Who are the Sikhs?
President Nominee (2019-20) Kimberly Fricke ran the the meeting.  Limited attendance but excellent friendship and meal followed pledge and reciting of the 4-Way Test.  The first Book Buddies of the year followed the meeting  at Creekside Oaks Elementary. 
Lucky Stan Nader won the drawing but the Ace of Spades eluded him. Lots of Happy Bucks collected by Richard Pearl.
Announcements included:
  • Foundation Dinner Oct 28th - signup for tickets next week or contact Jennifer Willis.
  • Auburn Ravine Cleanup is September 30th - David Cecio will bring a Growler of Goat Head Brewery beer for afterwards!
  • Harvey encouraged all to sell their tickets for Nite at the Races - October 13th
  • November 3rd is a Benefit Dinner for the Axiom.   Let Kris know if you want one or more tickets.  
Our speaker was Dr. Harbans Singh Sraon.  He told about Sikhism that was founded in about 1500AD. It is the 5th largest religion in the world (~26 million members in the world; ~1 million in America). Most of the US population in on the west coast. A Sikh man is easily identified by his turban and the woman by her long scarf.   The Sikh spiritual values are truth, love, humility, contentment, forgiveness, righteousness, wisdom and courage. The three golden rules are 1) earning livelyhood with honesty,dignity and honor, 2) mindful meditation with love and devotion, and 3) caring and sharing with others, especially those in need. Sikhs believe in gender equality. Siks are found in almost every field and profession in the world. The handout provided by Dr. Sraon may be downloaded by clicking Speaker Handout.
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