) mindful meditation with love and devotion, and 3) caring and sharing with others, especially those in need. Sikhs believe in gender equality. Siks are found in almost every field and profession in the world. The handout provided by Dr. Sraon may be downloaded by clicking Speaker Handout.
 Click here More Pictures
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2017 09_14 Meeting - Lighthouse 

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  Lighthouse Counseling &
    Family Resource Center
President Dan opened the meeting and introduced Alan Lowe to read a story about his personal experience reading to kids in a Book Buddies program long before he moved to Lincoln. He told about his experience with Olivia, his first Book Buddy. He wishes he could know the future of this young lady who was certainly destined for greatness.  Alan encouraged us to sign up for our Book Buddies Group.  
Kris provided details as shown in the flyer below. She also showed us a card from a grateful winner in our Bikes for Books program last year.
We were pleased that Larry and Nancy Whitaker were our guests. Larry was our President about 10 years ago, a year in which our club was awarded one of the "Best in the District" club awards.  Kris announced that she and her husband Larry had their 46th anniversary on 9/11.
Kris announced that the first Interact/Key Club meetings was held at LHS with well over 100 students in attendance.  For those of you that are unaware, Key/Interact is jointly sponsored by Kiwanis and Rotary with the aim of showing students the importance of service.  Click here for more on Interact.
Harvey encouraged all to start filling tables for Nite at the Races on October 10th.  He has tickets
David Cesio passed a sheet to sign up for the Creekside Cleanup Event on September 30th. 
Dan reported on the Board Meeting.  Key items was the approval of $1,000 to be sent to Rotary International Foundation.  In addition, several members have donated money to be included with our check to be sent soon. 
Jennifer announced that signups for the Foundation Dinner October 28th will start next week. The dinner is always a good reminder about what the Rotary Foundation does for the world. Bring your checkbook. 
Gary McDonald from the Lighthouse Counseling & Family Resource Center was our speaker for the day. The Lighthouse was started as part of Western Placer Unified School District in 1996.  In 2005, it transitioned to a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  In the last four years, it projects have grown from about $750,000 to $1.45million.  Gary said his personal statement of their mission is "We Help Heal Families."  They work with about 100 other non-profits in Placer county. See the link to pictures below for photos of Gary's slides that tell a lot more about what they do. Also Click Here for their website. 
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2017 09_07 Meeting - Cassini Satellite

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Cassini Spacecraft
 and Its Trip to Saturn 
President Dan called us to order and announced that September is Rotary's Basic Education and Literacy month. He noted that Lincoln Rotary supports this fundamental cause in many, many ways, through Book Buddies, Bikes for Books, Scholarships and more.  We are making a difference through our efforts.
Guests at the meeting today included:  Carol Feineman, Editor of the Lincoln News Messenger, who has submitted her application for Membership, Caron's husband, Jim Russell (first time at a Rotary meeting, YAY !!) and Passport Club Rotarian, Jerry Harner, who is a past Lincoln Rotary member and local Lincoln resident as well as being the Lincoln City Treasurer.
Birthdays were celebrated by Wild Bill and Sharon Johnson. A 41st anniversary was celebrated by Joe and Frima Stewart.  Congrats to all.
Kris Wyatt provided a remembrance of a former Club member and Past President, Jon Hirst, who passed away recently.  Rotarians who wish to attend the Funeral tomorrow at 10AM, should contact Kris.  She characterized Jon as very funny, with a sarcastic wit.  
President Dan announced that the Board has approved a donation of $1,000 to the Houston flood victims that will be split between three Texas Rotary District  who are taking donations.  Anyone can add a check by giving it to Claire or Mary Ann by next Wednesday.  Make it out to Lincoln Rotary Foundation and in the memo line put Texas Flood Relief. 
The Social held last Thursday was a success, Dan reported.  A good turnout, good food and a chance to meet new people and learn more.  There is a Survey for members available to provide feedback.  The next Social will be in November.
Nite at the Races tickets are available for sale from Harvey.  The date is October 13th, table size can be 8 to 10.  Claire reminded everyone to get the names of their guests, give them tickets so when they arrive, they will know where to go and be sure to note what their meal selection is so we can order the food.  NATR is always a fun event, so get some new folks to join us !!  Click here to download the flyer NATR Flyer.  
Our Speaker was Tim Pinkney who is a NASA Solar System Expert.  He gave a fascinating talk on the Cassini spacecraft and Huygens Probe which has been in space for 13 years and has sent back a wealth of information on Saturn and it's 63 moons.  It traveled 4.9 Billion miles and took 7 years to get to Saturn.  The effort came from 27 nations working together.  The surface of Saturn is minus 290 degrees and is made up mostly of liquid methane.  The life of the spacecraft is coming to an end next Thursday when it will be purposely self-destructed by going through the atmosphere of Saturn so that it doesn't contaminate any planet with bacteria or insects from Earth.  Tim was full of admiration for the knowledge gained from this $2.2 Billion project over 20 years.  He did a great job of explaining a complicated topic.
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2017 08_31 Taco Thursday Social

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Taco Thursday
 aka Our First 5th Thursday
We has our first full-blown social event of the year at Turkey Creek.  Thank you to all of our non-Rotarian guests who joined us. It was a great event.  A great time was had by all; conversations, beverages, taco dinner and the "show."  
Joann Hilton described the District 5180 Sex Trafficking project; contact Joann if you want to get more involved.
For our guests, come to one of our normal Thursday noon meetings or contack Jeffrey McCoy if you interested in membership in Rotary Club of Lincoln.
 Click here for More Pictures
Also, remember we have some events coming up soon:
  • Auburn Ravine Cleanup September 30th - more will be announced at meetings
  • Platelet-Only Blood Drive October 6th
  • Nite at the Races October 13th - start filling your tables.   Tickets available at Sept 7th meeting.  Clark also needs volunteers and donations.
  • Foundation Dinner October 30th
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Scholarships for Students in Mexico

Posted on Aug 31, 2017
In addition to the support we provide to students in local schools, Lincoln Rotary is proud to help these students in Mexico with their education as part of our international support activities.
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2017 08_24 Club Assembly

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Club Assembly
Our regular Thursday meeting had some guests: Matt who is our RYE student from Argentina who already has his favorite classes at Lincoln HS, Carrie Pronesti, President of Sunset Loomis Rotary Club and Gary McDonald, Executive Director of the Lighthouse and member of the Lincoln's EDC. Fran Neves (Frank without the K) who is president of the Woman's Club was at the meeting to sell wine tickets to benefit the Woman's Club ADA project.  Plus, we got to see Truman Rich and Joe Stewart who have been missing for a while. Welcome back. 

Vic won the small raffle despite cries of rigging. President Dan congratulated all who helped organize the Blood Drive and those who gave.  We had a near record 55 turnout and 42 units of blood provided.
Allen Lowe fulfilled President Dan's wish in writing and reading his Poem on Rotary Membership as this is Rotary Membership Month. He was absolved from paying a fee and all enjoyed his efforts. Thank you Alan. Click here to see poem.
We were reminded to get your RSVP's in before noon tomorrow for the Social on August 31st.  YES, we will be DARK next Thursday noon.
Carrie from Loomis Sunset announced their new fundraiser and invited us all to join them for a fun night of BUNKO.  Tickets ($25) include dinner and a drink coupon. Thursday September 21st at 6pm.  Loomis Library, 6050 Library Drive, Loomis. 
President Dan then presented the Lincoln Rotary Club Budget for the year and took questions.  The three Board members in charge of Committees were introduced so they could announce their committees and explain which ones are still open for members to join.  Everyone is asked to join ONE Committee.  The maximum number you can join is TWO per Dan's extensive statistical analysis. Contact the following if you were not present and wish to sign up or have questions. 
  • Sharron Snyder has Fundraising (Jerry and Karen Johnson), International/Foundation (Jennifer Willis) and Membership (Jeffrey McCoy)
  • Kim Fricke has Community Service (David Cesio) and Youth Service (Kris Wyatt)
  • President Dan has Administration (Frank Neves), Public Relations (Art Deardorff) and Vocational/Training (Stan Nader)
Sign up sheets were passed so that members were given the opportunity to sign up for additional committee work. 
   Click for Pictures
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2017 08_17 Meeting and 2017 08_18 Blood Drive

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Bond Market
 and Blood Drive
Good crowd, beautiful weather and an excellent meal from Country Harvest set the tone for great Lincoln Rotary meeting.  Lots of Happy Bucks participant. We had a Bellringer from Howard Stagg (Arden Arcade but a frequent guess from SCLH) who offered $100 if he would not be required to be introduced for the rest of President Dan's term of office.  Dan was so moved, he responded by matching Howard's donation !!  A terrific start on our Happy Bucks for this year.
Sharron Snyder received her President-Elect pin from Harvey as she missed the ceremony due to her knee replacement. Kim reviewed the notes from the Board meeting. She was also the lucky winner of our weekly raffle but could not nab the Ace of Spades. 
Kris Wyatt reminded us of how fortunate we are to have outstanding students and parents in our community and then introduced the 2017 Outstanding Boy and Girl from Lincoln HS, Haley Anderson who will be entering college shortly to study Psychology and Don Luy set to study Computer Science and Cyber Security.  They received their Rotary Scholarship checks of $1,000 each.
Our speaker was Eric Momess from Franklin Templeton who is an advisor to Financial Advisors in Northern California; Clark Osterhout introduced him.  Eric discussed the market forces and government policies and tools that impact interest rates.  He does not foresee any sharp increased in interest rates in the short term mainly due to the lack of wage inflation.  He commented on many aspects of the economy both in the US and abroad.  Clearly, he is very knowledgeable.

