Rob Wolf on Lincoln Development
We welcomed guests Bill Lyons, Carol Percy and Dave Flood.  Dave has just turned in his application - Thank you Dave!
Consistent with the club approach to publicize our giving, we re-presented Kimberly with a check for $1001 for her favorite charity Sober Grad Night. She gave a short description about this event, supported by donations from the community of more the $30K each year.  The objective is to assure that Lincoln graduating teens remain safe and sane on graduation night.
A Foundation meeting, begun at the Lunch meeting, was completed, resulting in President Art being elected to the Foundation Board for three years starting July, where he will take over as treasurer.  It was also approved that the minimum number of foundation board trustees be reduced from 9 to 7.  Meeting adjourned. 
The various activities described in the Lunch meeting slides were briefly discussed.  Members were urged to sign up for the Baseball benefit dinner March 18, attending jointly with the Lunch Bunch. A great opportunity for fellowship of all club members. There will be no meetings on March 19th. 
Our speaker, Rotarian Rob Wolf who along with Bill Lyons is a member of the Lincoln Planning Commission, described the latest real estate and infrastructure developments currently underway in Lincoln.  His handout (from 2014) shows the residential and commercial projects that were underway as of about a year ago.  See link Projects
See links to Meeting Handout and Pictures.