Lincoln High School Career Fair

We started our weekly meeting with a great home-cooked meal provided by our server Becky.



It was quite a day for visitors.   Kristine brought her husband Jeff.  Tina Miller, a Rotarian from Cedar Rapids, IA visited us again because 1) to escape the weather in Iowa, 2) her daughter lives in Lincoln, and 3) she likes us.    We had three visitors who turned in their membership applications: past member and president of our club Larry Whitaker, past Rotarian and president of Rotary Club of Cornelia, CA Colleen Knight and Anglin Baker, Director at the Foundry Youth Center


Wildbill reported that member Stix (Tony Bellacera) was recovering well from his bout in the hospital (later emailing that he will be spending about two weeks recovering at Eskaton in Carmichael).  GET WELL SOON.  





Kris reported that our Club is moving our support of school kids from the shared Key/Interact club at LHS (where we have been sharing the club with the Kiwanis) to GEMS.  This will start at the beginning of the next school year.


Claire reminded us that Taste of Italy is February 22nd.  She is asking for all members to donate “baskets” for the silent auction.   Tickets will be available next week so start asking your friends so you can fill your table. It will be the usual fun event with David Cesio, Dave Bonillo, and Kimberly McCue, and others) in the kitchen.  Wildbill reported that the next Community Blood Drive is on the same day!  So get ready to give blood and then fill up on pasta in February!




Caron reminded us that there will be no speaker next week and that we will gather the club committees in the normally allocated time. Please attend.   Then, the following week, there is no lunch meeting, gathering instead at the Jerry and Karen Johnson home for a Mardi Gras Gala.




As January is Rotary Vocational Month, our program for the day was given by Vocational Chair Truman Rich supported by Kimberly McCue, Kris Wyatt, and David Bonillo.   Truman made a presentation describing workplace changes that are underway, highlighting the differences between the jobs most of our club members were involved in, the jobs of the future, and the expectations for jobs by young people today.  


Truman and Kris announced that we are assisting Lincoln High School with their Career Fair on Monday March 18th 8am - 2pm.   They expect to have about 15-20 tables with employers, colleges, and other career opportunities to assist students in choosing a careen path, or at least providing them new ideas for jobs of the future.   Since so many students are guided toward a college career track, they want to make sure that the jobs available for those not choosing college are highlighted.  Volunteers are request for an hour or two (e.g help with setup or cleanup, or even assisting shaking hands at the door) or all day.   Contact Kris or Truman if you can help.  We want this to be an all hands vocations service event.
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