Speaker Date Topic
Marvin Fisher Apr 02, 2020
San Francisco Bay Coffee Company
San Francisco Bay Coffee Company

Marvin Fisher is from San Francisco Bay.  He will be speaking on the mission and vision of this local coffee company originally started by the Rogers Family.



Tim Pinkney Apr 09, 2020
Artemis - Humanity's Return to the Moon
Artemis - Humanity's Return to the Moon

Tim Pinkney is a NASA Solar System Ambassador and will be speaking on NASA's return exploration to the Moon and neighboring planets. More information on the Ambassador Program and Tom at: https://solarsystem1.jpl.nasa.gov/ssa/biography.cfm?US_ID=1508

SPEAKER and PROGRAM  “Artemis - Humanity’s Return to The Moon”

Tim Pinkney, NASA Solar System Ambassador, will present the Artemis Space Program. NASA plans to land the first woman and next man on the moon by 2024 using a radically different approach than the Apollo program used over 50 years ago. Artemis I is scheduled to launch later this fall in October 2020.


While in 8th grade, Tim wanted to be an archaeologist and explore ancient worlds. Then, he saw his first rocket launch at age 13 and he was hooked on anything that flew.

After flying off aircraft carriers during 24 years of a Naval Aviation career, now his emphasis is exploring future worlds focusing on the diverse and dramatic discoveries found in our own Solar System.

He was on the Board of the Aerospace Museum of California for over a decade and served as interim Deputy Director there in 2017 and 2018. 

In his day job you’ll find him at Luxe Aviation, LLC at McClellan Air Field selling and acquiring aircraft and leasing them for private and corporate clients.

CONTACT: Tim Pinkney at SkyeGuye6@gmail.com or (916) 719-0630