Jeffrey reminded all of the 5th Thursday Social on August 31st, when we will not meet at noon at the Woman's Club.  A sign-up sheet was passed around; you can also contact the number/email shown below to give an RSVP for you and your guests. The cost is $15 for members and spouses/partners; no charge for potential member guests.
The Friday Blood Drive was successful.  There were 55 donors showing up. The head nurse said that Blood Source collected 42 units of whole blood from the drive.  Thanks to the Placer Nevada Cattlewomen for the goodies, Bill Cook for his leadership of the event and to all others who donated or participated.
Click for more Pictures 
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2017 08_10 Meeting

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 A Rotary Partner
Kim Fricke, our President Elect-Nominee ran the meeting with charm and resolution. Harvey Ulijohn and Harriet Garland both announced celebrating wedding anniversaries in excess of 50 years and we congratulate them.  The lunch was an excellent Pesto Lasagna from Country Harvest that was much appreciated.
We had a reminder to attend the Upcoming Lincoln Community Blood Drive Friday August 18, but also invite friends and neighbors.  Please SHARE the blood drive posts on your social media (facebook) pages.  Save a Life by giving blood!! You can register at
Matt, our delightful Rotary Youth Exchange student attended and he is a wonderful outgoing young man. We were asked to make him feel at home by inviting him to our homes for dinner or an outing.  Remember, we are his family.
The big news of the day....Claire won the Raffle. We are sure that a portion of that sum will find it's way back to Rotary. 
Our speaker was Bill Tobin who is a tireless promoter and worker for Shelterbox.  Bill has been recognized by Past President Obama and humanitarian organization ShelterBox USA with the President’s Volunteer Service Award for a fourth consecutive year. He gave us all the info on Shelterbox which was originated by Rotarians who wanted to make a difference for folks who experience disasters.  Bill, who is a member of the El Dorado club, got involved right after the Haitian earthquake when his local Interact club members asked what can they do to help in Haiti ?   Shelterbox came up and he has been a huge proponent since then.  He noted that 85 million people have been displace by disasters since WWII. More on Selterbox at
A full Shelterbox costs about $1,000, but smaller ones are often also used depending on the conditions.  Interact clubs can get involved by selling bracelets for $1 that are supplied for free.  Or there are many other fund raisers, and our Club has, in the past, donated to Shelterbox.  It is amazing that some people live in the delivered tents for years.  Truly, Shelterbox does a fine job in helping people get through tough times.  
Our speaker this coming Thursday will talk about investing and "What's Next."  If you are not a Rotarian, stop by, lunch is on us. 
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2017 08_03 Meeting

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Welcome to our
  RYE Student Matt
 Mike from Kids First
We had a good turnout in the heat for our meeting today and there was excitement in the air as it was the first meeting for our Rotary Exchange Student, Matt Etcharren all the way from Argentina !!  He was accompanied by his first host "mom" Lorie Wainio who has obviously taken Matt under her wing and made him very comfortable here.  Our own Paul Parks has agreed to be Matt's mentor and is enthusiastically jumping in to help.

We celebrated birthdays for Jim Zentner and Chris Clark by singing Happy Birthday.  It was also Dave Cesio's 53rd Wedding Anniversary to his lovely wife, Carolyn.
President Dan Johnson ran the meeting.   Dan reminded everyone that our meeting on Thursday, August 31st will be a special event for the Community and we will have Tacos at Turkey Creek starting at 6PM.  A sign-up sheet for members and their guests will be circulated soon.  It will be both fun and an informative meeting with Joann Hilton as the speaker relating some background on Human Sex Trafficking and a report on the Global Grant that our District 5180 has submitted to mitigate this problem in our area.  Invite a friend !!
Our speaker was Mike Mason who oversees the Education and Outreach area for a non-profit called Kids First.  They are work with children and families in Placer County to prevent, intervene and treat abuses and other problems.  They provide Parenting classes, a Father Class, after school programs, etc.  Mike gave a spirited talk about the many areas that they address and help.  They work closely with the Lighthouse, Stand Up Placer and many other non-profits.  Their Executive Director is a Rotarian. 
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2017 07_29 Weekly Bulletin

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A Busy Week
Tuesday evening we attended the Lincoln News Messenger Best of the Best party.  We were awarded a certificate for being the best service club in Lincoln, continuing our long-time crown for winning this award.  A big THANK YOU to our members and friends who voted for us. And thanks to those members, friends and sponsors who continue to support the charitable work we do in Lincoln.  This award shows that the community appreciates what we do.
Our Thursday meeting was a Club Assembly. He started the meeting by introducing Brian Gladden (not Gladding as in McBean!) who is our Assistant District 5180 Governor.  Brian said he is here to help us if need be. Ed then led the 4-Way Test, with a very long-winded introduction!  Dan then brought Vic Freeman forward to talk about why he was passionate about our Rotary Club.  Time and time again, Vic loves the reliability of our members and the friendship of coming to the meetings. And, he enjoys wearing his Rotary hat where ever he travels as this allows him to meet many Rotarians. Vic also does a great job in running our weekly drawing. 
A high point of the meeting was the induction of new member Darrell Scott.  Darrell and his wife Linda live in Sun City Lincoln Hills.  Darrell was previous a member of the Novato Rotary Club where he was president in 1990-91 and was an Assistant District Governor in 1991-92.  After living in Arizona for a number of years, he moved here and sought us out. In his previous life, he was in the USAF and was President of Vindar Aviation.  Welcome aboard Darrell.  All members: make sure and say hello to Darrell.
Instead of having an outside speaker, President Dan presented his vision to increase the value of our club experience to our members with a chalk talk via Powerpoint.  To accomplish this, he stressed:
  • Get EVERY Member actively involved in doing a job in our club (e.g. on a committee - time for members to step up!). Happy Rotarians are engaged Rotarians.
  • Get more members in involved in decision making by communicating often and effectively. Being engaged in what we do will also help.
  • Teach Rotary values and the value proposition; this is what makes Rotarians Rotarians.
Dan started out with a nice picture of a worm on a leaf, asking if the club would become a Tomato Bug or a beautiful butterfly.  And in the end, he predicted the latter!   Click the link below for Dan's slides. 
Saturday, our Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) student, Mateo (aka Matt), arrived safely at the Sacramento airport and was greeted by members of our Interact/Key club, Kris Wyatt and Dan Johnson and his host family the Wainio's. Welcome Matt to the USA!  
In addition 7 members (and two friends) showed up at the Salt Mine to distribute Food to the needy folks in Lincoln.   Service above Self.  Thank you to those who showed up for this community service event. 
 Click for More Pictures 
      Best of the Best 
        Meeting Pictures
          Salt Mine Food Distribution    
           Arrival of Mateo - Our RYE Student            
 Click for Meeting Slides
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2017 07_20 Meeting

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Planning for
    Your Loved Ones
2018-2019 President-Elect Kimberly Fricke ran her first meeting of the year.  Kimberly was accompanied to our meeting by her niece Megan. Great way to get our youth involved in service.
Since lunch delivery was slightly late, we had announcements. Upcoming events of interest are as follows.   (For District Events see  Consider attending some of the district events to expand your knowledge about Rotary and meet Rotarians from other clubs.
  • District Membership Workshop - July 22nd
  • Rotary at the River Cats benefiting Polio Plus - July 30th
  • Lincoln Community Blood Drive - August 18th; get it on your calendar and invite your friends.  Bill Cook said he could use some help.
  • District Foundation Seminar - August 19th
  • District Family Picnic at Discovery Park - August 27th
  • 5th Thursday Club Meeting at Turkey Creek - for families and guests - being planned
Joann described her awesome week as a counselor at the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards camp at Grizzly Creek Ranch in Portola.  RYLA is for next year’s High School seniors and tomorrow’s leaders with attendance at Camp RYLA by scholarship only. We selected and funded three LHS students and sent two more funded by other Rotary Clubs.  Thank you Joann.
Kimberly opened a special Club meeting and made a motion (that was seconded) to have another Cow Chip Bingo fundraiser - this time to benefit McBean Park improvements.  It was voted by members in attendance that we proceed.  Paul Parks will chair the event.  It was tentatively planned that the event be in late October. More to follow.
Our speaker was Kim McCue, a Lincoln Chamber Ambassador who is with Lincoln Funeral Home. She was accompanied by Chuck Armour from Digity Health, the operator of funeral homes thoughout the USA.  She described planning for the death of your loved ones (or for yourself) - not something we like to think about but something that should be put in place ahead of time rather than left to happenstance.   
Remember that next week is a Club Assembly meeting. Please plan on attending to provide your input and comments on the plans that President Dan Johnson and the Board have put together for the 2017-2018 Rotary year. 
  Click for More Pictures
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2017 07_13 Meeting

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Lincoln Police Chief
 Doug Lee
We welcomed Dan Johnson in his first meeting as President of Lincoln Rotary.  He introduced us to the new Rotary Theme "Making a Difference." Everyone received a new pin with this Rotary Slogan.
We had a poem from our poet laureate Alan Lowe.  We all gave Wild Bill Cook a hand as he rejoined the club after spending a portion of the last year in the District Passport Club.  He will be taking over the Community Blood Drives this year.  Thank you Wild Bill. 
Board Member at Large Harriet Garland reported from the Board Meeting held just before the meeting.  She said the goal is to improve the tansparency between the board and club members.   She summarized the board meeting agenda and actions. 
Our guest speaker was Doug Lee, Chief of Police for Lincoln.  
He started this position in January 2017. Prior to that he had 31 years of experience with the Sacramento Sheriff Department.  He noted that in the past 7 years, Lincoln had 7 different police chiefs!  A few of the things he noted were:
  • Increased social media presence. Facebook & Twitter
  • He wants a proactive transparent department
  • Homelessness is the number 1 issue they are dealing with at this time
    • 40-45 homeless in Lincoln
    • Must tag and give 72 hour notice when trying to evict from an area
    • Recently removed 30 yards of trash from and underpass where they evicted
    • City can only address the public safety access of the issue
    • Daily contacts with homeless issues
  • In the process of hiring 3-4 new officers, in preparation for others retiring
  • Local force is reduced since 2008 economic downturn and is not back to the pre-2008 staff
For more pictures, click:
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2017 06_29 Fr Bill's Kickout

