Membership - The Dan and Ray Show

The meeting opened with a happy dance for Halloween The Skeleton Dance performed by all Rotarians,  We were taught this by the students at Sheridan Elementary during our "Bikes for Books" award presentation on the day before (see meeting slides for the link).

ImageClark gave us an update on "Nite at the Races."  He reported there are 3 major table sponsors, each donating $1,000.  Clark reported that the race betting winners will have a chance to win some wonderful gift donations totally about $3,000. The great menu was presented. A sign-up sheet for volunteers was circulated - if you haven't volunteered to help, contact Clark or signup at the upcoming meeting.  Note that ticket sales will close Monday as we need to provide input to the SCLH catering staff.

Lots of  "happy bucks" were given based  on the wonderful World Series win by the S.F. Giants. Much of the fun was pointed at Oakland A's fan Joann!

ImageKim had a great costume, dressed as a police officer, welcomed all  members and guests to our meeting.  Later on during the meeting, David Bonillo was arrested by Kim - charges pending.  Fun times.

Long-term visitors Rotarians, Randy Walker and Howard Stagg, were introduced to the membership again!  The Foundation Dinner will be this Saturday; Joann reported that she had two 2 tickets available since one of our members can not attend. 

President Deardorff suggested that members should begin drinking their tomato juice for the upcoming Blood Drive on December 12.  Dan will provide details in the near future. 

For our program, Dan gave a short presentation on  the membership committee, membership applications and the recruiting of new members to our club. The next evening meeting will be held November 11.  If all goes well, this alternate meeting should become fully operational in January.

Ray on his SoapboxRay Ward, the District 5180 Membership Committee Chair, gave a presentation on the "Circle of Growth" for Rotary.  The photo shows Ray on his soapbox, the "old" way of attracting members.  He stressed that now new members want to know how they can perform service locally for our community. He also stressed the importance of our website, Facebook, and Twitter, where posted items should include current events, future events, and items that could be picked up by the media. He also showed his SmartPhone, urging all to take photos of all activities with Rotarians performing service and having fun, posting these to social media and our website for potential members to see.  He encouraged us to work as a membership team, rather than as individuals, working together where everyone helps out and communicates what we are doing, inviting guests to speak at the meetings, and developing a good public image in our community.  

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