Biomass to Energy
Art returned to run the meeting. Dan led the pledge. Mary Ann has a birthday, alledging that she was one year younger (Is it the Truth?).  Elizabeth won the raffle and drew the Ace of Spades. She was pretty lucky with so few earlier draws from the deck. Congratulations Elizabeth. 
Today will be the last day at Book Buddies for this school year.  It is planned to give all students a small goodie bag encouraging reading for the summer. 
Everyone, vote for the LNM Best of the Best; for the club and for our members businesses.  Click here for the site.  (
Kimberly encouraged us to sign up to help Sober Grad Night - if we can help save one death due to drinking after graduation it is worth it.  She will send out further info on needs.  If you can't work, check out the donation site.  Click here. Every bit helps.  She also encouraged participation at the June 13th Salt Mine food distribution event (see slides).
David asked for interested able members to sign up for the "Precision Wheelbarrow Team" slated to be in the 4th of July parade. 
Kris gave an overview of all the things we have done under the auspices of Youth Services for the year. Impressive! See Slides.  
Membership invoices will be sent out in early May.  Our half-yearly dues from RI/District will be based on membership the last day of June, so if there are any changes in membership status, make before then.  Also, Harvey needs to know if there will be any switching between the Lunch and Sunset meetings for purposes of planning our budget for next year.  Please notify Harvey and/or Art in early June if so
We had an excellent speaker; Tom Christofk of the Placer County Air Pollution Control District.  He talked about the importance of forest fires and their effect on our air quality. Whereas many years ago, forest fires just burned subsequently reducing future danger of fires, the current practice of fire suppression makes our forests much more susceptible to fires. To reduce fire danger, there is a significant amount of clearing of forest, but this creates a lot of wood waste.  Past practice was to just burn this waste. Tom has been working with other agencies to demonstrate the benefit of transporting fire waste to burn it in power plants as a way to reduce pollution and generate electricity.  Several other approaches (e.g. BiorChar) are being evaluated.  See more at Placer Co Article