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Fr Bill's Kickout Party
We had a great Kickout at Turkey Creek Golf Club.  Out with the old (Fr. Bill), in with the new (Dan Johnson), great meal, good conversations and fun.  Shown is Fr Bill putting the new president pin on Dan Johnson and Fr Bill thanking his key team members present that made "his year" happen.
It WAS a good year.  Some of the key accomplishments:
For more pictures, click here
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2017 06_22 Meeting - John Lees

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John Lees on Success
President Father Bill Rontani opened the meeting stating that this was his last meeting as President, since Dan Johnson takes over at the start of the 2017-2018 Rotary Year.  He thanked everyone for the support we gave him throughout the year. Picture below is from this meeting; the other picture shows him with Assistant Governor Brian Gladden at Taste of Italy. Job well done Fr Bill, we appreciate your stepping up to run the club this year.  We will see Fr Bill next week at his Kickout!
Kimberly announced that there will be no meeting on July 6th since the 4th is on Tuesday.  She announced the Dan Johnson will be out for about 6 months due to ongoing medical treatments; Kimberly will be acting in his place for about 6-8 weeks then Sharron will be acting after that (she can't now because of knee surgery).   We wish both of them a speedy recovery.
Kris announced that our RYE student Mateo will be arriving July 31 from Argentina and she will arrange a welcoming party at Sac airport and a social later in August for our membership to meet him. 
Lots of birthdays; Kimberly, Ana, David C., and Sandy.  Also some wedding anniversaries; Ken, Mitch, Frank (53 years!), and Melanie.  Please excuse the author if you were missed.   We sang "Happy Birthday" to the group!  Ken was hurt because we did not sing "Happy Anniversary" sad.
Joann entertained us with a repeat of a "tailfeathers" dance she performed at a recent Potters game.  Sorry no picture. 
Our speaker was John Lees, a business consultant originally from England, spending most of his life in Australia and now residing in Sun City Lincoln Hills. In addition to being quite a good tennis player, John is an author of 12 business books and continues to consult part time.  He made a presentation on "Success of Any Kind is an Inside Job" stressing that the few people at the top produce most of the results in any organization. Many personal stories (probable some of the humorous ones were not true!) and jokes scattered throughout his talk, combined with his Aussie accent, made the presentation very entertaining.  Come back and visit often John. 
There is no lunch meeting next week since we have Fr Bill's Kickout at Turkey Creek; let Harvey know if you want to attend and have not signed up. Also, our first meeting in July will be on July 13th.   
 Click for More Pictures
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2017 06_15 Meeting

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Centennial Dam Assessment
For all of you that qualify, Happy Fathers Day
Our speaker was Otis Wollan who was previously a director for the Placer County Water Agency and who has a long working knowledge of our water sources in south Placer county.   The Centennial Dam is proposed by the Nevada Irrigation District  in an area north of Colfax on the Bear River.  Otis described his take on the project and how the cost and schedule proposed are very optimistic.  See more from the Lincoln News Messenger in the link below.
We started our business segment by Jim Zentner, outgoing Lincoln Rotary Club Foundation President, opening the Annual Meeting of the Foundation. He announced that Jennifer Willis volunteered and was selected by the Board to be President next year, assisted by continuing officers Sharron Snyder as VP, Art Deardorff as Secretary and Mary Ann Barker as Treasurer.  New trustees were elected at the meeting, being Jeffrey McCoy, extending his term to June 2019 and Mitchell Satz with term to June 2020.   Thanks to all for your service.
Carol Percy made a short presentation on her Shoes4Kids project. She has noted that there are many kids in Lincoln whose parents are unable to buy adequate shoes for school.  She has teamed with the Salt Mine to collect money (not used shoes - too much hassle to store and prepare, etc) so that kids can purchase shoes for school.   A worthy project.  To donate, log into  and mention Shoes4Kids; you can donate either with your credit card or with paypal,  or you can just drop off a donation at the Salt Mine or with Carol.  
Fran Neves made a short spiel on the upcoming Friends of the Lincoln Library and the Voices of Lincoln Poetry Contest, championed by Rotarian Alan Lowe. See the application in the "Pictures" link below. 
We were pleased to have Bagor Germo Maraon, a Rotarian and past president from a club in the Philippines, as our guest.  He noted that he had been a Rotarian for only about 4 years of a relatively new young club.  He is now traveling throughout the western US. Father Bill gave him our banner to take home.
Don't forget, President Father Bill's Kickout (and President-Elect Dan Johnson's promotion) is June 29th 6PM at Turkey Creek.  Let Harvey know if you are coming (and haven't signed up).  The prices of a great meal and even more awesome entertainment and fun (at Father Bill's expense) is $30.  
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2017 06_08 Meeting and Blood Drive

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Lincoln City Services
  Community Blood Drive 
Our Thursday Lunch meeting was very informative. Jennifer Hanson, Lincoln Director of Public Services (including the airport) told us all about all the services that the city provides - and had a hi-lo-exact game for us so that we were involved in understanding the quantities. She covered everything from the number of calls regarding city services to the number of goats (and sheep) that were brought in to clear our open spaces.   Wow, the city provides so much. Lots of fun and Jennifer was a great speaker.  Pete Walker won the prize offered by Jennifer for getting the most correct answers.  
Dan Johnson made a special announcement regarding the club dues/meeting costs and the committees planned for the upcoming year. Members should look for a special email from Dan on these subjects.  Most importantly, he is requesting that all members become involved in one of our club committees. Contact the committee chairs about your interests. 
Harvey announced that Fr Bill's Kickout (and Dan's promotion) will be Thursday June 29th at Turkey Creek Golf Club starting at 6:00pm.  Dinner starts at 6:30 and is $30 per attendee; make sure and sign up at a meeting or contact Harvey.  
Our Lincoln Community Blood Drive was held today and was the most successful in club history - 60 units of blood donated, made up of 45 whole blood, 13 platelets and 2 double-red cells donations. There were 54 pre-registered and 18 walk-ins, but unfortunately many could not donate.  The Placer Nevada Cattlewomen were there serving their usual delicious to-die-for goodies so that donors could recuperate quickly. Thank you to all that donated or helped in the Blood Drive.  (In the picture below, Gayle Graves from Blood Source is shown with Dan and Wildbill.)
Our speaker next week will be Otis Wollan, a past Placer County Water District director, talking about the Centennial Dam project.   We will also have our annual Lincoln Rotary Club Foundation meeting to elect new directors, so plan on attending as we need a quorum.  
Click below for Pictures:
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2017 05_25 Meeting

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Motorcycle Bob
 + Upcoming Meeting
Motorcycle Bob Mutchler described his growing up with polio and how he got involved in riding his motorcycle to raise money for polio eradication.   All in all he has put about 1.3million miles into riding his specially configured motorcycles. For his first ride, he put on 7,000 miles in seven days!   Hence his autobiography "From Iron Lung to Iron Butt" for which he donates all profits to Polio Plus. 
Bob reported that we are "just this close" with there being only 5 cases of polio reported this year. Sharron encouraged all who have not donated to polio eradication to donate at least $26.50, the amount that was put into the Rotary Foundation when it was formed. (Current assets are about $2 Billion).   
Remember, the meeting is not at the Woman's club on June 1   We instead assemble at the Lincoln High School Farm.   Directions: Go past the airport on Nicholas Rd. Stay on Nicholas Rd and it will take you out of town. Go past the Hwy 65 bypass and turn left on Dowd Rd. Continue on Dowd Rd and turn right on William Lane (gravel rd). Continue on William Lane approx. 2 miles, farm will come up on the left, continue through green gates. 
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2017 05_04 Meeting with Tony Asaro

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Tony Asaro -
 His Trip to Japan
Our meeting was officiated by Kimberly Fricke today as both President Father Bill or President-Elect Dan had other commitments. Attendance was good and we had several guest, including SCLH resident Darrell Scott who is still a member (and past president) of Rotary Club of Novato.  
Joann reported that the Lincoln Wine Fest was an absolute success and downtown merchants were very pleased. We cut off sales of tickets at about 830 to avoid too long of lines. The weather was great.  She thanked all who helped her make the event so great, including her husband Mike. The efforts of Kimberly and Clark to organize the 80 or so volunteers was outstanding. Harvey publicly thanked Joann for all she did to to make the event happen.
New Rotarian Paul Parks presented his three-minute icebreaker speech.   He spoke about the turning point of his life when he was offered a job during high school to work in a cabinet shop, leading to him later having his own cabinet-making business.   He said he is now part time farmer, woodworker and Rotarian.  Thanks for the excellent and enthusiastic presentation of your life adventure. 
Our speaker for the day was Tony Asaro, who has a speaker at the club several times.  Tony is a motivational speaker who works part time for the Positive Coaching Alliance, after quite a long career being Community Relations Director for the River Cats.   In addition to his own facebook page, he has a facebook page O A K Tree of Life, that is about "... a huge, majestic and native O.A.K. tree. It reminds me each day of the pillars that rise from the foundation of my life... Optimism...Attitude...Kindness....The O.A.K. stands straight, strong and silent."
Tony spoke about his recent trip to Japan, where he was chosen to help them implement positivity into their sports coaching.  It was his first trip abroad and the first time crossing the international date line, where he had only about two hours to his first presentation instead of the 26 he had planned!.  But the good news, was he got to experience his birthday in Japan, and then again when he got back before he left Japan! And, he suspects that he will be going back.   So much fun; thank you very much Tony.
We have several upcoming events:  Tour de Lincoln this weekend,  USPS Food Collection, Relay of Life Survivor Breakfast and Lincoln Community Blood Drive. Please do you part and volunteer.  Remember that Rotary is about "Service Above Self."
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2017 04_29 Bulletin - Mtg and Wine Fest

