Harvey Disdains Technology 
 & Runs the Meeting

Today’s meeting was run by President-Elect (and two times Past President), Harvey Ulijohn.  Harvey is a no-nonsense guy.  No slides, no projector, no photos or graphics shown.  He kept things moving at a crisp pace.
We had the pleasure of two lovely guests, both from SAFE Credit Union.  One, Lorrinda Rappe is the Lincoln Branch Manager,along with her fellow employee who is a Rotarian member of East Sacramento. 
After introductions, Harvey called to order a General Meeting of the Rotary Club of Lincoln Foundation.  He announced two candidates for that Board and asked for nominations from the floor. Obtaining none, a motion was made and approved to elect the candidates, Sharron Snyder and Josh Graves for two years.  Another motion was made and approved to extend the terms of Jim Zentner and Kim Fricke from two to three years.  Both motions passed followed by a motion to adjourn which also passed.
Harvey asked Joann Hilton to provide the Club with an update on the Rotary sponsored Lincoln Wine Fest held last Saturday.  Joann reported that the event was a big success thanks to a huge commitment from our members.  Nearly every single member participated along with spouses and friends.  Volunteers numbered 73 including club members, Downtown Lincoln Association and Beale AFB.  Even our new City Manager matt Brower took a double shift. Joann said we had sold about 700 tickets and that it was too early to have financial results but it looked to be similar to last year.  She shared a number of quotes from retailers and artisan venues, all of whom were extremely positive and grateful.  Her favorite was from Tom Jones of Sierra Hills Framing, “The Lincoln Wine Fest is the single best downtown Lincoln event for exposure to our business. Of the approximate 700 attendees, 90% of our visitors had never been in our shop before, thus making the event great exposure to new clientele. Wonderful event. Thank you, Rotary Club of Lincoln and Downtown Lincoln Association.“
Harvey had arranged for three of our members to talk to the Club about their background as our Program for the meeting.  We had three very different and all very fascinating insights into three members, Wild Bill Cook, Paul Radcliffe and Dan Johnson.  We came away with much better understanding of these three important Rotarians who do so much for our Club and the Community.