Building Character, Courage and Commitment


For fun and to demonstrate a point, President Art started the meeting off by blinking the lights on and off.  Following our normal awesome lunch, Frank introduced his wife Fran who encouraged us to buy the new Lincoln Poetry Group book, of which Alan Lowe is a major contributor. Ed Page noted that four score and 11 years earlier he was born near the shores of New York City. He made a gracious contribution to the Rotary Foundation.   

See the meeting slides for a list of upcoming activities. Harvey handed out tickets for Nite at the Races - get your friends, neighbors, kids, parents, .... and organize one or more tables. This is a fun event and one of our major fundraisers.

ImageArt introduced new member Rose Ruiz as our new Community Service Chair.  She encouraged all members to get ideas to her and volunteer to help with community service.  Thank you Rose for volunteering. 

Lots of happy bucks.  We had pictures of Mary Ann exchanging banners with a club in Hawaii. Don't forget when you go to another location to visit another club. You make new friends and get new ideas about what our club might do. Take a banner along.'

For the raffle, we are up to ~ $420.  Ed won the weekly drawing.  Make sure and buy tickets for YOUR chance to win.

 Art asked "Should we ring the bell - instead of blinking the lights - to start and stop the meeting?" The response was not just because that is what we have always done but that it is a better way to attract our Rotarians attention. Art asked "Should we sing a song to start out our meetings and why?"  The response was not just because that's the way we always do it but because it makes us feel good - therefore we will sign happy songs. Then, he asked "Should we donate to help build the Rose Parade Float - we always have?"  Again, membership voted to support this since it makes them feel good to see the float and to tell their kids and friends that they were a Rotarian.  So fund we will to the tune of $100.  

Kim suggested that all members bring a baby picture (e.g. up to 3-4 years old) for a fun activity to guess who.  Bring the picture in confidence to Art and we will show a new old pictures each week.  

Our speaker was Tony Ascaro. Tony was with the River Cat for many years.  He now consults and speaks on character building. His facebook page O A K Tree of Life states "Each morning as I wake-up and each evening as I sleep I see outside our bedroom window a huge , majestic and native O.A.K. tree. It reminds me each day of the pillars that rise from the foundation of my life... Optimism...Attitude...Kindness....The O.A.K. stands straight, strong and silent. Will you join me in teaching the values of the O.A.K. ?"  He was very entertaining, wearing a Lincoln ball cap to the meeting.  In return, we gave him a Rotary ball cap.


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