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Living with the Homeless
   and Lincoln Winefest
We has a good turnout and fun time at Lincoln Rotary at our Thursday Lunch meeting. 
A very moving and heartfelt program by Auburn Rotarian Robert Litchfield.   He is a Business Attorney who through Rotary, started interview homeless folks.  He had fascinating and sad stories to tell. He has even written s book of the homeless stories. Everyone was enthralled. 
We awarded two exceptional students of the month.  Lara Ocumen is a senior and is rated first in her class.  Not only is she a scholar but she is very active.  Jon Sutcliffe, also a senior, has overcome substantial obstacles with humor and insight;  another miracle story.
Our Poet Laureate read an endearing poem related to the homeless. Stan Nader and Dick Fowler were awarded their third and fourth Paul Harris Fellows, respectively.
On Saturday, we has a sold-out Lincoln Wine Fest.   The weather was just right, the wine and food were great.  Thanks to Joann Hilton and her team for making this event a huge success. And thank you very much to all of you Rotarians and friends who volunteered; without you we could not have had such a great event. 
Click for Wine Fest Pictures   (add more if you wish)
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2017 04_22 Meeting and Camp Clay

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Trees, Book Buddies
and Camp Clay
It was another busy for Rotary Club of Lincoln.  At our Thursday Meeting, the food was a big hit for our members. 
Our speaker was Anne Fenkner, Project Director for Davey Resource Group.  She spoke to us about the benefit of trees in our environment. She is shown with Rotarian and City Councilman Stan Nader, our Programs chair who does a great job in getting informative speakers for our meetings. 
Following our meeting, we had book buddies. Our Book Buddy venture has been fruitful in many ways...our 3rd graders are improving their reading skills, our Rotarians are making a difference in the lives of children, and we are all having fun.  We had a special visitor,  Teddy, who is a therapy dog belonging to Rotarian Cheryl Nichols.  He has a long list of children who have read to him over his 15 years.  Cheryl brings Teddy to Book Buddies just to listen to children read. 
On Saturday, we sponsored Camp Clay at the Lincoln Clay Day festivities.  This event is always fun for the kids, for adults who want to act like kids, and our Rotarians. Thanks to Ken Campbell for his long time leadership of this event. See link below for more pictures. 
Then, some members are working hard to get our Lincoln Wine Fest set up.   We are almost to the limit for attendance. But, Kimberly may still need help.  If you are not signed up, please contact her. 
Click for:
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2017 04_13 Meeting with Tony Overbay

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Tony Overbay
  Long Distance Runner
Our speaker for the day was Tony Overbay, family therapist, writer, ultrarunner, father of 4. ....  He described his history of running, starting out with short distances, graduating up to the Boston Marathon, some 100+ miles runs and 24-hour runs.   He is currently preparing for his annual run at Glen Edwards Middle School that will be a short 12-hour run this year. Benefits from the run go to help GEMS athletic and music programs. 
  • Richard Pearl said he will need help for the Lincoln Air Fest June 9-10th.
           Click to See Website
  • Vic announced that Lincoln Hills Foundation donations on the Big Day of Giving on May 4 will be matched (up to $10K) by Sunpower. 
  • Joann said that ticket sales are brisk for the Wine Fest April 29th. You can purchase online at Our volunteers can purchase for a discounted $20 - see Joann. Get the word out to your friends and neighbors. Kimberly is handling the signups. 
  • Claire announced that Nite at the Races will be October 13th this year - again at Sun City Orchard Creek Ballroom.
Remember to invite guests to our meetings.  Give them the opportunity to enjoy our friendship and service to our community and the world.
Click here for More Pictures.
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2017 04_06 Meeting and Events

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Busy Week
 - District Assembly
 - Speaker re AFib
 - LHS Farm Kids Support
 - Platelet Drive
Last Saturday, we attended the District 5180 Training Assembly. This is always a terrific opportunity to learn about what Rotary does.  Our Webmaster Art actually led two sessions re Public Image and ClubRunner Websites. 
At our Thursday lunch, the speaker was Dr. Orson Go, a cardiac doctor from Sutter Hospital.  He spoke about atrial fibrillation (AFib), a particular type of heart disease.  We all learned a lot about the various kinds of heart disease.  
Concurrently with our meeting, we helped prepare lunch for students from Glen Edwards Middle School at the Lincoln High School Farm.  Thank you Rotarians Kimberly Fricke, Ana Roa and Mitchell Satz and our friends Rita Ryan and Ed Merten who volunteered to be part of the team. 
On Friday, Dan Johnson was able to "fill the bus" having 6 donors resulting in 10 units of platelets.  There was even an alternate donor waiting that Dan did not have to call!  Thank you to those who participated
For more pictures, click on the following:
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2017 03_23 Meeting

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Lincoln Hills Foundation
 and LHS Students of Month
The meeting was run by 2019-2020 president-nominee Sharron Snyder and she did a fine job.  She reported that there has just been one more case of polio detected, and asked that all members make a donation to Polio Plus of $26.50.  Why this amount? She reported that this was the amount that Arch C. Klumph proposed in 1917 to create an endowment "for the purpose of doing good in the world." This compares to about $265million donated to the Foundation in 2016 with about $250million used to support projects. You can go to the Rotary website to make a donation online. 
We awarded Student of the Month awards to LHS students Mackenzie Eutzey and Jessica McKeon. They were accompanied by LHS counselor Stevie Crisosto. Very amazing couple of gals, participating in athletics and other school activities as well as having awesome academic achievements.  
New member Paul Parks was the happy winner of the raffle making a donation back to the club.  Thank you Paul. 
Frima Stewart, a director of the Lincoln Hills Foundation and husband of Rotarian Joe Stewart, was our speaker. She described the foundation that was started soon after Sun City Lincoln Hills was developed in early 2002. Interesting that Rotarians Vic Freeman and Jerry Johnson were instrumental in its establishment and that Jerry is still active in the foundation activities.  The Mission of the Lincoln Hills Foundation is to promote and fund solutions and programs that will enhance the quality of life for senior residents of the Lincoln Community.  Find out more at their website.  
Remember, our meeting for March 30th will be a social gathering at Goathouse Brewery on Wise Road.  Let Claire know if you are coming and want a meal (253-3711).  Bring your spouse, significant other, friend or potential new member.   
To see more pictures click here
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2017 03_10 Taste of Italy

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  Taste of Italy
Our Taste of Italy event was another success, raising well over $12,000 to help us fund the charitable activities of our club.  A special thank you to those who helped us put on the event, our donors of desserts, silent and live auction items and sponsorships. Thank you to the LHS Key/Interact members who served us.  Special thanks to the kitchen crew who prepared the delicious food, and to community members from SoberGrad who helped clean up.  Bartenders, you were fantastic. And, thank you to all who bought tickets and attended and generously bought the auction items and desserts.  Without all of you we could not have done it.  heartsmiley
We look forward to seeing you all next year. 
   For more picture: click here
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2017 03_09 Meeting

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Steve Solomon and
  Foundation Giving
Very full house at our meeting today.  Thanks to all who came.  Our President Elect Dan Johnson did miracles in keeping the meeting under control given a requested 45 minutes by our speaker.  
Joann was proud to announce her 33rd Anniversary of marriage to Mike.  We had about 5 guests at the meeting, including new Lincoln Police Chief Doug Lee.  In lieu of Happy Bucks, Dan provided a bottle of great wine to auction off; thank you to new member Paul Parks for making the contribution.
A high point of the meeting was induction of new member Bryan Ludwig, accompanied by his significant other Erin Kelly.  Welcome to the club Bryan.  (Last week we inducted two new members Mitchell Satz and Paul Parks but unfortunately no pictures.  Welcome Mitchell and Paul.)
Our speaker for the day, Steve Solomon, was an Interact Club member, Rotary Scholar and is an honorary Rotarian with two clubs in Illinois.  While earning his Master of Science in Nonprofit Management he was recruited to The Rotary Foundation as an Annual Giving Officer.  He is privileged to work with Rotarians in 23 districts in the western region of North America to raise money for The Rotary Foundation. He gave a talk that clearly showed his passion for Rotary.
As a Rotary Scholar, Steve went to South Africa, where he met So. African president Walter Sisulu.  He has since formed friendships with Archbishop Desmond TuTu and Jane Goodall, to name a few of the dignitaries he has known.  He stated many times in his talk " ... Thank You Rotary and to you all for changing my life and making this all possible.  I have the BEST job in the world.  I get to work with some of the coolest people on earth- YOU."
Before the meeting, Steve also met with some of the Club Board members and described the workings of the Foundation and the resources available.  See  
Consider donating to the Rotary Foundation to support the good things done worldwide.  Ask our Foundation Chair about Rotary Direct. `
Don't forget, Taste of Italy is Friday.  
Click for More Pictures
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2017 02_17 Blood Drive

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Lincoln Community
    Blood Drive

A huge THANK YOU to all who participated in the Blood Drive. While mother nature took her toll, with cancellations and no-shows, we still had a big enough turnout to collect around 40 units of whole blood. And that's not bad, considering one unit of blood can save up to 3 lives, that's 120 lives we potentially affected positively yesterday. Actually we had the largest ever online signup with close to 50 pre-registered through the marketing campaign of the last 30 days. 
We were pleased to welcome our new police chief Doug Lee to the community drive; thanks for donating Doug. For those of you on facebook, please LIKE our page
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2017 02_16 Meetings

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  Update on
   Lincoln Village 5
We had a very big turnout for our Lunch meeting.  Had several guests plus the LHS Students of the Month and their parents showed up in full force.  The students of the month were Wyatt Dornbush and Hailee Ozenberger, accompanied by LHS student advisor Stevie Crisoostu. Both students were truly impressive.  
Claire passed around signup sheets for Taste of Italy regarding helping with the event and contributing to the desert auction.  This is our largest fundraiser of the year, so if you weren't there, contact Claire.   Kimberly said she would be accepting any contributions to the Lighthouse diaper project next week.   Art announced that the District Assembly will be on April 1 (no foolin') and that this is a great way to learn about all things Rotary; hold the date. We have a group of about 10 signed up for the LHS Baseball fundraiser dinner next week.  
Our speaker was Clifton Taylor from Richland Communities ( accompanied by Gene Endicott.   Village 5 is basically south of Nicholas and West of 65 (north of the existing homes in this area.  It is still in planning, obtaining all permits, etc.  The first dirt should be moved sometime around Spring 2018.   
See more pictures at Click for Album
On a more somber note, at the Sunset planning meeting, discussion with the group members concluded that it was time to suspend future meetings.   Attendance has been very low, hampering our ability to attract new members and support speakers for good programs.  Since the March 2nd meeting has been scheduled (at Infusion Tap Room), we will go ahead with that.  
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2017 02_09 Lunch Meeting

