Lincoln Library and FOLL (Friends of Lincoln Library)
On Thursday, March 7th, our Lunch speakers were Kathryn Hunt from the Lincoln Library and Linda Desroiser from FOLL (Friends of Lincoln Library). 


Other Exciting things to happen that meeting included Kris Wyatt being presented with her 4 time Paul Harris Pin!


Our newest members were also presented with something special at this meeting, a "Be the Inspiration" pin from President Caron!
In addition to a fun filled meeting, Rotarians went out to help in the community this weekend.  Quite a few Lincoln Rotarians and friends and family of Lincoln Rotarians showed up to help at our quarterly Salt Mine Volunteer Opportunity.
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And  . . . Just some food for thought after our last blood drive.  We were sent a story of how giving blood helps!  Something to keep in mind so we know why we do what we do!  And ultimately it's always to put service above self!