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Urban Farms
We had a large turnout in spite of the rain!   Included were three potential new members very interested in joining our club plus one additional guest.  Paul Ratcliffe was the winner of our raffle drawing but failed to draw the Ace of Spades for the big prize.  Our resident bard Alan Lowe read us a poem. 
Kris described a project with the Interact kids who are assembling backpacks to send to San Felipe.  She requested that we bring sunglasses that could be included in the packs.  Kimberly described the Diaper Collection project for the Lighthouse.   Both requested that we bring contributions of these items or some $$'s to the next couple of meetings.  
Dan encouraged all to donate at the upcoming February 17th Blood Drive and/or tell your friends.  In District 5180, we are leading the pack for blood donations thanks to Dan's leadership and efforts.  Good job Dan.    
Our speaker was Mary Kimball from the Center for Land-Based Learning.  Her organization is instrumental in training individuals to become farmers.  In addition, they work with local communities to create local farms in urban areas.   Learn more at their Website:  
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2017 01_20 Club Bulletin

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Blood/Platelet Donations
Chamber of Commerce Update
The Lunch meeting was fun meeting today.  We were happy to have Father Bill back and 95% recovered from his illness.  Our food was provided by Mr. Pickles and was enjoyed by all.  
We had the pleasure of having two recent Scholarship awardees come to our meeting to thank us.  Lauren Edwards and Garrison MacQueen, awardees as Outstanding Senior Boy and Girl last year, expressed their appreciation and were accompanied by Garrison's father.  Lauren was home on break from Grinnell College in Iowa and Garrison from Chico.
Dan announced that our Platelet-only Blood Drive for Friday is going well. He introduced our speaker Vicki Wolfe who is a Communication Manager at Blood Source.  Vicki brought a very personal mark to her talk as she is an 18-year Survivor of Leukemia.   She described having hundreds of blood transfusions during her illness.  She provided insights on platelets, plasma and whole blood donations and applauded Lincoln Rotary for our longstanding dedication to the Lincoln Community Blood Drives.  By the way, we are one of the leading club relative to blood donations in Rotary District 5180.
At the Sunset meeting, we were pleased to have Tom Cosgrove, CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, as our speaker. He updated us on the activities of the Chamber and commented that there are many new businesses locating in Lincoln.   Marc Prelo, a new member from the Lunch group came and checked us out.  Art brought a guest John Lees, a business consultant who had the opportunity to meet and talk with Tom.  Kris Wyatt gave us an update on Youth Services and McBean Park activities.  She also introduced us to Jonah Laing, our RYE student for next year who our club is sponsoring to France for a year. 
Remember. the Taste of Italy fundraiser is coming up March 10th and the Lincoln Wine Fest is April 29th.   Start spreading the word for both.  Harvey will be distributing tickets at the next meeting for TOI so start arranging your table(s). Expect and announcement from Claire soon on a TOI committee meeting for this event.
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2017 01_12 Meeting

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Club Assembly
  RYE Student Announced
    Bikes for Books
The Flu-Bug is going around and President Father Bill could not be at the meeting. So Kimberly Fricke stepped up and did a great job keeping the meeting going at a lively clip. Thank you Kimberly.  At the start of the meeting, all members were given a part of a puzzle and asked to circulate to find the other Rotarian who had a matching (adjacent) puzzle part. (R U part of the puzzle?) What a great way to circulate and get to know you fellow members.  
We were pleased to have Ann Hively (Orangevale Rotary) and Karen Cendro (Laguna Sunrise Rotary) as District 5180 representatives for Rotary Youth Exchange at our meeting. They were here to announce that Lincoln High student Jonah Laing will be sponsored by our club to go to France as an RYE student for his upcoming senior high school year.   Just learning that this is where he will go, Jonah was very happy on learning that he was outbound for France as this was his first choice for his RYE experience.  His parents attended the meeting with him.  Congratulations Jonah; it will be a life-changing experience.
Additional guests were Tina Miller, a visiting Rotarian from Cedar Rapids IA attending her 2nd meeting, and Roger Ludwig, from Wells Fargo Advisors in Lincoln.  
The Club Assembly was orchestrated by Kris Wyatt, asking all attendees to submit ideas on how to better our club.  Great job Kris.  She will be compiling all input and providing our thoughts at a future meeting. 
On Friday, some members attended three Bikes for Books award assemblies at Creekside, 1st Street and Lincoln Crossing Elementary schools.  This program aims to encourage the younger students to learn to read, giving them a jump-start for their learning for the remainder of their lifes.  Thank you to all who supported Kris for the announcements.
Don't forget, we have two great meetings coming up for January 19th.   At the Lunch meeting, Vicki Wolfe from Blood Source will be telling her story about surviving cancer and the importance of platelet donations.   At the Sunset meeting, Chamber of Commerce CEO Tom Cosgrove will update attendees on the current activities of the Chamber.   Both are excellent programs.  Members, bring a guest.  Non-members, just show up. See you there.
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2017 01_05 Meetings

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Meetings for Week
 Bikes for Books
The Lunch Meeting had a full agenda.  
Sandy Brumley won the raffle and the Pot of $130, being the first lucky winner for 2017.  We had a visiting Rotarian Tina Miller from Metro-North Cedar Rapids who shared her club banner with us. 
We celebrated Tony "Stix" Bellacera's 97th Birthday which takes place tomorrow.  Tony enjoyed a birthday card and everyone enjoyed his chocolate birthday cake.
To great applause and happiness, Jeffrey inducted returning member Caron Russell.  Caron works for the American Cancer Society and is starting her MBA at William Jessup. 
Pete Walker and Sharron Snyder were awarded their Multiple Paul Harris Fellow pins;  Pete, for his PH+3 and Sharron for her PH+2.
Our speaker was Carol Pepper-Kittredge from Sierra College Workforce Development Department who spoke about their Hacker Lab and the positive influence it is having on both students and faculty.  Efforts are in process to bring some of this energy to Lincoln at our local library.  Carol is in charge of adapting Sierra College to the needs of employers and businesses for Workforce Development.
At the Sunset Meeting, we were proud to welcome our speaker Ms. Kelli Girsch, a Lincoln entrepreneur and founder of her e-commerce companies Her Shave Co, My Christmas Crate and Hello Bliss Box. Kelli's story was like so many of our neighbors'. She's built a business from her base in Lincoln and serves her clientele wherever they live. This was a great story of drive and achievement. In the future, we'll feature other small business stories at our Sunset meeting. These stories of entrepreneurs, their risks and their experiences are a key ingredient in our local economy. 
     Check out her websites: 

Then on Friday, we a few of us went to 12 Bridges Elementary for Bikes for Books. As our members are aware, the Bikes for Books program is conducted at all local elementary schools, providing a bike to a good reader 3 times each school year. Ashlee Leung, second grader at 12 Bridges Elementary won the Rotary bike for completing her Accelerated Reading Goal. Shown here are Ashlee, her proud mother, Principal, Rey Cubias and Rotarians from Lincoln Rotary. She will take home her bike today. Congrats to Ashlee and her teacher, Lynn Emmerling.
Remember, the Lunch meeting next week is a Club Assembly.   Come prepared to discuss your ideas on what we should be doing to serve our community.
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2016 12_31 Bulletin

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Happy New Year!
A very fun lunch meeting this past Thursday!! Kris Wyatt greeted everyone with a Hershey kiss.  Thanks for that welcome, Kris.
We were very happy to welcome a new member,  Marc Prelo.   Mark is transferring from the South Placer Rotary Club.  He brought his lovely wife, Ceci to see his induction.  Welcome to you both!!  Shown here is Marc, his Sponsor Pete Walker, Membership Chair Jeffrey McCoy and President Father Bill Rontani.
Our meeting speakers were three of our own fascinating members:  Kim Fricke, Richard Pearl and Jennifer Willis.  Each gave very different and illuminating insights into their backgrounds and life experiences.  They are our own art of the rich tapestry of Lincoln Rotary. 
Then, to close out the year, we distributed food to those in need at the Salt Mine on Saturday.  We had a great turnout, showing the dedication of our members to "Service Above Self." Thank you to all who showed up, including our non-Rotarian helpers. 
         For more pictures from the Salt Mine event, click here.
Start our 2017 with a bang.   Attend one of our meetings.  Bring a friend and introduce them to the friendship and service of Rotary Club of Lincoln. 
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2016 12_08 Lunch Meeting with Lincoln Potters

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Lincoln Potters
Since President Father Bill had to attend a funeral, President-Elect Dan Johnson got his chance to run a meeting.  Well done Dan. 
Our speakers were from the Lincoln Potters; Matt Lundgren (General Manager) and Justin Wardlaw (the Director of Sales - the tall guy).  Both are active in our community, meeting other people and helping to get the team going. Kris is a huge fan and has been instrumental in getting the team going. Matt Garner (also a baseball fan) attended from the Sunset Group since the subject involved baseball.  To support the new field at McBean Park, our club has a project to install a flagpole at the field. 
Dan also thanked those who participated in the Blood Drive last Friday, where Blood Source collected about 47 pints of whole blood, 10 units of Platelets, and 8 Double Red collections. We had over 60 Lincoln citizens through the doors. The refreshments from Placer-Nevada Cattlewomen were delectable as usual!  This was undoubtedly a Blood Drive record, especially when you consider the season and the distraction that we face every day at this time of the year. Our next Blood Drives are January 10th (platelets only) and February 17th (normal drive).
Claire reminded us that the Holiday Party is next Monday.   Contrary to the eBulletin last week, there will be a lunch meeting next Thursday and December 22nd will be Dark.  There is no Sunset meeting next Thursday.  Claire also reminded us that the date for Taste of Italy has been set as March 10th.  Please put this on your calendar. 
Kimberly and Kris announced that there will be an event to "Wrap Slippers for Seniors" on December 20th. More details will be sent on how we can participate.
Click for More Pictures
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2016 11_03 Book Buddies

Book Buddies
Our Book Buddies program is Lincoln Rotary reaching out to connect with our youth.  We experience this wonderful opportunity to assist third graders from Creekside Oaks Elementary school improve their reading skills.  Twice a month, Rotarians and friends of Rotary report to school to listen, guide, and enjoy our young readers.  We all gain so much from the experience.
Basic education and literacy is one of Rotary’s areas of focus.  Worldwide, 67 million children have no access to education, and more than 775 million people over the age of 15 are illiterate. Rotary members support educational projects that provide technology, training for teachers and students, student meal programs, and low-cost textbooks to communities throughout the world. Our goal is to strengthen the capacity of communities to support basic education and literacy, reduce gender disparity in education, and increase adult literacy.
The Book Buddies program in Lincoln, and our Books for Bikes program, are in support of this Rotary focus area.  
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2016 11_11 Nite at the Races

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Nite at the Races

Our fourth annual Nite at the Races fundraiser was awesome. Thank you to all members and friends who volunteered and helped make it so successful and so much fun. We had our biggest event ever with about 200 ticket sales and raised almost $12,000 with a combination of tickets, auction items, script and sponsorship. We had our first ever Triple Crown sponsor Summerset Senior Living - thank you very much. Our other major sponsors were Sierra Pacific Industries, Tobias Mortgage, Mertens Insurance, Lincoln Gun Exchange and Energy Saving Pros - Thank you. Also thanks to everyone who donated raffle prizes and worked hard to make the event a success. And lastly, THANK YOU to the attendees who all made this such a fun event. 

David Bonilla did a great job as the Master of Ceremonies. Ed Page won the hat competition for his "funny" hat.

Click for more pictures
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2016 11_10 RYLA Students

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Our Students from
Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

Each year, our club sponsors 3 students to the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards camp. Our speakers on Nov. 10th were the LHS students that we sponsored to RYLA last summer: Sara Sheridan, Nicholas Rodriguez and Brian Foudree. They described their experiences at Camp Grizzly and how they understood more about themselves and how to react with others in a group.  Find out more more about RYLA at RYLA Website.

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2016 11_03 Meetings


At the Lunch meeting, the speaker was Rod Malloy from Breathe California.   He gave us a lot of helpful information on how important clean air is and how we take that for granted.  He was enthusiastic and kept our interest engaged.  For the first time in many years, Joann won the raffle but not the big pot.


Gene Thorpe of Century 21 Real Estate and Voice Over Band was the Sunset meeting speaker. He told us the interesting story of his life and how he came to Lincoln. As a Rotarian in the early '90s he quizzed us on some Rotary history and made sure we knew the Four Way Test. He topped it off by describing his 10 Rules to Live By. Awesome fun time. 

Both Clark and Harvey are successfully recovering from their recent surgeries.


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2016 10_27 Lunch Meeting

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Today, Lincoln Rotary had a fun, energetic lunch meeting run by Richard Pearl who stepped in for President Father Bill who had another important commitment. 
We honored four Students of the Month from Lincoln High School.  The three in attendance were Dan Luy, Carmen Vanessa Ignacio and Payton Cervetti.  Sarah Lopez was unable to attend.  Accompanying them was one of LHS's new Counselors, Stevie Crisosto.  Welcome to Lincoln High, Stevie !!  All four students were seniorr this year and all have notable accomplishments and great plans for college and careers.  Two parents were able to come and show their pride in their students, Carmen's mom and Payton's dad.
With cries of "Fowl", Dick Fowler won the raffle for the second week in a row.  But he failed to find the Ace of spades.
We were all totally engaged by our enthusiastic speaker, Tanja Poley.  Tanja wears many hats:  she runs a Lincoln business that is both brick and mortar as well as online selling items like canvas bags with art work on them, she does consulting for small business owners, she runs classes for new entrepreneurs focusing on mothers who want to start their own business, and she is a single mom with two children.  Tanja gave us some fascinating facts about small business in the US and turned those facts into a platform for a very interesting talk about the encouraging entrepreneurship, especially among women. 
She punctuated the facts by asking us to guess the answers and paying off with scratch lottery tickets.  Very fun !!  Drop into her shop in the Jansen Building and check out her bags and gifts.  The name of the shop is Ten Four Goods.
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2016 10_06 Club Activities 

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October 6 Lunch Meeting
   Axiom Event
      Pictures from Book Buddies
Ex-Lincoln Rotarian Caron Russell spoke about the American Cancer Society and her activities there with her new job in the Sacramento region. Relay for Life will return to Lincoln May 20th in 2017.
Harvey Ulijohn was awarded his sixth Paul Harris award for his contributions to the Rotary Foundation. Ex-President (twice) Harvey is a role model for all Rotarians.   
In the evening, quite a few Rotarians attended the Elegant Evening Affair fundraiser sponsored by The Axiom.  Recall that Rotary was instrumental about 1 1/2 years ago in funding The Axiom to get it started in August 2015.  They are doing a great job now supporting at risk kids in Lincoln.   Carlos Campiz (shown below) does a great job.   Learn more about The Axiom at the website  Or drop in to talk with Carlos and the kids most week afternoons after school.   
For more pictures (including some from a recent Book Buddies event), click links below:
    Axiom Event       or      Meeting + Book Buddies   
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2016 09_15 Sunset Meeting - Seniors First

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Senior First Activities
Jenny Tucker was our meeting leader today, providing a new leadership experience for one of our members.  Janet Osterhout introduced her guest Rita Ryan.
It was announced that our next meeting is cancelled so that members can go to the Axiom Elegant Evening for a Worthy Cause.  There will be a special Club Assembly meeting on September 29th (noon) at the Woman's Club.  All members should plan on attending if possible.  No guests requested.
There are a number of upcoming events of interest:
  • This Friday is Lincoln Service Club night at the LHS football game (see Kris's previous emails)
  • Book buddies is starting September 22nd - 2pm at Creekside (again see Kris's previous emails)
        This is a great experience to help a 3rd grader improve their reading skills
  • October 8th is a District Foundation Seminar - See our website main page for more info
  • October 22nd is the Annual District Foundation Dinner - See our website main page for more info
Kimberly Fricke outlined the Community Service committee activities and what is currently planned for this year.  
Our speakers for the evening were Jamee Horning and Dawn Marie Pesola.  Jamee is the Executive Director of Seniors First (www.SeniorsFirst.Org) and described the activities available for seniors from Seniors First. Dawn Marie (who incidentally was in Kimberly's high school graduating class - and they had not seen each other since then) is responsible for the Senior's Cafe in Lincoln.  The meeting provided a good connection since our Community Service committee has started activities to improve the attendance at the Lincoln Senior Cafe, where seniors can go to get a meal. 
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2016 09_08 Lunch Meeting

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About our Club Foundation
Our usual great lunch was followed by announcements, happy bucks, raffle and speaker. We were pleased to have Deborah Fiddyment as our guest Rotarian, daughter of Dave Fiddement who boasts 69 years of perfect Rotary attendance, both from Roseville Rotary.  
The jokester of the day was Ken Campbell.  Chris Wyatt told about upcoming events with LHS.   And, she requested participation in Book Buddies. (See separate communication from Kris.) 
More specifically, Kris called upon us to represent Rotary at an upcoming LHS football, where with good attendance we can outshine the Kiwanians! Wear your red shirts!
Our speaker was Art Deardorff, describing to us the background, purpose and operation of the Lincoln Rotary Club Foundation.   This 501(c)(3) charitable organization is the umbrella under which we operate to collect donations and run fund raisers, plus it becomes the source of funds for all of our charitable giving.  
         Click here to see the public version of the presentation LRCF Powerpoint
The Sunset meeting next week will be focused on Community Service for Lincoln seniors, with Senior First leaders helping us brainstorm how to make our Senior Cafe more vibrant and fun for our residents. Please come to partake in this activity.  Art also encouraged members to support the upcoming Axiom fundraiser dinner at Beermann's (click here for details and to purchase tickets - or Art or Kris may have spaces at their tables).
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2016 09_08 Lincoln Rotary Club Foundation

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Lincoln Rotary Club Foundation
At our September 1st and September 8th meetings, Art Deardorff made a presentation about the background, purpose and operations of our Club Foundation.  The LRCF is the 501(c)(3) arm under which we run our fund raisers and do our charitable gifting. This is separate from the Rotary Foundation which is run by Rotary, starting with about $16 100 years ago with current assets exceeding $1billion.
You may view a public version of the presentation by clicking  LRCF Foundation Presentation.
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2016 09_01 Sunset Meeting 

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All About our Foundation
Continuing our experiment to "Rotate" the meeting leader, Club President Father Bill Rontani was our leader, bringing his own set of bells - very pretty sounding! His thought for the day reflected on the meaning of the pledge of allegiance and our national anthem.  Jenny volunteered to lead our next meeting.  What an opportunity to practice Rotary leadership!
It was reported that our Blood Drive last week was very successful, with over 50 potential donors giving 40 pints of whole blood, with 3 donations of Platelets. Great job by Dan Johnson and his support team.  The next Platelet drive is October 7th, followed by a full Blood Drive on December 2nd.
Father Bill reported that there will be a September 29th 5th Thursday Lunch meeting on September 29th as a Club Assembly to discuss operation of the club for the remainder of the Rotary year.  Put this on your calendars to attend if you can.  
It was decided to not have a Sunset meeting on October 6th.  Instead, we are encouraging our members to sign up and attend the Axiom "Elegant Evening for a Worthy Cause" being held at Beermann's that night - 6pm.  Art has purchase a table of eight with Jenny and Father Bill already requesting seats.  Others are encouraged to do the same - contact Art or purchase your own table. This is an opportunity to wear you formal wear, have a great meal at Beermann's and support The Axiom youth center.  You can buy tickets at
Our presenter was Art Deardorff.  He provided the background and operation of our Lincoln Rotary Club Foundation, allowing us to operate under the requirements of IRS 501(c)(3) as a tax exempt organization for donations, fund raising and giving.   He will repeat this at the Lunch meeting next week. 
Following the meeting, we gathered up the left over pizza, chips and chicken wings to take to The Axiom on Friday.  Another way we can help serve the youth of Lincoln. 
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2016 08_20 Summer Social Art Deardorff 2016-08-20 07:00:00Z 0

2016 08_16 Sunset Meeting re Solar Options

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Sunset Meeting
Solar Power Options
The meeting was chaired by past President Art.  But, he asked others to step up and share the experience in future meetings. Just like the original Rotary meetings in Chicago, where the meeting location was "rotated" from location to location, we could start something new by "rotating" the meeting runner.  
It was great to have all of the "O-Family" Rotary members present (Clark, Janet and Heather).   We were also honored to have immediate past president Ryan Rogers from the Yuba City Rotary Club as our guest.   His company GreenTraks does business in Placer County so he stopped by to see what we were doing.  Follow Ryan's lead and visit other Rotary clubs either locally or during your travels; it is fun and you might bring back new ideas for us.
Our speaker for the night was Barry McGinnis who talked to us about some of the advantages and pros/cons of the option for implementing solar in your home. Barry is with Energy Saving Pros and recently started installing solar for Clark.   Interesting and thought provoking.  
But, this was just the start of our fun Rotary Week.   See you at Dan and Sharron's home Saturday night (where Claire reported we already have a full house).   And, nest week we host District Governor Barbara Tracy at a Board Meeting (at City Hall - 10AM) and at the Lunch meeting.   Then, Friday is the blood drive; if you can't come make sure your friends know about it.   They can reserve a spot at
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2016 08_08 Sunset eBulletin

Sunset Group Assembly
Our leader Jim Zentner opened the meeting around the Pool Table on the 2nd Floor of Beermann's.  The music had been silenced, as compared to our last meeting.  And for reasons unknown we could not use the tables in the larger meeting room.  The good news was that we had our own service person to serve drinks.  Pizza was served as our snack, although it arrived late.  We are working on improvements!  We were pleased to have Arden-Arcade Rotarian Howard Stagg as our guest. We were pleased to see Jerry and Karen Johnson, Matt Gardner and Harvey and Karen Ulijohn at the meeting. 
We has a long discussion of where we should meet, following the problems at the meeting last week (music, food, ...).  Considerations were:
  • Beermann's: No charge, close to downtown.  We can buy appetizers each week plus have access to drinks before and dinner after the meeting. 
  • Holiday Inn Express:  $100 charge per meeting plus then have no food/drink facilities.
  • Lincoln Library: $60 per meeting, no food and alcohol not allowed.
  • Turkey Creek: No charge, could have a portion of restaurant, could use their TV for slides, could order food and drinks easily, but they close at dusk which would not work for us approx November through March. 
  • Woman's Club: Club currently paying to reserve space, we would have to arrange for any food and drinks.  But, members generally wanted to go elsewhere.
At end of discussion, it was concluded we would continue at Beermann's. 
Regarding speakers, we concluded that one meeting per month could related to some Rotary/Club activity and one should be an outside speaker of interest. There should also be announcements re each Club Committee and their activities. 
We were pleased that Club President Father Bill was in attendance. He announced the upcoming Social to be held at Dan/Sharon Johnson's home on August 20th. More to follow. 
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2016 07_27 Best of the Best

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Best of the Best
Once again, we were awarded Best of the Best Service Club in Lincoln by the Lincoln New Messenger.  This award is given based on votes by the residents of our local community.  Thank you past president Harvey Ulijohn and all Rotarians for all that you did during the year that resulted in the Award.
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2016 07_07 Sunset Meeting

At our Sunset meeting at Beermann's Restaurant on July 7th, we inducted new member Cheryl Nichols in front of the largest turnout we have ever had at the evening meeting. Expect even more when Beermann's officially opens July 18th.

Our speakers were Jerry Harner (from Passport eClub of Sacramento) and his friend Jim Quinney (from the St. Augustine of Canterbury Episcopal Church). They described the work they are doing in Haiti providing education and clean water. Great projects. Some collaboration should be considered by our club.

We were honored to have our new President Father Bill Rotani in attendance. The pictures at the right show one of Father Bill receiving his president pin from last years president Harvey Ulijohn. Look forward to more good things to happen this coming Rotary year under his leadership.  One thing started already is a trial period of 3 months where the Sunset group meets the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month (6pm at Beermann's Restaurant - come early!) and the Lunch group meets Thursday on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays (noon at the Woman's Club). 

At our next Sunset meeting, Beermann's will be open so come early and sample some of their wares. angel 

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2016 06_23 Check to Womans Club

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Donation to Woman's Club
The Rotary Club of Lincoln has been meeting at the Woman's Club in Lincoln since we were formed in 1925. As a sign of our gratitude and appreciation, we made a donation to the Woman's Club to assist with needed ADA compliance upgrades to the building. 
In addition, our speaker for the June 23rd meeting was our own Sharron Snyder, who shared some of her experiences from her attendance at the 2016 Rotary International conference in Seoul, Korea.  Shown with Sharron and President Harvey is our guest Deepa Willingham, a past governor of District 5240 (Santa Barbara area). Deepa was honored in 2014 at a White House conference as one of 10 Women of Action in Rotary for her many humanitarian deeds. 
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2016 06_16 Harvey's Kickout

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Harvey's Kickout
The Rotary Year is from July 1 to June 30.  At the end of each year, the Club president is "honored" for their accomplishments for the year (aka kicked out) and the new president is installed. Our annual Kickout was held at the Turkey Creek Gold Club on June 16th.  
Our current president Harvey Ulijohn was duly honored for all he has done for the club this year. What a guy; he was a Rotary president for three years, once in his club in Fremont and once previously in Lincoln (2010-2011). Harvey we thank you for all you have done for Rotary Club of Lincoln.
For more pictures, click here.
For the Club accomplishments for Harvey's year, click here.  But most importantly, we had fun.
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2016 06_01 Our Bikes for Books - Spring Trimester

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Bikes for Books
Hooray for Lincoln Rotary's winners of bikes or scooters after having their names drawn from all students completing their Advanced Reading goals at each Lincoln area elementary school. It's been a great year for kids reading and Lincoln Rotary has awarded 21 bikes/scooters over each of the three trimesters at all 7 Elementary schools in Western Unified School District.
We will be here encouraging the students to read next year. Remember, kids learn to read in grades 1-3 and read to learn thereafter.  Don't forget to encourage student reading.
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2016 05_14 USPS Carrier Food Collection

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USPS Carrier Food Collection
  for The Salt Mine
Once per year, the Lincoln post office mail carriers have an event to collect non-perishable food from their patrons to be donated to the Salt Mine. Our club assists the Salt Mine in transferring the bags of food collected to boxes as the mail carrier arrive from completing their routes. This year collection was the largest ever, exceeding the capacity of the Salt Mine truck!  We worked like crazy from about 3-5:30pm.   Thanks to Kimberly Fricke for organizing this service event.  The workers included Kimberly, Art Deardorff, Harvey Ulijohn, Jim Zentner, Geri Rainbolt, Dan Johnson, Joann Hilton, Debra Bellis and Ana Roa. Thanks to all.  A special thanks to Dan and Joann, who earlier in the day had supported our Pancake Breakfast for Relay for Life and the second shift for the Tour de Lincoln Ophir Road Stop; what troupers!
Video thanks to Walter "Larry" Hopkins at USPS
2016 05_14 USPS Carrier Food Collection Art Deardorff 2016-05-15 07:00:00Z 0

2016 05_13 Blood Drive

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Lincoln Community Blood Drive
Our club sponsors the Lincoln Community Blood Drive four times each year. The May 13th Blood Drive was the most successful ever.  Blood Source collected 50 pints of life-saving whole blood from 61 potential donors that showed up.  And, 6 units of platelets were donated by 4 volunteers, including Rotarian Frank Neves. We even had a fair number of new donors, thanks to an announcement in Sun City plus a new facebook page Thanks to Rotarian Dan Johnson for making this event happen.  The refreshments provided by the Placer-Nevada Cattlewomen are to die for. 
2016 05_13 Blood Drive Art Deardorff 2016-05-15 07:00:00Z 0

2016 05_14 Tour de Lincoln

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Tour de Lincoln
 Ophir Road Rest Stop
Annually, Rotary Club of Lincoln runs the Ophir Road rest stop for the Tour de Lincoln bicycle event.  Located at mile 21 of the 62 mile (100 km) route, we provide fruit, drink, bagels, peanut butter, etc to the riders.  Arriving at 7am, we setup and prepare the fruit.  The main group of riders comes through at 9-10am, and we stick around to about 1pm to help the stragglers. And, we have fun while we do it.  Rotarian Jerry Johnson was one of the riders. Thanks to Ed Prokopic for organizing this service to our community. 
2016 05_14 Tour de Lincoln Art Deardorff 2016-05-15 07:00:00Z 0

2016 05_12 LHS Scholarships

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LHS Scholarship Awards


Education is a primary focus of Rotary worldwide.

May 12th, we presented scholarships to graduates of Lincoln High School. 

  • 2 $1000 Vocational scholarships
  • 1 $1000 Community Service scholarship
  • 1 $1000 scholarship to Outstanding Boy
  • 1 $1000 scholarship to Outstanding Girl
  • 2 $500 Community Service scholarships
  • - 2 $1000 scholarship for students pursuing engineering (from our Alan Bradford Scholarship Fund) - these are renewable for continuing engineering students for up to 4 years
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2016 04_30 Camp Clay

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Camp Clay
at Lincoln Clay Day
Continuing a long tradition, we set up Camp Clay in Beermann's Plaza so that kids of "all" ages could work with clay to produce some great artwork. It is estimated that we made "artists" of 50 youngsters, some with special needs, and at least that many oldsters. This is another example of the small projects that we conduct for our community.
2016 04_30 Camp Clay Art Deardorff 2016-04-30 07:00:00Z 0

2016 04_23 Lincoln Wine Fest

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5th Annual Lincoln
     Wine Fest
Our club, in coordination with the Downtown Lincoln Association, sponsors the Lincoln Wine Fest as a service for our downtown merchants. This activity is conducted to show the charm of our city to people from surrounding communities. It was enjoyed by many, with a record turnout! We want to give special thanks to:

  - the ~900 ticket holders from near and afar!
  - the 81 volunteers from Rotary, DLA, Beale AFB, and others
  - all 21 Placer county wineries
  - the downtown businesses and others who hosted tasting venues
  - the food suppliers
  - the Slack Cats for providing awesome music
  - the Chamber for use of their office for the Bottle Shop
  - Our Joann Hilton and her team who organized the event
  - Ron Nabity who made the video that follows
  - all others who helped make the event a success
(Life in Lincoln Video included with permission of Ron Nabity)

The wine + food + music + fun was the best ever. Please support our downtown businesses who especially made this event a success. We are looking forward to conducting the event again next year.

Click on the following for:
      More pictures
2016 04_23 Lincoln Wine Fest Art Deardorff 2016-04-23 07:00:00Z 0

2016 04_08 Taste of Italy

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16th Annual Fundraiser
   Taste of Italy
To support the many projects, scholarships, polio eradication, etc., our Rotary Club raises money mainly with member donations, our annual Nite at the Races and the Taste of Italy pasta feed dinner.  This year we had a wonderful crowd.  The food was served by the Lincoln High School Chorus (as part of their fundraising to go to Europe later this year) and we thank them very much for their support.  
The pasta sauce this year was from a traditional Italian recipe from Rotarian Father Bill Rontani's grandmother and it was terrific. The meal was followed by a Heads and Tails "raffle", dessert auction, and silent and live auction of member-provided prizes. A good time had by all.
For more pictures, click here
2016 04_08 Taste of Italy Art Deardorff 2016-04-08 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Foundation Giving

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Giving to the Rotary Foundation
Member giving to the Rotary Foundation is another activity undertaken by Rotary members. The mission of The Rotary Foundation is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.

The Rotary Foundation (Click here) helps fund our humanitarian activities, from local service projects to global initiatives.  Clubs or districts can apply for grants from the Foundation to invest in projects and provide scholarships. The Foundation also leads the charge on worldwide Rotary campaigns such as eradicating polio and promoting peace. Rotarians and friends of Rotary support the Foundation’s work through voluntary contributions

To date for this Rotary year (thru January), our club has donated about $6,200 with a goal of about $6,800.   Thanks to all members than contribute.


The collage of pictures above shows some of our Foundation-related items:

  • Pete Walker (upper left)  is our Foundation Chairman.
  • In 2014 (lower right), Kathy Clemens a District 5180 Foundation leader, came to our club and "inducted" our Paul Harris Society members.  These are members committed to donating $1,000 per year to the Foundation, and included Art Deardorff, Elizabeth Jansen, Ed Page, Clark Osterhout, Pete Walker and Jim Zentner.  (Also shown is RI director Steve Snyder.).  This year, Sharron Snyder joined this "club."
  • Earlier in the year, several other members were given Paul Harris Awards, given whenever a members giving has reached $1,000 or multiples thereof.  
    • Art Deardorff being awarded by Clark Osterhout (upper center)
    • Kris Wyatt, Frank Neves and Joann Hilton (upper right) after being awarded by Pete and District Governor Glenn Fong
    • Joe Stewart and Sharron Snyder after being awarded by Pete, assisted by President Harvey Ulijohns

Many apologies to those members not mentioned. 



Rotary Foundation Giving Art Deardorff 2016-03-06 08:00:00Z 0
2016 02_27 Salt Mine Food Sorting and Distribution Art Deardorff 2016-02-27 08:00:00Z 0

2016 01_14 and 2_4 Rotary Trio

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Rotary Trio Presentations
One of president Harvey's goals for the year is to stress the importance of friendship in our club. 
For the these meetings, our speakers were 3 of our own.  Terrific job of filling us in on their interesting  background information. 
On January 14, Melanie Bergavin, Truman Rich and Harriet Garland all made us laugh and remember how important Rotary is to our lives.
On February 4, we had Richard Fowler, Ken Campbell and AlanLowe do more of the same.
2016 01_14 and 2_4 Rotary Trio Art Deardorff 2016-02-04 08:00:00Z 0

2015 12_05 Fall Bikes and Scooters

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Our Bikes or Scooters
   for Books Project 
     First Trimester 2015
We have continued our on-going Literacy project this year.  For elementary students at any Lincoln Elementary school in the Western Placer Unified School District that  achieves their Accelerated Reading Goals for the trimester, they become eligible for the Rotary drawing for a bike or scooter.
The purpose of this project is to encourage students to read.   Up through the 3rd grade, students learn to read.  Thereafter, they read to learn.
The pictures below show the winner accepting their awards. 
Worldwide, 67 million children have no access to education, and more than 775 million people over the age of 15 are illiterate. Basic Education and Literacy are supported worldwide by Rotary.   
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2015 11_07 Nite at the Races

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Nite at the Races
Two hundred plus community supporters attended ourthird annual Rotary “Nite at the Races” at the Sun City’s Orchard Creek Ballroom.  A live auction raised $5,600 from donated items such as vacations to the Grenadines and Maui, along with a Gourmet Pizza and a Texas BBQ dinner for eight.  Combined with proceeds from the “faux gambling, a total of over $12,000 was raised to support our community projects.
The “Races” are footage of actual horse races and are shown on three large ballroom screens.  Participants are given $10.00 in play money with their dinner/ entertainment ticket, and can purchase additional money for wagering on the ponies.  A staffed “betting” window was there for placing bets and collecting winnings.  After a superb dinner, the action started on the eight races that were to be broadcast that evening.  For the first start, the crowd was attentive but moderately quiet.  That quickly changed as the horses turned for the home stretch and the noise built.  From there on out, the decibel level just kept on getting louder.  One would think there was real money to be made here!
After the last race it was time to turn “winnings” into raffle tickets from which winners were drawn for each of the twelve “goodie” baskets, which included an Apple Watch and a private flight over San Francisco and Napa Valley.  Event organizer Clark Osterhout said “This has been our largest Races night and we’ll definitely do it again next year.  Most importantly, however, win or lose as individuals, the real winner was the Lincoln community”.
For more pictures, click here
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2015 10_25 New Sign at Community Park

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Community Garden Support
For several years, our Club has  been a fiscal sponsor for the Lincoln Community Gardens J. J. Tofft Memorial Garden. Our Foundation has provided the banking and bookkeeping for all funds collected and disbursed for the garden. Last spring we provided funding to rent two garden plots that are used to provide fresh vegetables to the Salt Mine.  Our participation also allowed collection of a donation from Rogers Family Coffee Company to provide fencing and improvements at the garden.
We recently purchased and installed a new Rotary Logo for installation at the park sign, allowing us show our community support for assistance that we provide at the community garden. 
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2015 10_23 World Polio Day Donations

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End Polio Now Donations
Actually taken at our 90th Anniversary Celebration, we collected $125 to be sent to the Foundation earmarked for eradication of polio.  What a blast getting people lined up to sign "just this close."  We even had DG Glenn and first lady Elise in the picture!  
2015 10_23 World Polio Day Donations Art Deardorff 2015-10-23 07:00:00Z 0

2015 10_15 90th Years of Service Celebration

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Rotary - 90 Years in Lincoln
It was a terrific party.  The fun began in the courtyard, where Dan Johnson and Ed Prokopic set up a tent for Nite At the Races tickets and Art extorted money for "End Polio Now."  Inside the Woman's Club the table was laden with an enormous selection of food and the drinks were plentiful.  Huge thanks to those who organized the event.   Special thanks to Karen Ulijohn whose piano playing was a delightful addition to the evening. Since it was our club's 90th birthday we had a cake and Jay Holland led us in a somewhat ragged rendition of 'Happy Birthday."  The club has survived worse.
District Governor Glenn Fong and his wife Elise joined the festivities, as did a number former club members.  The "Past Presidents Parade" was interesting in that Charles Keller, Jay Holland, Gerald Langle, Kris Wyatt, David Bonillo, George Dawson, Dick McDaniel, Larry Whitaker, Clark Osterhout and Art Deardorff had a chance to introduce themselves and offer a comment or two on a highlight of their year as club president. 
Lincoln Rotary Rocks!
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2015 09_24 Lunch Meeting w RYE Student

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Sarah Sheridan on her
    RYE Experience in Brazil
Our speaker was Sarah Sheridan who we sponsored as a Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) student for nearly a year in Brazil. It's very obvious that the exchange really impacted her life and it was terrific to have her share her experiences with the club.  In addition to learning to speak Portuguese, she had a chance to see the Amazon, Rio de Janiero -- both beaches and Carnival -- and in addition, she had a chance to meet many interesting people along the way.  Her depiction of her host Rotary club was captivating.  Our club is fortunate to be able to participate in the RYE youth programs.
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2015 09_03 Lunch Meeting Speaker Kris Wyatt

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Kris Wyatt
 All About Youth Service
Today's awesome lunch meeting speaker was our own Kris Wyatt, 37 yrs as Teacher, Student Counselor and School Board member.  And, by popular vote, Lincoln's  Volunteer of the Year.  She was also Lincoln Rotary's first Woman President and is our long-time Youth Services Chair. 
Her speaker topic was the many Youth Services projects that our club does.  And what an impressive list (for the 2014-2015 Rotary year):
  • Sponsored three students to Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Camp
  • Sponsored Sarah Sheridan as RYE outbound exchange student to Brazil
  • Sponsored Beatrice Gallet